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* Middle East Updates - Monthly

January, 2018: Notice to readers of this section: due to the time required to compile the variety of subjects included in this section, the current Editor will not continue these insertions. Ed. 

April 2017  NO 243


--  A recent 4 day ‘drill’ in Israel simulated several scenarios on the terrorist front. An Israeli official warns that terrorist cells may carry out terror attacks over Passover (J Post) 

--  Israel’s Elbit Systems has concluded operational test-ing of  its Seagull Unmanned Surface vessel, a robot to be used to locate underwater activities and threats (Def. news)

--  Israel’s military exports grew to $6.5 (Bill) in 2016, with Europe a keen buyer in specialist counter-terrorism areas (Ha'aretz) 

--  In 2016 Israel’s economy grew by 4 %, double the US growth and had a $12.4 (Bill) surplus (Hayom) 

--  Israel will restrict its building in the West Bank out of consideration of US Pres. Trump and in an attempt to remove settlement construction as a bone of contention with Washington (J Post) 

--  A writer asks why the Trump admin. believes it will succeed in brokering Israeli/Pal peace where other leaders have failed. For the Pals  it is about  the very legitimacy of a Jewish State within ANY borders (J Post) 

--  A Tel Aviv waste collection plant is turning much of the city’s waste into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

--  Much of it is being used by Israel’s main cement factory (Reuters) 

--  In response to  anti-Israel resolutions passed in the Human Rights Council, Israel is slashing another $2 (Mill) from money it had allocated to the UN. This follows $6 (Mill) slashed in January (J Post) 

--  Israel has deployed several specialized underwater detection systems along the coast (Ynet) 

--  Israel’s latest missile defence system, David’s Sling, has been ‘unveiled’ and fills the gap between Iron Dome and Arrow 3 (Ha'aretz) 

--  On Mar 17 a Syrian Interceptor, SA-5, intended  to destroy an Israeli jet, was identified and destroyed by Israel’s Arrow 3 missile defence system (D Alert) 

--  Israel’s Border Security personnel have thwarted the importation into Gaza of 30 diving suits apparently headed for the Hamas Naval commando unit (Ynet) 

--  Elbit’s US Subsidiary has won a $50 (Mill) contract with the US Navy to supply Helmet Display and Tracker Systems for a fleet of helicopters (Reuters) 

--  In December last Mr Netanyahu declared Israel’s intent to compete for a seat on the UN Security Council (D Alert) 

--  73,000 tourists visited Israel in the first quarter of 2017, a record and up 24 % from the same period in 2016 (Globes) 

--  Israeli is reshaping the Lebanese border country in order to keep terrorists out, creating cliffs and  removing vegetation (T of I) 

--  On April 10 Israel prohibited Israelis from crossing the Taba border point into Egypt, fearing a planned attacked by terrorists in the Sinai area (Ha'aretz) 

--  A report just released shows Israel NO 3 on a list of the world’s most stable economies  (Hayom) 

--  The Israel Security Agency and IDF Military Intelligence have stopped 2,200 Palestinians at various stages of planning and preparing terror attacks, mostly stabbings and car-rammings, in less than a year. (Ha'aretz) 

--  After 4 mortar shells exploded in northern Golan, Israel attacked the sites from which the mortars were fired  (Wall S J) 

--  Various social media reported Saturday night April 23,  that the Israeli Air Force had attacked the Syrian army’s 90th Brigade and a Hizballah force which is on the move from the Mt. Hermon village of Hader towards Quneitra near Israel’s Golan border despite warnings from Israel!! (Debka) 

--  Israel’s population is now 8.68 million, of which 6.484 are Jewish. The estimated Jewish world population 14.41 Million, 43 % of whom live in Israel (Ha'aretz) 

--  Def Min Lieberman says that N. Korean leader Jong-Un is a madman. N Korea replies that anyone who dares hurt the dignity of their supreme commander will face ‘merciless thousand fold punishment’ (J Post) 

--  Israel’s new Condor drone can locate people even inside buildings (Globes)


--  A writer reports that thousands of US troops are back on the ground in the Middle East with 7,000 in Iraq alone (LA T) A report says the U.S. Air Force has expanded an air base near Kobani in northern Syria to assist in the fight to retake the city of Raqqa from the Islamic State (D Alert) 

--  On April 6 the US military launched 59 Cruise missiles against a Syrian military airfield in response to a Syrian chemical attack which killed scores of civilians (Wash Post) 

--  US  Def. Scty Mattis says that not only were fuel, ammunition sites and air defence capabilities  destroyed by the US  Cruise Missile attack, but also 20 % of Syria’s operational aircraft (Debka) 

--  The USA has dropped one  of its ‘bunker busting’ 21,600 pounds bombs called Moab, on a cave complex in Afghanistan wiping out an ISIS complex (T of I) 

--  On April 9 the Trump admin. demanded that Russia stop supporting the Syrian gov. or face a further deterioration of its relations with the USA (Wash. Post) 

--  US  Def, Scty says that every where you look if there’s trouble in a region, there’s Iran (Ha'aretz) 

--  Pres Trump says the nuclear deal with Iran was terrible deal and should not have been negotiated in the way it was.  He accused Iran of not living up to the spirit of the deal (Politico) 

--  The US Secty Gen. says he supports Israel’s  undeniable right to exist in the face of international rejection (JTA) 

--  A report says that Pres. Trump will visit Israel on May 22 (Ynet) 

--  Lockheed VP:

--  "There's a Part of Israel in Every F-35" - Barbara  He said Lockheed has already contracted more than $1 billion worth of structures, subsystems, and components with Israeli industry.  North cited the aircraft's helmet-mounted display system, outer wing sets, and aerostructures as examples of Israeli content. (Def.News) 

--  Despite the flourishes of  praise and goodwill, the closed door meeting between Pres Trump and Abbas may be uncomfortable as the US lays out demands (L A T) 

--  A writer points out that Pres Trump will find, as others before him, but there is no real partner there (J Post) 

--  Vice Pres. Pence reminds the world that on the fifth day of Iyar in 1948,  a miracle occurred in the rebirth of Israel (White House) 

--  A report says that Iranian  drones over US ships in the Gulf is nearly a daily occurrence (D Alert)


--  At least 58 people have  been killed in a chemical attack on a  town in north west Syria (AFP) 

--  A report tells of many ISIS officials leaving Raqqa  where they have ruled for 3 years, as combined forces set their mind  on its overthrow . As well there are reports of lack of ammunition, and foreign fighters have almost disappeared (Finan. T.UK) 

--  On April 19 an Israeli air strike hit an arms supply hub operated by Hizbullah near Damascus airport destroying weapons Iran was going to export (D Alert) 

--  Sources report that a mixed Syrian, Hizballah and pro-Iranian Shiite force was still advancing Monday on its way to the Golan town of Quneitra on the Israel border (Debka)


--  A commentator writes that some of the thousands of Russians fighting with ISIS will return home and join other militants in violence against the State (D Alert) 

--  Russia states that it is willing to recognize West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital provided statehood is granted to the Pals with their capital in East Jerusalem !! (RT-Russia) 

--  Russia applied the veto to stop a move  in the UN to condemn the Syrian gas attack (Reuters)


--  In its 2017-2018 Budget, Iran has allocated $7.4 (bill) to the Revolutionary Guards, which is 53 % of its $14 (Bill) defence spending (D Alert) 

--  A report shows that Iran is building factories in Lebanon to manufacture advanced rockets and thus overcome the Israeli destruction of overland deliveries via Syria (J Post) 

--  A commentator claims that Iran is a paper tiger and its claims of many military technologies are ’complete nonsense’. As well Iran is ignoring a water crisis that is going to render vast swathes of the  country uninhabitable within the coming  decades (JNS) 

--  An Iraqi official points out that  Iran has 5 times more forces in Iraq than American , but the Iranians are dangerous for they have penetrated every organ of the State (Econ. UK) 

--  On April 18  Iran  paraded a missile with DEATH TO ISRAEL clearly visible on it  (D Mail UK) 

--  An Iranian opposition group claims Iran is secretly conducting research into nuclear components in breach of it agreement (Wash T) 

--  A writer points out that Iran is busy building 2 land corridors across the Levant linking Iran with the Mediterranean (D Alert) 

--  Iran has threatened Saudi Arabia with total destruction if it moves against Iran in any way (Debka)


--  Egypt has taken over full control of the al-Halal 24 mountain  caves in Sinai, after killing many militants and confiscaping huge amounts of weapons and ammunition plus vehicles with guns mounted on them (al-Youm Egypt)


--  A 17 year old Pal youth was shot on Mar 23 whilst hurling fire bombs toward a Jewish community.  The Pals have called the dead terrorist a martyr (D Alert) 

--  The killing of  Hamas murderer Mazen Faqha probably saved  the Passover holiday from becoming a blood bath planned by Faqha (Hayom) 

--  ISIS militants massacred 140 civilians trying to flee from Mosul  (D Alert) 

--  A female British student was stabbed to death in Jerusalem  The Arab murderer was arrested (J Post) 

--  126 Shi’ite people were killed by a car bomb in Aleppo on April 15 (N York T) 

--  A writer points out that  Marwan Barghouti enjoys the  support of most Pals, because of his track record as a murderer (J Post) 

--  2 Pal women from Gaza were caught trying to smuggle explosives in packages labeled ‘medical material’ (T of I) 

--  The Pal murderer who murdered  the British theology student, will be paid a monthly salary of $800-00 by the PA, which receives $25 (Mill) a year from the British Gov!!! (D Alert) 

--  A writer speaks of the vast network of  insurgent groups controlled by Al-Qaeda, numbering tens of thousands (Wall S J) 

--  A writer reveals that in August 23, 1943, 3,870 Jews were lined up on the edge of pit and shot in the neck (D Alert) 

--  Dozens of foreign fighters and sympathizers are abandoning Islamic State and trying to enter Turkey, as ISIS' capacity to hold ground in Syria and Iraq collapses.(Guardian UK) 

--  A writer points out that the US is killing IS operatives one by one (L A T)


--  A writer says that Hizbullah is now very powerful and its militias are ready to fight in other areas than Syria. Its estimated that its military supporters in Syria number tens of thousands (Wall S J) 

--  It is estimated that Hizbullah losses fighting for Syria’s Assad, amounted to 1048 between Sept 30 2012 and April 10 2017 (Newsweek)


--  PA’s Abbas is calling on Arab States to endorse the Pal demand that Britain apologise for the Balfour Declaration of 1917 (Ha'aretz) 

--  A report claims that Hamas  has acquired dozens of large, high explosive rockets, each containing hundreds of Ks of explosive material  Their range is only a few klms but they  pack an enormous explosive punch (T of I) 

--  Hamas is taking action against what they are calling ‘Israel collaborators’ in their midst following the assassination of Mazen al-Faqha, a prominent Hamas operator (Al-Awsat UK) 

--  Hundreds of PA  employees in Gaza who have been paid for staying at home, are protesting against a cut in their salaries !! (D Alert) 

--  The killing of top Hamas militant, Mazen Fuqha, was an ‘inside job’ according to Israel (Ha'aretz) 

--  A Hamas militant was killed in a tunnel collapse near Gaza City on April 17 (Ha'aretz) 

--  A New York Times writer describes Marwan Barghouti as a  Palestinian leader and Parliamentarian, whereas in fact he is a convicted murderer (D Alert) 

--  PA Chairman Abbas will meet with Pres Trump on May 3 and will demand the PA renew peace negotiations with Israel without preconditions and  that payments to terrorists in prisons be stopped immediately (Ha'aretz) 

--  A writer says there are signs of tensions within Hamas following the assassination of Mazen Fuqaha, one of Hamas’ top commanders (Econ. UK) 

