* 'Pre-existence' of Christ

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The fact that we refer to this subject is brought on by two teachings. The first is that Jesus Christ was , (supposedly) the eternal Son of God, who has existed with the Father since time began, or, secondly, that the Lord Jesus is supposedly ‘god the Son’, the alleged second person of the Trinity. It is important to know the truth, for our salvation depends on it.


Even though there is no confirmation of any of the above ideas in the Bible, millions accept them and think to use Scripture itself to prove they are correct.

One of the main quotes which seems to be regarded as the absolute in proving the erroneous idea of the ‘eternal Son’, is a statement by the Lord Jesus, found in John 17:5.. "And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was." Many think that the ‘glory’ the Lord Jesus spoke of, that was given Him when He went to the right hand of the Father, proves He was the ‘eternal Son’ or ‘god the Son’. However, neither of these claims can be true for, in Revelation 1:18 the Lord Jesus, at the right hand of the Father (in AD 96), instructed John to write.. "I am he that liveth and WAS DEAD"..…. ‘god the Son’, or the ‘eternal Son’, could not have died. This was Jesus of Nazareth. Not only so, the passage depicts the Lord Jesus asking the Father to give him something, a situation which could not arise if they were 'co-equal' as the dogma of the Trinity claims.


Those who believe the 'eternal Son became embodied in human flesh' claim that the 'eternal Son' in fact became the body and was a manifestation of the Father, prophesied by Isaiah as Immanuel, "..which being interpreted is, GOD WITH US." (Math.1:23). Immediately we look at this passage we see that the claim of the 'incarnation' is spurious, for no where do people who believe in the pre-existence of the Lord Jesus as the eternal Son, claim He was God, yet the meaning of the word Emmanuel (by interpretation, not fact), is "God with us".

Most dedicated ‘trinity’ believers will admit that they cannot explain how the Lord Jesus was both God and man and they are quite frank, ‘we either believe it or we don’t’. Obviously then, the subject is truly not taught in the Bible or it could be explained. If it is not in the Bible then we are forced to reject it as a false doctrine.

Now, those who believe in the Trinity of three within the so-called ‘god head’, have a problem, for they demand that everywhere we read the word "GOD", we MUST accept that the term comprises ‘god the Father, god the Son and god the Holy Spirit’. When reading Matthew’s words, trinitarians have no alternative but to accept that the whole three persons of the so called ‘god-head’ must be encompassed within the expression, "God with us". Therefore, ‘god the Son’ only, was not ‘incarnated’, but all three ‘persons’ of the so called Trinity, IF their theory is true. Simple Bible truths destroy the theory of the ‘eternal Son’ (only), or , ‘god the Son’ (only), being incarnated. Rather they do prove the point that Jesus the Christ, (the anointed) manifested the Father and was thus GOD WITH US, in the sense that He exhibited all the attributes of the Father.


It seems to escape the attention of many dedicated ‘pre-existence’ believers, that if Jesus was the ‘eternal son’ or ‘god the Son’, He could NOT have been the seed promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, which seed the Apostle Paul claims was the MAN, Christ Jesus, who became the mediator between God and man.(1 Tim. 2:5) If in fact, Jesus was god the Son, a part of the ‘Godhead’, or the ‘eternal Son, He could not have become a mediator between God and man, as the Scriptures demand.

The ‘person’ who died when the Lord Jesus was crucified, and who is at the right hand of the Father, is described in the Revelation (of Jesus Christ) written by John, as "the first begotten of the dead". (Rev. 1:5) and this is confirmed by the Lord Jesus Himself, when he instructs John to write, " I AM HE that liveth and WAS DEAD".(Rev.1:18).

That this person was the living Jesus of Nazareth and NOT the ‘eternal Son’ or ‘god the Son’, is further proved by Jesus in a simple and positive manner, when He instructed John to write…"I Jesus…..I am the root (Gr; Sprout or Shoot) and the offspring of David….". Could anything be more definite. The Scriptures prove that the person at the right hand of the Father is in deed Jesus of Nazareth who had died and who was a descendent of King David, which He could not have been if He was the ‘eternal Son’ or ‘god the Son".


The words of Luke 1:32 do irreparable damage to the ‘eternal Son’ and ‘god the Son’ theories for they prove that the person to be born to Mary was to be Jesus and was to be called the Son of the Highest and that He was to reign upon the throne of His father, David.. "He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David".

This verse shows that Jesus of Nazareth was to be ‘called the Son of the Highest’. Had Jesus been the ‘eternal Son’or ‘god the Son’ the prophetic nature of this verse is totally destroyed. Again, IF Jesus was the ‘eternal Son, or ‘god the Son’, King David could NOT under any circumstances, be His father.

Further, the angel Gabriel assured Mary that, at some time in the future, the Lord God would accomplish the giving of the throne to her Son. This did not happen before the day of His crucifixion, so it is obviously a prophecy of the future. This means that when the Lord Jesus returns, this prophecy HAS to be fulfilled to the returning Jesus, who is now at the right hand of the Father, proving that the same Jesus now at the Father’s right hand cannot be the ‘eternal Son’ or ‘god the Son’ for He is in fact a descendent of David.. Not only so, the fact that the Lord Jesus is to be given the throne by ‘the Lord God’, in the future, proves unquestionably that there is no co-equality between Father and Son.


Throughout the Bible there are many positive and definite statements which cannot be subverted to prove something they do not say. Acts 2:24 speaks of Jesus of Nazareth… "whom God raised up", as being the same person spoken of in v.36…"God hath made that SAME JESUS WHOM YE HAVE CRUCIFIED….BOTH LORD AND CHRIST".

This Scripture leaves no room for doubting that the dead, crucified Jesus of Nazareth was raised to life by the Father, "first born among many brethren" and became the resurrected Christ, at the Father’s right hand This simple truth leaves no room for pagan ideas of pre-existence and co-equal trinities of gods. Our salvation from eternal death depends on knowing the simple truths of the Bible.