--  The PA Budget for 2016 shows expenditure of $4.25 (Bill) but revenues of only $2 (Bill) 

--  A writer claims that any new Pal State would be born a failure (Wash T) 

--  The  PA’s Fatah confirms again that it does not recognize  Israel or its right to exist!! (D Alert) 

--  Ismail Haniyeh, another violent man and enemy of Israel, has been chosen to head the Hamas Political Bureau (T of I)


--  The German Bundeswehr is to buy 1,000 Israeli anti-tank guided  missiles and 97 Launcher units all worth $17 (Mill), whilst India is buying $1 (bill) worth of the same (Janes) 

--  An Iraqi unit with US and Australian advisers was hit by an IS  mustard gas attack on April 16 (AP) 

--  A telegram sent by Germany’s Himmler confirms the close relationship between Germany, the Arabs of Palestine and the Arab world based on their mutual support for the destruction of world Jewry  He refers to the “wretched Balfour Declaration” (D Alert) 

--  On April 26 North Korea launched a second ballistic missile which exploded  thro suspected US  sabotage (D Alert) 

--  UNESCO is promoting an entire fake universe with its new resolution rejecting Israeli sovereignty over any part of Jerusalem, including modern west Jerusalem. In its text, Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs, where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Jacob and Leah are buried, were repackaged as Muslim mosques (The Hill) 

--  On Israel's Independence Day, UNESCO on Tuesday May 2, passed a resolution demanding that Israel disavow Jerusalem as its capital. (D Alert) 

--  A resolution by UNESCO claims that Israel’s basic law on Jerusalem is null and void (Algemeiner) 

March 2017  NO 242


--  While visiting Australia, Mr Netanyahu stated adamantly that Israel will never relinquish security control of  the entirety of the West Bank.  He challenged former PM’s to state whether they supported a  Pal State that calls for Israel’s destruction. (T of I)

--  Israel has developed their Red Sky tactical air defence system which can locate, track and destroy incoming enemy  drones (Globes)

--  On Feb 27 Israel attacked 5 Hamas terror targets in Gaza in response  to Hamas rocket fire  on Israel (Ynet)

--  Azerbaijan ordered the Iron Dome anti-missile system and Tamir interceptor missiles from Israel in 2016, according to a report by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (D Alert)

--  Israel started selling gas to Jordan in January, using an American company as a ‘front’ (Ha'aretz)

--  On March 1, Israel’s Intel. Chief Halevy told the Knesset that whilst chances of a war with Hizbullah are low, in any next war it  is expected that the Lebanon would join any battle against Israel (J Post)

--  It has been advised that a record $1.127 (Bill) in State of Israel Bonds, were sold in USA in 2016 (JTA)

--  Subsequent to a Hamas rocket landing in south Israel, IDF  forces hit targets in Gaza with artillery fire and air strikes (34 News)

--  A report confirms that Israeli F-35 planes on Jan 13 destroyed warehouses in Damascus where missiles and an S-300 Surface to Air missile system was being stored awaiting shipment to Hizbullah (UA  Wire)

--  Up to 2,000 foreign workers are being used to expedite the building of the wall, which, it is hoped, will stop Hamas building tunnels into Israel (Ynet)

--  A report shows that Israel’s economy grew by a remarkable 4 % in 2016  (Globes)

--  A report shows that the Sea of Galilee is at its lowest  in 100 years, after 4 years of low rainfall (AFP)

--  On his Mar 9 visit to Russia, Mr Netanyahu saught Mr Putin’s help to block Iran from positioning itself permanently on Israel’s northern border Members of the Rev. Guard are already on the Golan  putting them directly opposite Israeli troops for the first time (Wash Post)

--  It is now a  century since the Balfour Declaration was proclaimed  and the PA’s Abbas claim it was ‘a crime against our people’ (D Alert)

--  Australia helped to build the Jewish State but some  Labor Politicians call for  Australia to formally recognize a Pal. State where none really exists (D Alert)

--  Mr Netanyahu recently met in Jerusalem with British For. Secty.  Boris Johnson, who assured him that the British Gov and its members are rock like supporters of Israel (J Post)

--  Israel’s PM and the British PM have announced a joint working group charged with preparing the ground for a trade deal, The trade relationship between the 2 countries is already worth 4.9 Billion pounds (Guardian UK)

--  Israel’s Chief  of Staff  assures the people that even tho Hamas continues to dig tunnels they do not pose a threat to the country’s existence and 1.2 Billion shekels  were spent on the threat in 2016 (Debka)

--  The Chief of  Staff also says every evidence points to Russia’s intention to stay in the area for the long term (J Post)

--  Israel used its Arrow 3 missile defence system for the first time when Syria fired  3 missiles at Israeli planes ,  One Syrian missile was intercepted when judged to be a danger (T of I)

--  Israel Aerospace Industries has revealed they have developed a radar which can see through the foliage of heavy wooded areas (UPI)

--  Israel’s Chief of Staff Eisenkot assures the world that Israel will continue to thwart the transfer of weapons to Hizbullah (J Post)

--  An Israeli writer makes the point that THE US IS BACK in the M. East and once again standing by allies and friends it has abandoned.  He writes that the Obama  admin was obviously biased in favour of pro Islamic elements in the region (Hayom  In Israel’s autumn the Air force will host flying forces from US, Poland, France, Germany, India and Italy for the bi-annual Blue Flag Drill. Observers from 40 countries will attend (D Alert)

--  On Mar 23 Israeli police arrested a 19 year old Jewish man as the main suspect in the wave of bomb threats against Jewish communities centres in the USA (AP)

--  Israel’s Chief of Staff says that Israel response to Hamas rockets is about the change as more important targets are struck in response (J Post)


--  A  US official  stridently warns that the Human Rights Council has little credibility whilst it flaunts its obsession against Israel (Reuters)

--  The US has warned ships they should only transit the Bab-al-Mandab Strait during daylight hours as Iran may have planted mines in the area (Wash Inst)

--  US air-strikes against Al-Qaeda targets  in Yemen, are reported to have killed hundreds of militants  (J Post)

--  The US military has sent a team of troops to try to stop Turks and Kurds fighting each other (Military T)

--  The US has conducted over 40 air strikes over Yemen in the past week in which 2  well known terrorists were killed (N. York T)

--  The New York Senate voted 49-11 on Wednesday March 8,  to withhold state university funding from any student group calling for a boycott of Israel or engaging in hate speech (AP)

--  A New York City Police official says they believe that one man is responsible for many of the threats against Jews and Jewish (AP)

--  The recent US threat  to  ‘put Iran on notice’, seems to have partly had the desired effect for the Iran Media reflected  on advice to Iran’s leaders not to do anything that may give Trump an excuse to attack. (J Post)

--  U.S. Marines have deployed in Syria to set up an artillery battery to deliver fire support for U.S.-backed local forces who are preparing an assault on the Islamic State-held city of Raqqa. (Wash Post)

--  Pres Trump has invited Mahmoud Abbas to the White House to discuss resuming ‘peace talks’(AP)

--  US  Dennis Ross warns Russia and Syria that the USA will back Israel and will be ready to offer any assistance require.  “The Iranians  should know they are playing with fire” (N York D News)

--  7 Republican and 7 Democratic Senators have moved to tighten sanctions against Iran ((Reuters))

--  USA and the UK have put Human Rights Council "on notice" over what it called its "disproportionate focus on Israel,” while Syria murders and butchers  its people on a daily basis (Indep. UK)

--  The head  of the US military Central Command says ‘ we need to look at opportunities where we can disrupt (Iran) thro military means’ (Debka)


--  118 Coptic families  have fled the Northern Sinai town of Al-Arish following  fatal violence by ISIS (Wall St J)

--  10 Egyptian soldiers and 15 ISIS militants were recently killed in a raid on an ISIS base in Sinai (N York T)


--  A writer points out that the head of the Iranian Quds force, Qassem Suleymani is Iran’s top terrorist.  “ Its time we shut him down for good !!” (Wash T)

--  A Wall Street writer speaks of Iran’s ‘hostile behaviour becoming worse, as it spreads its  tentacles across the Middle East and ignores  other powerful nations, which indeed could destroy it in one day (Wall St J)

--  Iran reported on March 4 it had successfully tested the S-300 Air Defence system provided by Russia over Israeli objections (Ynet)

--  Swiftly moving Iranian boats continue to harass USA ships in the Straits of Hormuz.  This must end in confrontation  (Wash Post)

--  A writer is claiming that the pending defeat of ISIS in Mosul is another phase in the Iranian strategy to take over Iraq (Hayom)

--  An Iranian official suggests that 2100 ‘martyrs’  have so far perished in Iraq, Syria and other places (D Alert)

--  A new report says that Iran has spent $100 (Billion) in the last 5 years financing operations in Syria plus $11 (Billion) on ICBMs from North Korea plus $ Billions more in other areas (Wash T)

--  Iran’s Rev. Guards are reported to be smuggling many items which bring them in over $12 (Bill) a year (Fox)

--  A writer points  out that since the present regime came to power in Iran, they have lost 80 % of its Jewish population (D Alert)

--  Some writers say that Iran is in a state of shock as it sees  Russia apparently abandoning it as it reaches understandings with the USA.  Iran feels it is in a state of siege (Memri)

--  Iran’s losses in the Syria-Iraq war are now put at 511 Iranians, 1045 Hizbullah militants, and 1045 ‘others’ (J Post)


--  On Feb 20 the Pal Ambass to Iran Salah Zawawi said that he prays to allah that Iran will produce 1,000 nuclear bombs to defend the Islamic State (Memri)

--  A report says that 90% of the West Bank is empty with no construction whatever. (Hayom)

--  3 Pals were killed by gas inhalation on Feb 24 whilst trying to renovate a tunnel recently blown up by the Egyptians (Ma’an)

--  The PA allocates $315 (Mill) a year to pay ‘salaries’ to PA prisoners in Israeli gaols.  The longer the sentence the more they are paid.  Over 36,000 Pals are receiving such ‘salaries’(D Alert)

--  A writer points out that the residents of Gaza are always suffering because of their leaders, and those leaders should and must understand that they are losing. (Ynet)

--  A Palestinian/Hizb-bullah operative from the West Bank has been arrested for planning terror attacks and the kidnapping of Israeli civilians (J Post)

--  A report suggests that the PA would engage in new ‘peace talks’ if 4 conditions were met, conditions they know Israel will reject (D Alert)

--  On March 14 Mr Abbas met with US secial rep. Greenblatt  and agreed to prevent inflammatory rhetoric and incitement (D Alert)

--  The PA with the help of  the EU, has built many villages along the road from Jerusalem  to Jericho, with the aim of laying claim to those lands and demanding they be recognized as part of ‘Palestine’  The cost to the EU amounts to hundreds of millions of Euros (J Post)

--  Mazen Fuqha, a murderous senior member of Hamas military wing was assassinated in Gaza with 4 bullets to the head  He had been sentenced to 4 life terms by Israel but was released in part exchange for the release of Israeli Shalit in 2011 (D Alert) Senior Hamas leader Haniyeh said on March 22 ‘there will be no PA State whole of Palestine’ (Anadolu-Turkey)

--  Hamas' leader in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, said Wednesday March 22, that the terror group will not cease its conflict with Israel until "the liberation of all of Palestine." ((T of I)


--  Hizbullah plans to fire rockets against Israel from the Qalamoun mountain ranges in Lebanon thinking the area safe against Israel’s reach, but Israel has already proved otherwise after 4 strikes in the area (Long War J)


--  The leader of a major Shi’ite militia in Iraq says his forces are ready to take part in a war to liberate the Israeli ‘occupied’ Golan Hts (Fars-Iran)

--  A report speaks of American firepower and air power being used in the drive to take Mosul from ISIS (N York T)

--  An Al-Qaeda militant leader of 30 years, Abu Al-Khayr al Masri, has been killed by a US drone strike on a car in North West Syria.  He has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people (Guardian UK)

--  An ISIS official threatens that in the near future, blood will flow like rivers in China as more of the ‘infidels’ die (Reuters)

--  An ISIS website calls on Moslems in the ‘West’ to dress like Jews, carry hidden weapons on their persons  and ‘unleash the pain of the Moslems upon their victims’ (D Mail UK)

--  A report tells of ISIS militants boarding buses in the Sinai and threatening occupants with all kinds of violence (Wall St J)

--  The ancient City of Palmyra has once again been taken from ISIS which has made a sport of  vandalizing the city’s antiquities (N York T)

--  A rocket fired to Israel on Mar 9 fell short and landed in Gaza  (T of I)

--  5 Pals from a Hamas  cell near Jerusalem were arrested in Feb for planting bombs and throwing firebombs at security forces (Ha'aretz)

--  An Al-Qaeda  linked group let off  2  suicide blasts which killed up to 70  Shi’ites  in Damascus on Mar 11 (AP)

--  The Israeli-American teenager suspected of being behind the world wide bomb threats apparently made over 1,000 threatening phone calls (J Post)

--  Hundreds of Syrian fighters and their American military advisers, backed by American artillery and attack helicopters, have begun a major operation to cut off Raqqa, the Islamic State's capital in Syria (N York T)

--  Yasser al_Sayed, prominent  Syrian militia leader was killed in an alleged Israeli drone strike on the Syrian Golan (Hayom)

--  ISIS has posted a video showing the beheading of 2 men for what they call sorcery (Reuters)


--  A report claims that Hamas  has at least 15 ‘attack’ tunnels which reach into Israel (T of I)

--  A report claims that Iran has set up underground rocket factories in Lebanon following Israel’s  bombing factories in the Sudan and bombing weapons convoys (T of I)


--  A writer says that Yemen is the latest testing ground for Iranian  weapons, and weapons and munitions are being manufactured there (D Alert)

--  7  Terrorists nearly succeeded in killing Saudi Arabia’s king Salman on his recent trip to Malaysia, but Saudi police apprehended them ‘just in time’ (Wall S J)

--  A Iraqi spokesman loudly tells the world “We have established the Golan Liberation Brigade and we are ready take action at any time needed (Tasnim.Iraq)

--  A news service claims Russia’s force in Syria has suffered 18 casualties since Jan 29 (D Alert)

--  Rebel forces have advanced to within a few miles of the Old city of Damascus bringing Syria’s civil war to the heart of the capital (Wash Post)

--  The intercepted Syrian missile carried 200 Ks of high explosive and was intercepted by Israel’s Arrow missile  defence system ((Ynet)

--  A report says that ISIS in Raqqa are using the residents as human shields (AP)


Jan.-Feb. 2017  NO 241


-- 6,000 Chinese and 1,000 Ukrainian construction workers are due in Israel to help solve the country’s housing crisis (J Post)

-- Israel’s ‘Eros B’ spy satellite has detected Russian Iskander short range ballistic missiles inside an army base at Latakia, Syria (J Post)

-- Israel’s solar power project in the Negev, will feature 50,000 mirrors focused on to a 250 metre tower, all designed to produce enough energy to power 130,000 households (AP)

-- 166 factories in the West Bank Industrial Zones are marketing their products in Africa, India and China, avoiding the crazies in Europe and the BDS movement (Ynet)

-- Israel is cutting $6 (Mill)

-- from its payments to the UN in response to its move to make Israel’s “settlements” in the West Bank and Jerusalem illegal (Debka)

-- On Jan 12 Mr Netanyahu dismissed the Paris Conference as being rigged by the Pals and the French and said ‘ it’s the last gasp from the past before the future sets in’ (AFP)

-- Israel’s Arrow 3 long awaited missile defence system has at last been declared operational. The Arrow 3 can destroy incoming missiles whilst they are still in their upward trajectory. (D Alert)

-- Israel’s gas industry is starting to help make enemies into reluctant friends as they buy gas from Israel (N York T)

-- A writer points out that more and more Arabs in Israel are very comfortable with their way of life in Israel and Israel Arabs now comprise 21 % of the population, with 60 % vowing they are more than happy with their economic conditions (D Alert)

-- The IDF is training part of its forces to contain and eliminate companies of Hizbullah fighters who might infiltrate Israel in a future war (Ynet)

-- Israel has completed tests on their advanced David’s Sling missile interceptor designed to attack and destroy incoming mid range vehicles of 50 50 250 klms. (Debka)

-- With some support from the Iraeli Gov. the SpaceIL Company is working to send an unmanned spacecraft to the moon (Tablet)

-- The IDF Home Front Command recently issued a series of reports outlining the preparations it is making for what the defense establishment considers to be the inevitability of hundreds of rockets a day landing in Israel during the next war. (D Alert)

-- A report says that PM Netanyahu will visit Washington on Fed 15 (Politico)

-- Whilst US remains the most powerful country in the world, Israel has now joined the list of the 8 GREATS (D Alert)

-- A writer points out that it is false to claim that there is Pal land which Israel refuses to give back. The Pals never ruled over any land, whilst Israel’s right to the land has historical and legal backing (D Alert)

-- Israel and the USA has again confirmed that final tests on the David’s Sling missile protection system have been successfully completed (Def. News)

-- On Jan 26 Mr Netanyahu castigated the world for its blatant disregard of Iran’s threat to wipe out Israel and its people (D Alert)

-- Israel’s unemployment rate dropped in December 2016 to its lowest for some time and stood at 4.3 % (Hayom)

-- A report shows that 76,400 Chinese tourists visited Israel between January and December of 2016, an increase of 60 % over 2015 (China Daily)

-- Freedom House says Israel scores 80 out of 100 as the only free State in the Middle East Syria scored -1. (J Post)

-- A report indicates that 69 % of Israel’s electricity is being produced by the gas coming from their Tamar offshore gas field (Ha'aretz)

-- It is obvious from Israel’s achievements that it has become a Laboratory for Militaries across the Globe, relied on particularly by the US (Wall St J)

-- 76,400 Chinese tourists visited Israel in the period January to November 2015 (D Alert)

-- Israel’s Def. Min warned that the relative quiet on the Gaza border may be deceotive as Hamas is continually preparing for the ‘next conflict’ but they know that in a future conflict they will pay a very heavy price (J Post)

-- The new Regulation Law (Settlement Bill) legalizes 4,000 homes built in Judea/Samaria on land claimed by Pal owners (Debka)

-- Tourist visits to Israel in Jan 2017 reflect a 27 % increase over Jan 2016 (Imra)

-- Whilst 62 % of Americans sympathise with Israel v.19 % who sympathise with the Pals, they are more evenly divided in the matter of a Pal State in the West Bank and Gaza, 45 % for and 42 % against (Gallup)


-- A US State Dept spokesman has adamantly proclaimed that moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem ‘is not a good idea’ (State Dept)

-- On Jan 5 the US House of Reps voted 342-80 for a resolution calling for the repeal of a UN Sec. C. resolution condemning Israeli ‘settlements’ (Wash Post)

-- In his latest 70 minutes blast against Israel for their ‘supposedly self-destructive policies, John Kerry revealed his allegiance to the Obama Islamic plan to destroy Israel (Wash T)

-- The opponents of the US Embassy move to Jerusalem seem not so much worried about International Law, as somehow the move will make the Pals unhappy and lead to more violence in the Land. Mr Netanyahu says that Israel is well prepared for any violence…their anger will pass (Huffington Post)

-- On Thursday Jan 19, 2 US B-52 bombers flew from Missouri, USA and destroyed 2 ISIS camps in Libya, where, it is estimated, 80 militants were killed. A report says that over 100 bombs were dropped on the two targets (CNN)

-- In the very final hours of his Presidency, Obama quietly and defiantly released $221 Mill) to the PA ,,money previously blocked by Congress (Wash Post)

-- In Sept last Mr Netanyahu received a slightly rude and aggressive message from US Air Force 1, carrying Obama and John Kerry. "Tell your boss that if he also wants a funeral like Peres, he should begin to move, to make progress,"(D Alert)

-- On Jan 22 Pres Trump spoke by phone to Mr Netanyahu and invited him to Washington next Feb (Wall St J)

-- The new US Ambass to Israel has decided to live and work in Jerusalem rather than in the Ambass’ residence in Herzliya (Ynet)

-- The Trump admin. is preparing the draft of an exec. Order for terminating funding for any UN agency or International body that gives full membership to the PA or the PLO. It also calls for a 40 % decrease in remaining US funding for International organizations. (N York T)

-- Congress says it intends to suspend future funding for the PA until they change their laws rewarding Pal youth for killing Israelis and US citizens (Weekly Std)

-- The new US Sec of Def. spoke with Israel’s Def, Min. Liebman on Jan 26 to underscore the US unwavering commitment to Israel’s security and to continue to ensure Israel’s military ‘edge’ in the area(US Def. Dept)

-- USA has warned the PA that any attempt to sue Israel in an International Court could result in all aid to the PLO ceasing and the closure of the PA Washington Office (Ha'aretz)

-- The new US Ambass to the UN has given Israel an iron clad promise of support for the Israeli State and would block any future anti-Israel action taken by the UN (Wash. Free Beacon)

-- A report says that more sanctions will be applied to Iran and its people following their ballistic missile test in late January (CNN). A writer says that the Trump admin. is seeking ways to break the diplomatic alliance between Russia and Iran (Wall St J)


-- For the past 2 weeks Damascus 5 million people have suffered from a water shortage caused by rebels controlling the supply from north of the city (N York T)

-- The Russian-Turkey cease fire in Syria is crumbling as Syrian Gov. forces push towards Damascus (Wash Post)

-- The Syrian Command accuses Israel of firing 2 rackets at a Syrian Air Base near Damascus ((Reuters)

-- A report says that Russian and Turkish jets co-operated in recent strikes against IS in Northern Aleppo.(AP)


-- A retired British Intell has spoken of the strong partnership with Israel counterparts in signals intelligence (Jew. Chron.)


-- A writer points out that whilst the US forces in the Middle East are 10 times the size of the Russian, its ignored and Putin is the real strength in the area (D Alert)

-- A new report reveals Russia’s attempt to create another Mediterranean Naval Base in Libya (D Alert)


-- King Abdullah was in Washington on Jan 30, for a first meet with Pres Trump. Jordan received $1.6 (Bill) in military and economic assistance last year. Jordan is an important base for he US campaign in Syria (Wash Instit)

-- A report on Feb 3 reveals the Jordanian Air Force has been active against IS targets in southern Syria (Ynet)


-- A report reveals that ISIS is activating terror cells in the Nile Valley and huge sums of money appear to be available to finance terror in this area (Asharg)


-- An Iranian official assured the world on Jan 3 that Iran will never stop supporting the anti-Israel Resistance front nations (D Alert)

-- Iran is reported to be gaining great benefits from it help to Assad of Syria as they sign lucrative economic agreements in several fields. They are being accused by some of ‘looting’ Syria (Reuters)

-- On Jan 29 Iran carried out a medium range ballistic missile test which seems to be in breach of the agreement 2231. The missile exploded when its re-entry system failed Mr Netanyahu says this flagrant violation of the agreement must not go unchallenged (L A Times)

-- A report claims that since the 2015 Nuclear agreement, Iran has tested at least 14 ballistic missiles (D Alert)

-- Rallies took place in Teheran on Feb 10 marking the overthrow of Iran’s monarchy in 1979 (Wash Post)

-- An Iranian official boasts that if ‘the enemy’ shoots a missile at Iran, 7 minutes later Tel Aviv will go up in flames from Iran missiles. He also boasted Iran can wipe out the US 5 th Fleet (Hayom)


-- In a blatant bid to assert non-existent ’rights’, Lebanon plans to auction off energy rights over areas in the Mediterranean contested by Israel (Bloomberg)


-- A new report reveals that 71 out of the 80 fires which plagued Israel last November were caused by arson attacks (J Post)

-- On Jan 21, IS militants blew up 2 towers involved in supplying electricity to Jordan (Ma’an)

-- On Jan 24 a Iraqi Shia cleric claimed the proposed move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem is a declaration of war against Islam and he would call for the creation of a special military forced to free Al-Quds (Jerusalem)

-- A Pal man convicted of killing 2 Israelis is a car ramming attack in 2015, was sentenced on Jan 30 to life imprisonment plus 20 years( L A Times)

-- A Pal woman deliberately drove her car into a Police car and a guard post on Feb 2, injuring 2 policemen and a security person (D Alert)


-- Foreign financial support for the PA is reported to have dropped by half (Reuters)

-- A writer ;points out that the Pals don’t really want peace with Israel at all, but rather want all the Jews gone from what they claim is their land. (D Alert)

-- Thousands of Gazans have marched in Gaza demanding the fall of the Hamas Gov!!! (D Alert)

-- A writer points out that Islam wants to convert the world either by the word or the sword (Wash T)

-- A celebratory march at a West Bank Univ. featured masked and armed students shouting ‘Blow up the head of the settler’ (Memri)

-- Pal F.M. says they are serious about their demand that Britain apologise and pay reparations to the PA for the Balfour Declaration and they may take legal action if their demands are not met (Memri)

-- A writer points out that 7 of the nations voicing outrage over the US ban on their nation have had bans on Israelis for 50 years!!! (D Alert)

-- Intell trends claim Hamas will take over the West Bank the moment Mr Abbas passes off the scene (J Post)

-- Mr Abbas has been informed by the US that the Trump admin will not be building any relations with the PA at this juncture (T of I)

-- In an ironic twist, student groups promoting BDS used Israeli WIX software to build their websites (D Alert)

-- A prominent writer points out that the Koran does name the Jews as God’s first choice and that they should never leave the land (J Post)

-- An Arab who was for 10 Years Mayor of Jerusalem, wrote to the Chief Rabbi of France in 1899 saying, "Who can contest the rights of the Jews regarding Palestine? Good Lord, historically it is really your country!" (Tablet)

-- Radical Moslem Cleric Said Jaziri was found in the boot of car trying to illegally enter the US from Mexico (D Mail UK)

-- Now that Yahya Sinwar, well known extremist who spent 22 years in a Israel gaol, has been elected to lead Hamas in Gaza, there could be a dramatic increase in hostilities between Hamas and Israel (T of I)


-- A writer claims that opposing Israel is now the ‘sacred god’ of the UN and must never be questioned (D Alert)

-- The UN Sec. Gen. has stated that the Temple the Romans destroyed in Jerusalem was a Jewish Temple, which has outraged the Pals who demand an apology to the Pal people (J Post)


-- Tens of thousands of people have left Venezuela to escape the grinding poverty, A large number of Jews who have gone to Israel. There are up to 9 million Jews left out of a population of 30,000,000 (Wash Post)

-- A writer points out that the so called ‘Paris Peace Conference ignored a French Court ruling that Israeli ‘settlements’ did not violate Geneva Conventions at all (D Alert)

December 2016  NO 240


  --Israel Public Security say that ¾ of the largest recent fires in Israel were the result of arson by Palestinians (Wall St J)

  --Israel’s Def. Min Lieberman has warned the UN it risks becoming irrelevant as it passes resolutions against Israel. and ignores the hundreds of Syrians killed daily and North Koreas development of nuclear weapons (T of I)

  --Israel Military Industries (IMI) has introduced a new, high-explosive artillery shell with five times the lethality of ordinary shells. (Ynet)

  --A report claims that by 2022 Israel will have 2 squadrons, each 25, of F-35 planes (Globes)

  --Mr Netanyahu has condemned Mr Abbas for elevating Marwan Baghouti, terrorist, to a senior position in Fatah, even tho he is presently serving 5 life sentences for orchestrating the murders of Israeli citizens (Newsweek)

  --Israel has attacked the Mezze Airbase near Damascus in Syria to stop supply of weapons to Hizbullah (J Post)

  --Several hundred Israeli-Arabs have volunteered for the Israeli army saying ‘I love the country and want to contribute’ (Reuters)

  --In Nov 2016, 287,900 tourists visited Israel, up 38 % on Nov last year (Ynet)

  --Israel’s former Ambass to the US says he firmly believes the relationship between the US and Israel will improve markedly under a Trump Pres. (Wash Times)

  --The Israeli attack on the Syrian Airbase was by use of surface to surface missiles fired from a long distance, rather than by using planes which could have been detected by the Russian radar. (Ynet)

  --Def. Min Lieberman states adamantly that Israel will not allow the smuggling of high quality weapons and chemicals weapons to Lebanon for the HIzbullah (T of I)

  --An IDF unit arrested several Pals as they were preparing to thrown fire bombs at Israeli cars south of Bethlehem (Ynet)

  --On Dec 4, Mr Netanyahu said that Israel is committed to preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. That has not changed and will not change. He added that, in the Middle East the weak do not survive (T of I)

  --Israel is 16 th in defence spending at $13 Billion compared with USA at $622 Billion! and Russia $48 Billion (D Alert)

  --Israel’s former Security Chief points out that Iran has tried before to move forces into the Golan and no doubt will try again , but Israel will stop it (Reuters)

  --Israel’s Def, Min, Sys Israel’s interest in Syria is having both Assad and the Iranians out! (D Alert)

  --A new report shows that 23 % of Israel’s doctors are Arabs as are 46 % of Israel’s pharmacists (J Post)

  --Whilst Israel is accused of increasing settlement numbers by 100,000, 80,000 are in settlement blocs that Israel will retain in any ‘peace agreement (D Alert)

  --Israel’s Dept of For. Aff. is providing detailed analysis of Iran’s presence and proxy presence in Syria and it shows that Hizbulah is its largest proxy, receiving millions of dollars in financial assistance (D Alert)

  --Latest figures show that immigration to Israel was down to 27,000 in 2016, from 31,000 in 2015. Russian immigration increased from 6,60o to 7000 (D Alert)

  --A report shows that Israel’s population reached 8.63 million in 2016, with 6.45 million being Jews and 1.796 million being Arabs. 384,000 are defined as ‘others’ (Globes)


  -- A report claims that Rebels in Syria are in secret talks with the Russians to end the the fighting in Aleppo, without any reference to the USA (Fin.T UK)

  --As Syrian forces entered more of Aleppo they rounded up hundreds of young people for ‘screening’ (Wash Post)

  --The biggest losers in the fight against IS are the millions of Sunnis who had ruled the areas for the past 1400 years (Wash Post)

  --Syrian troops and allied militias claim to have captured ¾ of the area once held by rebels in Aleppo (Chicago Trib)

  --A report says that pro-Assad forces have deliberately and without provocation killed many people in Aleppo as they dislodge IS forces (Wash Post)

  --A ‘defector’ has asserted that Israel has foiled the Syrian attempt to transfer chemical weapons to Hiszbullah (Hayom)

  --It seems that Russia is not objecting to Israel’s attacks on weapons shipments to Hizbullah and has demanded that Hizbullah not respond (Hayom)

  --A writer points out that much of Syria’s largest city of Aleppo has been destroyed and more than half the of Syria’s population now depends on foreign aid for survival (New Yorker)

  --A coalition air strike on Raqqa, Syria on Dec 13 killed 3 top IS leaders (AFP)


  -- A report says that Iran is rushing to clinch oil deals with Royal Dutch Shell, Norway, Poland and Thailand before Mr Trump becomes Pres of the USA (N York T)

  --Iran commenced a series of war drills on Dec, 11 aimed at convincing all their enemies are well within the range of the Iranian military machine (Wash Free Beacon)

  --Iran is voicing strong objections to Mr Netanyahu’s visit to Azerbaijan, which is described as being on Iran’s ‘doorstep’, and demanding the visit be cancelled (D Alert)

  --Iran’s Pres has issued orders for retaliation following the US Senate’s decision to extend the Iran Sanctions Act by 10 years !! (D Alert)

  --Iran has signed an agreement with Boeing to purchase 50 ..737 planes and 30 long range 777 aircraft, with the order extending over 10 years (N York T)

  --Iran has opened an amusement park where kids wearing military uniforms, can launch plastic missiles and fire plastic bullets at people who are considered enemies, like Mr Netanyahu (Memri)

  --Iran has confirmed the deaths of 2 IRCG officers in fighting in Palmyra, Syria (D Alert)

  --Deputy Comm. of the Iranian army enthusiastically says that what has happened in Aleppo will happen in Yemen and Bahrain “is God’s (Alllah’s) will “ (D Alert)

  --A report reveals that Iran has received over $10 (Bill) in sanctions relief since the nuclear deal was struck with Iran !! (Wall St J)


  -- Turkey’s Pres is calling on all Moslems to embrace the Palestinian cause and protect Jerusalem and the Al- Aqsa Mosque (Wash Post)


  -- U.S. President Barack Obama on Thursday Dec 1 renewed a presidential waiver, again delaying plans to relocate the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for another 6 months. (T of I)

  --The UN Senate voted 99-0 on Dec 1, to extend the Pres’s authority to impose sanctions on Iran for the next decade (N York T)

  --A report claims that the USA intercepted 5 shipments of Iranian weapons bound for Yemen. (Wash Post)

  --A group of U.S. senators has introduced the Taylor Force Act, requiring that the PA terminate payments for acts of terrorism against U.S. and Israeli citizens (D Alert)

  --On Dec 9 Congress approved $600 (Mill) in missile defence funding for Israel. It inc funding for anti-tunnel tech. (J Post)

  --. The US Senate has passed the Anti Semitism Awareness Bill to make clearer the State Dept’s definition and understanding of Anti-Semitism (D Alert)

  --Whist John Kerry accused Assad’s Gov of a massacre in Syria, he also faults Russia and Iran for their support in continuing assaults on civilians (Wall St J)

  --In a parting shot, John Kerry ‘tore into’ Israel for settlement building and he rejected the accusation that USA had abandoned Israel in its controversial UN vote. He added that the 2 State solution ‘is now in serious jeopardy (AP)

  --Elliott Abrams points out that in turning to Egypt for help against the imposition of the UN resolution, its shows there is more trust between Egypt and Israel than between either of them and the USA (Weekly Standard)


  -- On Nov 28 Russia suffered its greatest defeat of recent times when IS seized the Russian-Syrian T4 Airbase of Palmyra, capturing large quantities of missiles (D Alert)

  --Russia's FSB security service said it has killed "the head of the Caucasus region's branch of the Islamic State, Rustam Aselderov, and four of his close associates. This man was a nasty piece of work involved in many killings (AFP)

  --A report on Dec 15 tells of Russia detaining several terrorists planning attacks in Moscow and directed by IS. (Reuters)


  -- After recording 924 anti-semitic incidents against Jews last year the UK is pledging $17 (Mill) to protect Jewish schools nurseries, colleges and Synagogues (Tele UK)

  --British PM May is urging greater co-operation with Israel on Heath Care, Cyber-security and counter terrorism. She also says that the Balfour Declaration had been ‘one of the most important letters in history (Jew. Chron UK)

  --On Dec 12 she lauded Israel as a thriving democracy, a beacon of tolerance, an engine of enterprise and a great example to the rest of the world (Ynet)

  --The British Gov is to adopt a definition of what constitutes anti-semitism, which includes over-sweeping condemnation of Israel (Guardian UK)

  --Britain has launched a scathing attack on John Kerry’s unprecedented verbal attack on Israel saying it was inappropriate of Kerry, America's top diplomat, to attack the make-up of the democratically-elected Israeli government (Daily Mail UK)


  -- Israel is about to double the water supply to Jordan to 100 million cubic metres a year and in return will receive desal water from Jordan’s upcoming Aqaba plant (Globes)

  --On Dec 9 , 4 terrorist gunmen killed 10 people incl. a Canadian, in the Jordanian City of Karak (Jordan T)


  -- Egypt’s flooding of Hamas tunnels has resulted in the deaths of 4 more Pals (Ariadolu, Turkey)

  --An Egyptian media Protocol seems to provide iron-clad evidence that led to the ambush of Israel in the UN was conceived between Susan Rice, John Kerry of the USA, Saeb Erekat Chief negotiator for the PA and the PA Envoy to the UN , Ryad Mansour.


  -- Hamas admits that 2 more Pals were killed in another tunnel collapse near the Israel border recently (AP)

  --With unrest growing in Gaza against Hamas, Hamas has arrested over 350 members of some extremist organizations thought to be planning bombing attacks (Awsat UK)

  --A Fatah Committee official, speaking of Hamas and Al-Qassam, says ‘we stand side by side against our common enemy Israel. Anyone who bears arms for ‘Palestine’ is sacred to us’ (Memri)

  --P L O’s Barghouti flatly rejects John Kerry’s ‘peace plan’, claiming the ‘right of return’ for all Arabs, and flatly rejecting Israel’s right to exist and claiming East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine (Harmodia)

  --The PA claims they intend to take hundreds of Israeli soldiers and airmen to the International Criminal Court in the Hague in 1917 (124 News)


  -- A UN report shows that 11 Arab States are mired in conflict and the Arab world accounts for 45 % of the world’s terrorism (Economist UK)

  --In a surprise statement to the UN Security Council, Ban-Ki Moon stated that the UN has issued a disproportionate number of resolutions, reports and committees against Israel!!!! (Indep. UK)


  -- The Islamic State News Agency is claiming to have perpetrated 1034 suicide attacks during the first 11 months of 2016 (Long War J)

  --8 Arabs have been arrested for being a part of a terror cell planning shooting attacks in Jerusalem and at an army base (Ynet)

  --The US after spending over half a trillion dollars in Afghanistan over the past 15 years, now faces a revitalized Taliban funded by wealthy Saudis (N York T)

  --Fatah has anew song against Israel We burst over the borders," "Slice open the enemy's chest," and "The sound of the rifles gives us joy." (Pal Media Watch)

  --A report speaks of a great increase in recent cyber attacks against Saudi and Israel by Iran’s Rev. Guards (D Alert)

  --IS claimed responsibility for 2 rockets launched at Israel but which landed in Egyptian territory (T of I)

  --Leader of the Islamic Revolution said on Dec 14 that the Zionist regime will not exist in another 25 years!!! (Tasnim-Iran)

  --The arrest of Bilal Razineh of the Qassam Brigades resulted in another revelation on Hamas tunnel digging. He revealed that his important terrorist brother and many other Hamas leaders hid in a Hospital during the last Gazan war (Ynet)

  --An ISIS ‘General, Muhaxheri is reported to have entered Europe with 400 of his men (Daily Mail UK)

  --A report claims that Hizbullah is the most dangerous of all the enemies facing Israel, with a range of the most modern weapons, together with troops continually training to conquer Israel. (Ynet)


  -- The governments of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have all outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood as a terror organization and want Britain to ban the Muslim Brotherhood's ability to operate in the UK. (Wall St J)

  --A Greek company has acquired 2 of Israel’s offshore gas fields and has great plans for development by 2020 at an estimated cost of 1 (Bill) (Globes )

  --The Czech Republic is to pay Israel $114 Mill for 8 Israeli made radar systems (AP)

  --A writer points out that the very nation which introduced the resolution into the UN Sec. Council that pronounced Israeli settlements to be illegal, eventually eliminated Maori sovereignty (Tablet)

  --Another writer points out that many of the nations which voted for the UN Resolution against Israel, are themselves “occupiers’, such as Russia, Britain, China, France. ‘Situation ethics reigns supreme (Gatesone)

  --Former Australian P.M. says Australia should stop its $40 (Mill) in aid to the PA whilst it continues to pay terrorists and their families (Spectator)

November 2016  NO 239


  --An ancient scroll dated to the era of the first Temple has been displayed and it shows the name of Jerusalem in ancient Hebrew script (J Post)

  --A writer points out that the Qur’an verifies the existence of the first and second Jewish Temples (D Alert)

  --Mr Netanyahu comments on the awful crimes of ‘radical Islam’ in their willful destructions and murders and asks the world who deserves condemnations. NOT Israel (PMO)

  --On Oct 31 Mr Netanyahu told the Knesset that the Arab world respects Israel as a nation that stands up strongly for itself and projects strength and power (T of I)

  --Israel is attempting to block the PA from joining Interpol fearful that they would leak sensitive info to terrorist groups! (J Post)

  --Foreign investment in Israel continues to surge, with Chinese investment growing 50 % year on year since 2011 (Hayom)

  --In congratulating Mr Trump for his Presidential win, Mr Netanyahu added that he looked forward to working with him in many areas (Reuters)

  -- Israel’s unmanned Heron drones are playing a greater role in maritime patrol and intell gathering missions, thus saving lives of men in the IA F, (Janes Def. Weekly)

  --Israel has told the French envoy that it will not attend any French initiated world peace conference, warning that such a move would encourage the PA to evade direct negotiations with Israel (Ha'aretz)

  --Israel’s Def. Dept has announced that all new tanks made will be equipped with the Trophy Tank Protection system, which can deflect and destroy incoming ant-tank missiles (Hayom)

  --Israel has had talks with Turkey about laying a gas pipeline from Israel to Turkey, and talks with Egypt may result in gas exports to that country (Globes)

  --It was revealed on Nov 15 that Israel has a new drone with explosive detection capabilities (D Alert)

  --Israel reports that its economy grew by 3.2 % in the third quarter of 2016 (Globes)

  --Researchers at Technion-Israel claim to have developed technology that could improve the efficiency of photovoltaic (solar) cells by nearly 70 % (D Alert)

  --Military reservists have been called to join Police and firefighters contain enormous fires erupting around the country in recent days (AP)

  --Fires in Israel around November 24 burned at least 2, 224 acres of forest and bushland, much of it probaly as a result of an unparalleld wave of arson 180 people were injured & hundreds of homes destroyed(Ha'aretz)

  --The Israeli Airforce claims to have killed 4 ISIS militants who had fired on IDF troops (Ha'aretz)

  --Military Intell Chief Halevi warns of a year of instability in the West Bank and Israel, as a result of the coming power struggle in the PA for leadership (Ha'aretz)

  --A writer points out that Israel does repay USA for its support by accepting strict rules on trade with US’ rivals. Trade with China could be much greater but its limited by promises made to the US. (D Alert)

  --Israel’s unemployment rate dropped to an all time low of 4.5 % in October (Globes)

  --Aliyah from Brazil has shown a dramatic increase with the figure for 2016 expected to be at least 700 (J Post)

  --A writer says that Mr Netanyahu is formulating a strategy to stop Iran becoming a superpower in the region and to tighten the noose around Iran (D Alert)

  --An article dealing with the visit of Israel’s Pres. Rivlin to India highlights the fact that the two nations are becoming natural allies in the face of India’s good relationship with Moslem countries (D Alert)


  --A writer warns that people in the Middle East are becoming more and more wary of American promises as they are inclined to dump local forces when the going gets tough! (Wash Post)

  --The first world leader to congratulate Donald Trump on becoming President was Egypt’s Pres Sisi, followed by the Saudi F/M (New Yorker)

  --Pres Obama has ordered the Pentagon to find and kill the leaders of Jabhat Al-Nusra (Wash Post)

  --Donald Trump assures the world that his admin. can help bring about lasting peace in the Israel/Arab problem!!!! (Hayom)

  --On Nov 14 the House of Reps. voted 7-2 to put financing off limits for Iran to buy or lease Boeing Aircraft, but Obama threatens to veto the bill!!! (D Alert)

  --The Obama admin has approved the sale of more than 100 Air Bus planes to Iran (AP)

  --On Nov 15 the US House of Reps approved a 10 years extension of the Iran Sanctions Act.(D Alert)

Former CIA Director Hayden crticises US policy on dealing with Iran and hopes the new admin. will show more strength against Iran. Iraq, Syria and the Gulf States (The Hill)


  --A writer points out that Egypt’s economy is in free fall with inflation running at nearly 16 % (N York T)

  --A writer says that all is not well in the Egyptian economy and a meltdown would be much larger and a more consequential disaster than anything we have seen in the area (D Alert)

  --Egypt has met an IMF demand for a 48 % devaluation to gain an IMF loan of $13 Billion over 3 years , to stabilize the Egyptian economy(Al Jazeera)

  --Egypt, which is almost ‘broke’ may buy 50 fighter planes from Russia, to add to the 20 US fighters and other French machines!!!! (Tass)~ 8 Egyptian soldiers and 3 IS Jihadists were killed in a car bomb explosion at a checkpoint in Northern Sinai on November 24 (AFP)

  --292 people have been brought before the courts in Egypt, some of them accused of conspirinjg to kill Pres Sisi and a Saudi Crown Prince (Reuters)


  --Turkey reports it has built 28 klms of the proposed 911 klm wall along its border with Syria and hopes to finish the job in early 2017 (Hurriyet)


  --On Nov 2 Iran released photos of their suicide drone which can be loaded with explosives and crashed into any selected target up to 600 miles away (USA Today)

  --In a recent speech in the House of Lords, Baroness Jenny Tonge blamed the Jews for the Holocaust and various other things as she supported the Arab demand that Britain apologise for the Balfour Declaration JORDAN

  --Writing of the future of Jordan, a writer points out that once the fighting in Syria and Iraq fades, Jordan will be a target for ISIS and other terrorist groups. He claims that Abdullah 2 of Jordan is a direct descendent on Mahomet (Wall St J)


  --A senior official in Iran is boasting of Iran’s support of militants in Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon and claims that Ian is now at the centre of the Moslem world, (D Alert)

A Rev. Guards man boasts that USA is no longer the world’s No 1 power (AFP)

A report on Nov 7 shows that Iran has sent large numbers of Rev. Guards into the battle for Aleppo (Al-Awsat)

Iran and Russia are negotiating a 10 Billion $ supply of weapons to Iran, including tanks , artillery systems and aircraft,but Israel has asked Russia not to go thro with the deal (RT Russia)

US and Western allies are pressing Iran to reduce its stockpile of reduced –uranium to well below the cap agreed on in the 2015 ‘deal (Wall St J)

A report says that more than 1,000 men sent to Syria by Iran have been killed (Reuters)


  --An army of Russian contractors is in Syria as well as well trained Russian troops, The Russians have little regard for the prowess of Arab soldiers and realize that if Assad is to remain in power he will continue to need Russian troops and military en mass (Reuters)

  --A writer points out that 23 of Syrias’s hundreds of rebel groups are the main powerbrokers in the ‘opposition’ (D Alert)


  --Lebanon’s new President Michael Aoun, boasts that his Gov will spare no efforts to protect Lebanon from Israel and liberate the remainder of ‘our lands’ (T of I)


  --On November 8 the UN adopted 10 resolutions singling out Israel 86-71 ,for strident criticsm (UN Watch)

The IAEA 4th Report on the compliance of Iran to the nuclear deal shows that a lot of material is being omitted because its can’t be verified (D Alert)


  --A writer points out that Hamas avowed intention is the annihilation of Israel and the PA’s Abbas support is so thin he could not sign an agreement with Israel if he wanted to, which he doesn’t as it would mean his death to do so (Wash Times)

  --A writer points out that an entire generation of Pals has been raised on the glorification of anyone who kills a Jew, a situation that does not seem to bother human rights organisations (Gatestone Inst)

  --A writer points out that as far back at 1917 and 1918 Arabs acknowledged that the Jews were the indigenous people of the Land of Israel (J Post)

  --The PA has glorified the PA policeman who shot and wounded 3 Israeli soldiers (Pal Media Watch)

  --The Pals latest claim is to ownership of the Dead Sea Scrolls and is demanding UNESCO order Israel to give them up !!(Hayom)

  --The members of Interpol have rejected a push by the PA for membership, by a vote of 62/56 with 37 abstentions.. ((Reuters)

  --A Moslem Brotherhood spokesman condemns the election of Donald Trump as Pres of the USA, calling it a disaster for the Arab and Moslem world (D Alert)

  --A writer has written at length of the PA corruption which has resulted in the extreme wealth of the Abbas family, which has siphoned of most of the $25 (Bill)

  --aid money given to the PA by European donors (The Hill)

  --Mr Abbas is worried that his possible retirement may mean any following admin. will dispossess his sons of their illgotten millions of $ in gains and praps gaol them as well as himself!!! (D Alert)

  --A Pal Islamic cleric is urging Moslems to use the Pakistan nuclear weapons to nuke Israel (Memri)

  --A PA weapons smuggling boat has exploded after being fired on (Ynet)

  --A writer points out that Mr Abbas stands alone in the Arab world with few caring what happens in Ramallah and Saudi Arabia withdrawing its financial support (T of I)

  --An adviser on Strategic Affairs to Mr Abbas says, "We need to expand popular resistance and build a larger protest movement against Israel." (J Post)


  --An American writer has written at length on the enormous crime coverage of Hizbullah throughout world and comments on the diverse criminal operations which help to finance Hizbullah’s terror activities (Wash Inst)

  --A Russian report states that Hizbullah has sent another brigade of men to fight on the outskirts of Aleppo (Fars)


  --"They took us by car, gave us knives and told us to go do terrorist attacks." (124)

  --A report says that thousands of Iraqi villagers have been rounded up at gunpoint to provide human shields in the Mosul battle. Those who refuse are shot ! (Wash Post)

  --Following an attack on Israeli soldiers on Oct 31, Hamas called on Pal security personnel for more attacks on Israel (T of I)

  --A writer points out that 86 million people have been killed by terror activity since world war 2, many as a result of Islamic terror but the protests are always directed at Israel (Ynet)

  --ISIS leader al- Baghdadi is calling on ISIS fighters to ‘destroy the infidels’ in Mosul and invade Turkey and calling on Hizbullah to invade Iraq and ‘turn it into a flaming war zone’(J Post)

  --A report suggests that Al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS is losing control o/f his troops/supports in Mosul (AFP)

  --Reports show that ISIS has honeycombed villages and indeed Mosul, with tunnels allowing them to appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly (Wash Post)

  --A report on Nov.`17 states that IS militants killed more than 300 former Iraqi Policemen 3 weeks ago south of Mosul (Reuters)

  --A report claims that ‘coalition’ forces have killed a major Iraqi IS militant in an air strike in Raqqa. (Long War Journ)

  --A report says that ‘ONE BY ONE’ British and US forces have killed the English speaking IS computer operators who have been exhorting all and sundry to join IS in carrying out terror attacks in the west (N York T)

  --A senior Al-Qaeda leader was killed in Syria in a US air strike on Nov 18 (CBS)

  --Over five days, 2,500 firefighters worked tirelessly to put out 630 fires that burned 560 homes (Hayom)


 --A writer goes to great lengths to warn against UNESCO’s myths about Israeli plotting to harm Islamic sites thus stirring up anti-Israel violence (D Alert)

  --Israel is emerging as a strategic node on China's southern corridor on the New Silk Road and is taking steps to avoid the Suez Canal route (Asia Times HK)

  --Mercedes announced on Nov 7 it will join GM and Renault in opening an R & D centre in Israel (Globes)

  --On Nov 24 France issued an official notification urging Businesses to add warning labels on all Israel produced imports declaring ‘Made in Israeli Settlement’ (AP)

  --A French airstrike likely killed Mokhtar Belmokhtar, a senior Al Qaeda operating in south Libya. He has been on the US ‘wanted’ list for more than 10 years.(Wall St J)

  --On November 16, India signed 2 contracts with Israel for 2 AWACS and 10 Heron unmanned vehicles (D Alert)

  --A move is slowly being made to ban the use of loud speakers outside of the mosques with statements like the following coming from Saudi Arabia.’ that loudspeakers and microphones 'must be used only inside the mosque ’so as not to disturb people outside.'" Memri)

October 2016  NO 238


 -- The Israel Security Service sees terror cells inspired by IS mainly in the Jerusalem area and In northern Samaria (Ynet)

  -- A report shows that the Israel economy grew by 3 % in the first half of 2016 (Globes)

  -- On Sept 20 Israel’s Ambass to the UN, Danon, slammed Ki-Moon’s continuing criticism of Israel, saying “ This is an obsession with Israel, and  it must end:” (J Post)

  -- When Pres Netanyahu met Pres Obama on Sept 21 he thanked him for the enormous assistance USA gives Israel and assured the world the two countries are the greatest of friends. (White House)

  -- On Sept 22 Mr Netanyahu invited Mr Abbas to to the Knesset to address the Israeli people,  But a writer points out that Abbas won’t do that because he is still ‘fatally mired in a miasma of historical grievances and religious hate’ (D Alert)

  -- AT the UN G/Assy Mr Netanyahu pointed out that last year the G.Assy  passed 20 resolutions against Israel and only 3 against other nations where  women are raped, murdered and sold into slavery, all ignored by the GA (PMO)

  -- Israel’s underground concrete and water barrier along the Gazan border, due to be finished in a few months,  should make future tunnel digging a death trap (T of I)

  -- Police search sweeps in northern Israeli-Arab centres  have collectd hundreds of rifles, pistols and hand grenades, 30 explosive devices and a mountain of ammunition from civilians possessing unlicensed weapons  (Debka)

  -- Mr Netanyahu has told Mr Putin that in the ‘aftermath’ of Syria, Israel does not want to see Iranian militias or Iranian transfers of weapons to Hizbullah, or ‘a second terror front on our borders’.  He stressed the importance of the alliance with USA, ‘íts the only alliance we have’ (Hudson Instit)

  -- Israel’s elder Statesman, Shimon Peres passed away at 93, in Tel Aviv, on Wednesday September  28. (Wash Post)

  -- Of the many world leaders attending Mr Peres funeral, there will be Pres. Obama and  the UK’s Prince Charles (NBC)

  -- It was most impressive that more than 57 VIPs from a third of the world’s nations, attended the funeral of Mr Peres on Sept 30. (J Post)

  -- Before Mr Netanyahu returned to Israel on Sept 26, he had addressed the UN Gen. Assmly and met with both US Pres, contenders (Star)

  -- Latest statistics show that Israel’s population is now 8.58 million, of which there are 6.4 million Jews and  1.8 million Arabs  (T of I)

  -- A writer points out that Israel’s nuclear weapons continue to be a deterrent  to the nations round about (J Post)

  -- 27,936 people migrated to Israel in the last year , with the most coming from Russia, Ukraine , France and the USA (Ha'aretz)

  -- Israel has rejected US criticism of the Israeli construction of 98 housing units within the borders of Shilo (Ha'aretz)

  -- An all female team operates eye-in-the-sky surveillance over Gaza and reports on suspicious vehicles visiting Hamas operatives (Ynet)

  -- On Oct 6 Israeli Security Services closed down 3 organisations associated with the banned northern branch of  Israel’s Islamic movement, accusing them of fanning unrest at the Temple Mount etc. (T of I)

  -- Google employs over 600 engineers in Israel “:There are cheaper engineers in Russia, China and India but they are often not as good” (Business Insider)

  -- Researchers at Jerusalem’s  Hebrew University have completed work on treatments which partially solve the problem of growing resistance of various bacterial infections to current antibiotics (Star)

  -- 63 Ethiopian migrants reached Israel on Oct 9, with 1300 of a further  9,000 due in Israel by the end of the year (J Post)

  -- Israel’s For Min promises to help rebuild Gaza if Hamas will lay down its arms. Hamas invests over a NIS 100 (Mill) in military infrastructure rather than in health and education  (Ynet)

  -- Thousands of people from many countries marched on JERUSALEM DAY on Succot  in Jerusalem showing support for Israel (AFP)



 -- Pres Obama showed his Islamic support colours on Sept 30 when he told the UNGA that  “Israel has to realize it cannot permanently occupy and settle Palestinian land,”(Debka)

  -- 88 US Senators are urging Pres Onbama to veto any one-sided UN SC resolutions on the Israeli-Palestinian issue (AIPAC)

  -- US Ambass to the UN, Samantha Power is accusing Russia of ‘barbarism and war crimes in Syria’s Aleppo’, where hundreds of people have been killed with Russian white phosphorus bombs, barrel bombs and bunker busters (Wash Post)

  -- A report shows that another 500 US toops will be sent to Iraq to help the Iraqis retake Mosul from IS (T of I)

  -- Congress has overturned Pres Obama’s veto on allowing families to sue Saudi Arabia for its part in the 9-11 terror tragedy (CNN)

  -- It seems there is a relationship be- tween the lifting of sanctons on some Iranian Banks and the release of 4 Americans by Iran back in January (Wall St J)

  -- US’ John Kerry says Russia and Syria should face a war crimes investigation for their  indiscriminate bombing of hospitals and civilians after 20 died in an Aleppo hospital and 100 were wounded on Oct 6 (D Mail UK)



 -- The Chief Rabbi of Moscow  says that ani-semitism, radical Islam, and Islamic terrorism is causing  tens of thousands of  Jews of France, Belgium and other European countries to flee from those countries (Star)



 -- A report confirms that Britain is freezing some of its aid to the PA over concerns that the aid was being used to fund salaries for convicted  Pal terrorists, adding up to about $170 (Mill) a year  (T of I)

  -- Britain has suspended 25 Million pounds of aid money to the PA on the grounds  most of it goes to pay terrorists  or their families to commit atrocities (Sun UK)



 -- The Leviathon Gas field has announced the sale of  $10 (Bill) natural gas to Jordan over 15 years!! (Globes)



 -- Turkey has completed a 200 klm section of a border wall with Syria and plans another 700 klm  (D Alert)



 -- Saudi police have arrested 17 IS suspects, confiscated 43 pounds of explosives, suicide belts and $160-000-00 (Wall St J)

  -- Saudi Arabia is to switch to the western calendar thus causing  public servants to work an extra 11 days a year  for the same money (PRI)


 -- On Sept 21 Iran held large scale military parades and on some of the trucks  was writen’ If the Zionist leaders act rashly we will turn Tel Aviv and Haifa to dust.’ (Reuters)

  (NOTE:  Iran does not seem to realize that Israel’s nuclear arsenal could put Iran back in the stone age if there is provocation)

  -- A report says that Iran, Hizbullah and Syrian forces will retaliate against Israel for any air  or artillery strikes against any Syrian target on the Golan (Debka)  

 --Iran’s leader Khamenei directly instructed former Pres Ahmadinejad NOT to run for President in the upcoming elections (Star)

  -- Iran is boasting they can mobilize 9 million fighters in 10 days and they have warehouses full of missiles which can strike Tel Aviv. They boast their army is 5 times better that that of the USA (Memri)



 -- Egypt’s Pres. Al-Sisi has applauded the co-operation between Israel and Egypt, as Israeli planes act against militants in Sinai (J Post)

  -- Cairo Airport Security detected and seized a large number of electrical circuits used in explosive devices, in the bags of PA ‘pilgrims’ returning from the Haj in Saudi Arabia (D Alert)

  -- An amazing news story is that a Chinese Development Company is to provide $20 (Bill) to build Egypt a new capital city east of Cairo , to overcome crowding pollution and extortionate house prices in Cairo (CNN)

  -- An Egyptian Brg Gen who played a big part in the destruction of the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, was assassinated in Cairo  by gunmen on Oct 22  (N York T)



 --  A writer points out that the :4 camps within Islam continue to fight each other to the death in  many areas but are all in decline (D Alert)

  -- There is apparently a move afoot by Egypt,  Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE, to oust Mr Abbas to pave the way for normalization between the Arab  world and Israel (D Alert)

  -- A majority of Pals in the West Bank want Mr  Abbas to go, as law and order  continues to break down with the perception of the residents being he’s doing nothing about it but lining his own pockets and that of his relatives  (Ha'aretz)

  -- An Israeli writer points out that only 18 % of the PA income  comes from internal taxes  (J Post)

  -- As Israel prepared for Mr Pere’s funeral, Hamas called for a ‘day of rage’ from all Pals, saying “The Palestinian people are vey happy at the passing of this criminal” (T of I)

  -- Dozens of Pals have been arrested in the West Bank and Jerusalem for selling illegal weapons, rock throwing and criminal activity (T of I)

  -- After Mr Abbas sent a condolence letter to the family of Mr Peres, Hamas said ‘the Pal people are relieved at the death of Mr Peres’ (T of I)

  -- One Pal was killed and several wounded when a tunnel under the border with Israel collapsed on Sept 29 (T of I)

  -- On Oct 1 Mr Abbas proudly asserted that the ‘Pals will build their own State with Jerusalem as its capital, by 2017 ‘(T of I)

  -- Over 500 Moslem leaders and clerics met in Istanbul on Oct 7 to once again warn the world Al-Aqsa is in danger from the Jews (D Alert)

  -- A senior Hamas official said on Oct 10 that Hamas is seeking to reinvigorate ‘relations’  with Iran (Farsi Iran)

  -- The PA has announced a year long campaign to commemorate the so called ‘crime. of the Balfour Declaration which declared Israel to be the home of  all Jews’ (T of I)

  -- In Gaza, support for Hamas in waning as people gripe that they cannot ‘fix’ the economy yet spend millions on military pursuits. (Jerus. Report)



 -- It has been established that 2 Russian planes were in the vicinity when an aid convoy near Aleppo was attacked and 20 killed (Reuters)

  -- Thousands of  Iranian backed  Shi’ite militias descend on Aleppo, together with vicious airstrikes as the Syrian  Gov tries to free the city from the rebels (Fox )

  -- A  report says that Russia has deployed advanced anti-missile systems to Syria for the first time (Debka)

  -- More than 1,000 Iraqi Shi’ite militants have joined thousands of others in the fight for the Assad regime around Aleppo (Wall St J)



 -- Ban Ki-Moon states that a ONE STATE solution in the Israeli-Pal  issue would spell doom !! (t of I)

  -- The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance solemnly recommends the British media be barred from reporting the Moslem background of terrorists as it may fuel prejudice against Moslems !!!!! (D Mail UK)

  -- The UN Security Council will meet on Oct 14 to discuss an initiative brought on by the PA re Israeli settlements (J Post)



 -- A UN Aid Convoy in Aleppo province in Syria was hit by either Syrian or Russia planes killing at least 12 people on Sept. 19 (Tele-UK)

  -- On Sept.19 and 20, 3 Pal terrorists were shot and one arrested for  violent attacks  on Israelis soldiers (Ha'aretz)

  -- Writers speak of panic, corruption and disarray in IS in Mosul with some changing ‘sides’ and attempting to flee the city  by paying large bribes (Wash Post)

  -- US Military officials are certain ISIS will use Chemical weapons as  Kurdish and Iraqi forces advance on the Caliphate’s Iraqi capital in Mosul. The US has widely distributed gas masks (VOA)

  -- A writer points out that even BEFORE the defeat of Isis,  the various factions involved in the fight are eyeing the political and military power struggles which will inevitably follow Mosul’s conquest  (Rubin Cetre) Israeli air strikes and artillery fire were directed against Gaza on Oct 5 in retaliation for rocket fire towards Sderot (Debka) A further rocket attack caused Israel to retaliate again on Oct 6 (Debka)

  -- A farmer found a bag containing explosive devices which had been thrown over the border fence in the north and 6 Israeli Arabs have been  arrested on suspicion of planning a terror attack (Debka)

  -- 6 Pals ,part of an IS cell, were detained on Oct 2 for planning several terror attacks inc a shooting attack on Tel Aviv beaches (124)

  -- Silafi Jihadists in Gaza said that their rocket attack on Sderot on Oct 6 was  part of the Jihad against Jews (D Mail UK)

  -- IS is strong on its idea that 2 saviours will soon arise, their mahdi who will unite and empower Moslems and Jesus who will confirm the power of Moslems  and  break the cross and ‘kill the swine’ (N York T)

  -- A Pal from East Jerusalem shot and killed 2 Israelis on Oct 9 and was subsequently killed  The killer’s daughter tells how proud his family is of the killing and the Fatah org. calls him a ‘martyr’(J Post)

  -- Israel’s Security Service announced that in Sept they had arrested a Hamas operative Julani,  who planned  high level terror attacks but abandoned them due to heavy Israeli security presence  (J Post)

  -- 4 Pals planning to throw bombs  into an ‘events hall’ in Beersheba, were recently  arrested (Ynet)



 -- The Indian Gov reports a successful trial of the Israel Barak 8  interceptor  missile on Sept 20 (Ynet)

  -- Sept 29 marked the 75th anniversary of the Babi Yar massacre  in the Ukraine of 34,000 Jews by Nazis and Ukranian  sympathisers  (AP)

  -- German F/M is quoted as saying that tensions between Russia and the USA are more dangerous than during the ‘cold war;  (T of I)


September 2016  NO 237


  -- On Aug 23 the IDF carried out raids in the Hebron and Bethlehem areas, closing illegal weapons plants and confiscating weapons and ammunitions (D Alert)

 --  A report says that Mr Netanyahu speaks more with the Russian leader than with the US President (J Post)

 --  After a Gazan rocket struck Sderot on Aug 21, Israel launched a series of heavy attacks on Hamas targets, part of their new policy of increased violent response  to such rocket attacks (J Post)

 --  An Aug 22 Poll shows that about 50 % of Israelis and Pals favour a 2 state peace agreement with a Palestinian State alongside Israel !!(Ynet)

 --  The special Israel Sagi Brigade is continually on the alert for terror activity from Sinai. (J Post)

 --  A writer points out that altho US aid is appreciated by Israel, much of the qualitative edge in Israeli weapons now  comes from Israeli ingenuity (D Alert)

 --  Israel accuses the UN  M/East Envoy of distorting history in labeling Israeli settlement building as a hindrance to  peace with the Pal. Rather it is the Pal refusal to recognize that Jews are NOT foreign to Judea (AP)

 --  Israel’s Def. Min Lieberman blames a corrupt PA  Abbas  reign of corruption preventing economic growth in the Pal economy in the West Bank.  The PA takes a ‘tithe’ from every deal, which enriches  PA Officials inc Abbass and his sons (Ha'aretz)

 --  Israel’s governing body in the West Bank has approved the construction of 466 new housing units (T of I)

 --  A project to link the Red Sea with Dead Sea will also see the transfer of 30 mill. C.m of water to the Pals.  (T of I)

 --  Israel’s  government debt-to-gross-domestic-product has been reduced from 100% in 2002 to 63.9 % in 2016, the lowest of most nations, and Israel has a $300 (Bill) economy and the best Air Force in the world (Hayom)

 --  Israel Aerospace Industries say a replacement for the recently destroyed Amos 6 communications satellite should be ready within 2 years (Hayom)

 --  After 2 days of Pal shooting across the border from Gaza, Israeli tanks fired at 2 Hamas posts in Gaza (T of I)

 --  On Sept 6 Mr Netanyahu told the Dutch PM that Israel stands with Holland fighting the Islamic forces of evil across the world (PMO)

 --  Mr Netanyahu pointed out on Sept 6, that he is prepared to meet with Mr Abass at any time as he has asked him for 7 years  (Ha'aretz)

 --  On Sept 7 Mr Netanyahu said that the PA celebrated murder and named streets after violent men named for murderous violence (T of I)

 --  An Israeli writer points out that Israel is NOT occupying any lands of any foreign sovereign and the so called ‘Palestinian territories’ is a complete fallacy and has absolutely no legal or political basis (D Alert)

 --  A writer points out that Hizbullah and Iran are seeking greater control in the Golan in order to threaten Israel (Arab Weekly)

 --  An Israeli official claims IS  Egyptian affiliate in the Sinai, Wilayat will stage an attack on Israel in the next 6 months  (T of I)

 --  Mr Netanyahu  points out that the ‘Pals want a State without Jews…that is ‘ethnic cleansing’, ignored by the world’s nations’ (AP)

 --  Mr Netanyahu speaking of Israel‘s enemies says ‘Our memories are long and we must band together to defeat these forces of darkness’ (J Post)

 --  Former Israeli president and prime minister Shimon Peres, 93, was admitted on Tuesday  September 13, to Tel Hashomer Hospital after suffering a massive stroke  Some days later he was reported to be making some progress toward recovery (Ha'aretz)

 --  On Wednesday Sept 14, Israel and the USA signed an agreement which will provide US aid of up to $4 (Bill) a year for 10 years, but the US is demanding that a larger percentage of the funds be spent on American made products .  A writer (H Keinon) says that the agreement sends a powerful message to Israel’s enemies who might have thought  US support had waned (Wash Post)

 --  On Sept 13 Israel simulated a Hizbullah attack on the northern border, Israel, installing ‘obstacles’ in the area as a preventative means of  slowing down any attempt by Hizbullah to move troops and equipment in the area (Ha'aretz)

 --  A major part of the US aid money will be spent on the US F-35 fighter planes, 1 this year and 8 next year…a total of 33 will be purchased (Israel Defence)

 --  An authentic scale weight belonging to the family of the High Priest in about AD70, has been found in a ‘dig’ at an ancient Synagogue in the Old City. His name is discernable (Ynet)

 --  In the week staring Sept 19,  Israel will carry out a drill across the country, simulating an all out war against Israel (Ha'aretz)

 --  An Israel Army man claims that in the next ‘all out war’ with Hizbullah and Hamas, Israel can expect a deluge of 1200 rockets a day. (T of I) (However he neglects to point out that Israel has plans to totally destroy S Lebanon and Gaza at the first indication of a mass rocket attack! )

 --  Israel’s Def. Min Lieberman has instructed the Def, Min. to boycott the UN M’East Envoy Mladenov for his criticism of Israel’s destruction of Pal homes.! (T of I)

 --  Mr Netanyahu warned  that Israel will not tolerate  rocket attacks from Syria or Gaza and they will be met with disproportionate force. (T of I)

 --  Israel’s Iron Dome anti missile system downed 3 Syrian rockets on Sept 17.  Israel has 10 Iron Dome systems but needs 14 to cover the whole country  (Debka)

 --  Israel sent additional forces into Judea following  an upsurge in violence in Hebron and Kityat Arba (J Post)

 --  Pals were arrested or killed  after several stabbing attacks in the West Bank on Sept 17-18 (J Post)

 --  Israel’s purchase of new F-35 planes from USA, paves the  way for the sale of the lesser types of planes to Gulf States. The original price of F-35’s in 2006 was $50 (Miil) each but that price has now shot up to $200 (mill) (Globes)


  -- Turkey entered the Syrian war on Aug 23,

sending tanks and special forces into a Syrian border town (DAlert)

 --  On Aug 19 the Turkish Parliament approved a deal to normalize relations with Israel, after a 6 year rift ( AFP)

  -- Turkey claims to have ‘flushed’ out IS from the 60 miles of the border with Syria, thus making it hard for IS to resupply with armaments and ‘fighters’(Wall St J)


  -- In an amazing reversal of attitude, the Israeli national anthem was played in the Egyptian Pres, Palace as the new Israeli Ambassador presented his credentials on Aug. 31 (Hayom)

 --  Pres. Al-Sisi of Egypt seems determined to improve his nations development and economic growth and its seems to him that co-operation with Israel will  aid him in his plans (J Post)


  -- A writer points out that Syria is ‘gone for good’ and is becoming a loose coalition of thieves and fiefdoms (D Alert)

 --  A report claims that Syrian and Russian attacks have destroyed more than 265 medical facilities in Syria since the start of the civil war in Syria (Economist UK)

 --  USA and Russia have announced a ‘peace plan’  for Syria to take effect on Sept 12.  Countless thousands of militants who live by fighting are hardly likely to agree (CNN)


  -- Saudi Arabia  is to buy Chinese 30 feet long  propeller driven drones (Daily Beast)


  -- USA and Israel are to set up a joint energy research centre in the coming year (J Post)

 --  The US State Dept has paid out 90 claims totaling $11 (Mill) to former WW 2 prisoners or their heirs, as reparation for being transported to Nazi death camps on French trains (Wash Post)

 --  For the first time since Nov 2015 the US Pres. will meet with Israeli Pm Netanyahu in New York on Sept 21 (T of I)

 --  The US has acknowledged that an air strike in Syria killed 62 gov. troops and wounded 100 more!! (N York T)


  -- A writer speaks of the Russian illusion of power in the Middle East as Iran is divided on Russia and Turkey as well (D Alert)


 --  Purchases by the United Nations  of Israeli products, have doubled of recent years to $92 (Mill) (J Post)

 --  A report shows that The United Nations and the European Union are helping the Palestinian Authority build its global advocacy campaign against the Jewish state, including its filing of "war crimes" (J Post)


  -- A large Hizbullah force is building up just 2  klm  from the Israeli border near Qunietra, with the idea of opening a second front against Israel (Debka)


--  A report claims Mr Abbas is losing control over West Bank towns and villages as violence reigns as a result of his own past attitude to terrorists as Pal heroes (Gatestone)

 --  Speaking of Hamas, Israel’s Def. Min Lieberman says “‘Seventy percent of their tax revenue goes to building up military power and re-arming. They don't want to take care of the citizens, they only want rockets and tunnels." (Hayom)

 --  The PA is being warned by several authorities to cancel the Oct 8 elections in the West Bank, as it seems positive that Hamas would sweep to power  (Ynet)

 --  More than 3,500 Pals have been killed in Syria and 12,000 languish in Syrian prisons.(Gatestone)

 --  A report claims Pals wanting to get out of Gaza are paying Egyptian officials bribes up to $10,000-00 each to cross into Egypt (Al Jzzeera)

 --  A report says that Hamas spends $I00 (Mill) a year on its military wing, inc $40 (Mill) on digging tunnels toward Israel (T of I)

 --  The PA has postponed the Oct 8 elections until praps Dec, fearful of a bad result. (T of I)

 --  A Pal was arrested on Sept 13 for trying to smuggle explosives and weapons making material into Gaza by boat, and he revealed valuable info regarding Hamas’ use of fishermen for terrorist activities (Ynet)

 --  A writer points out that American taxpayer dollars donated to the PA have been used to  reward Arab murderers of Israelis. With the greater the crime the greater the reward  (D Coates for the J Post)

 --  The PA Gov. pays Arab murderers to kill Jews. The family of the Pal who recently murdered a 13 year Jewish girl, received a ‘one off’ payment of $1560-00 plus a monthly ‘stipend ‘of $364-00 from the Pal Gov. (American Spectator)

 --  On Sept 14 Pal cleric Ayed at the Al Aksa mosque called on allah to destroy America and Russia, because ‘allah has promised us both places !! (J Post)

 --  2 Pals tried but failed to carry out a vehicular attack in the West Bank on Sept 16. One was killed and the other wounded (Ynet)

 --  Pal Chairman Abbas blames the recent increased spate of  terror attacks on Pal youth despair but Hamas disagrees saying that Palestinians are  ‘a people of resistance’ .  Commentators point out that young Pal men listen to the promise of ‘virgins in paradise’, whilst other young men seek to make a name for themselves. Other young Arabs are trained to hate Israel and kill Jews from childhood.T of I)


--  Iranian speedboats equipped with rockets and torpedoes have been harassing American naval warships in the Persian Gulf (D Alert)

 --  Iran claims to have produced its own battle tank based on the Russian T90, but yet superior (Debka)

 --  On Aug 22 Iran revoked permission for Russian planes to operate out of an Iranian base, just a week after  granting the permission (N York T)

 --  A report on Aug 28 claims Iran is planning 2 more nuclear power plants (IRNA-Iran)

 --  Iran has deployed its Russian S-300 missile system to protect its Fordo nuclear facility. Israel has claimed it has an answer to that system!!! (AFP)

 --  An Iranian General claims Iran has formed  a Shi’ite Liberation Army, its main objective being to ‘eradicate’ Israel  (Al Arabiya)

 --  An Iranian Airline is operating daily flights to Damascus carrying weapons and military personnel for the Syrian army, Hizbullah and their own Revolutionary Guards (Forbes)

 --  A writer points out that the installation of the Russian S-300 Air Def, System  at Fordow is an indication how important this nuclear site is to Iran and he regards it as ‘poke in the eye of the West’(J Post)

 --  A writer says that Iran is running their 60,000 strong militants in Syria from a large building in Damascus, where the vault is packed with millions of dollars provided by Teheran.  Its estimated that 1,000 Iranians work there!!!!(Daily Mail.UK)

 --  Iran  has developed a propaganda film showing young Iranians ‘vanquishing’ American Aircraft carriers with their battle cries (Memri)

 --  Iran says Syrian Army and Hizbullah are readying to launch large-scale operation against rebels near border with Israel (Fars-Iran)

 --  US ships report 31 harassments this year by Iranian ‘fast boats (Reuters)

 --  Iran’s leader Khamenei has decreed that NO Iranians will visit Mecca this year, after many Iranians were killed in a stampede there last year (D Alert)

 --  A recent report shows that Iranian Major Gen Soleimani is in Aleppo commanding the Iranin Qods force. The report also reveals that at least 5 Iranian top commanders  have been killed in Syria in the last few weeks (Long War J)

 --  During the weekend of Sept 10, Iran warned US Navy planes flying in the north Persian Gulf, they would be shot down if they entered Iranian airspace (D Alert)


  -- Norway is building a border fence with Russia to stop Syrian refugees flooding in (D Alert)

 --  About 38 Libyan forces were killed by IS suicide bombers about Aug. 29 (AP)

 --  The Czech Min of Education bowed to a Pal request not to teach children that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel  (Ynet)

 --  A Chinese Company is to buy an Israeli agricultural company for $2.7 (Bill) (Reuters)

August 2016  NO 236


  --Israeli tanks have moved into the demil. zone between Israel and Syria and are creating fortified areas and anti tank ditches (Debka)

--  In an anti-smuggling operation, security forces have seized a variety of weapons and arrested 2 Pals waiting for the weapons!! (Ynet)

--  Mr Netanyahu has told the Knesset that Israel will soon reach a deal with the USA regarding long term military aid to Israel  (Ha'aretz)

--  2 IDF soldiers were recently killed in a grenade accident  on Mount Hermon (J Post)

--  Israel’s For. Min. spokesman Dore Gold says Israel will boycott the proposed French planned internat. Conference on the Israel –Pal conflict later this year, if indeed it does go ahead (J Post)

--  At the IDF's Southern Command Fire Control Center, screens display real-time visual data, and broadcast centers, roads and vehicles of interest in Gaza. (J Post)

--  A report says that Mr Netanyahu and Pres Putin spoke on the phone on July 23, about fighting terrorism threats in the Middle East (Reuters)

--  Israel warns that any next war with Hizbullah will be far worse that the 2006 one. Israel has mapped towns and villages where there are all kinds of weapons and rocket launchers (Wash Post)

--  A writer points out that Israel’s increased relations with Africa will help in the diversification of trading partners and the lessening of voices raised against Israel in internat. forums (D Alert)

--  Mr Natanyahu has said quite plainly that any future attack by Hamas will bring about their complete and utter destruction (Debka)

--  Israel continues to uncover many smuggling attempts to get prohibited items into Gaza..The list is astonishing (D Alert)

--  In mid-July the IDF teamed up with US forces in a joint exercise in the Negev to share experience in combating regional terrorism (Guardian UK)

--  A report shows that the number of UK tourists visiting Israel in 2015 increased by 10 % to 197,859  (D Alert)

--  The IDF is installing 255 day/night vision cameras along the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway, plus 2 additional surveillance balloons, to help identify and  stem terror attacks (Ynet)

--  A commentator says that for the tiny and poor Israel of 1984 to be the power it has become in 70 years is amazing (J Post)

--  A privately funded Israeli group plans to send a robot to the moon (D Alert)

--  A commentator says that Israel’s main interest in Syria is blocking supplies of weapons to Hizbullah and keeping enemies  away from the Golan.(Rand Corp)

--  The Jerusalem Intelligence Centre has an array of screens receiving info from 320 CCTV cameras at the 9 entrances to the Old City and in and around the Jewish quarter (J Post)

--  A new IDF artillery brigade is equipped with a mechanism which identifies the source of any incoming fire and responds to that source immediately  (J Post)

--  A new Israeli optic system will allow Israeli pilots to have the ability to see through fog and smoke (T of I)

--  Israeli is going to dig an underground barrier around Gaza to aid in preventing Hamas tunnel activities (Ynet)

--  The number of Israeli  female combat soldiers has increased to 2,047 (Ynet)

--  Israeli Prison officers raided cells in a prison  holding Hamas men and found messages and orders for  terror attacks outside the prison (Ynet)

--  Retired Army Officer Yadlin is quoted as saying that 2 of Russia’s objectives in the Middle East are to restore Russia to what it considers  is its ‘proper standing’ in the world and to leverage the Syrian issue to suit its own ends as they affect Russian influence in other places (D Alert)

--  Def Min. Lieberman is introducing a new policy toward Pal villages and towns giving those who give no support to militancy added benefits , whilst those who show support for terror will be treated very harshly (J Post)

--  A recent Israeli police raid into Hebron and Bethlehem uncovered illegal weapons making plants and many weapons and ammunition were confiscated (Meid)


  --14 Democrat Senators are calling for the renewal of sanctions against Iran when they expire later this year (J Post)

--  A writer points out that the US retreat from the Middle East strengthens Iran’s bid for regional hegemony and the spread of jihadist Islam (D Alert)

--  The US has passed new legislation to block Iran’s access to the dollar and impose sanctions for its ballistic missile program (T of I)

--  Some US Senators are proposing a $600.7 (Mill) military Defence Funding for Israel  against the Senate’s $280.8 (The Hll)

--  Documents and digital data recently acquired by the US  are providing a vast treasure trove of information on IS (N York T)

--  Last week the US State Dept launched a written assault on Israel in which it accuses Israel of no longer being interested in a negotiated settlement with Pals., when it is quite clear the Pals refuse to come to the peace table (D Alert)


  --The uprising in Turkey continues to look a bit suspicious as the Gov. had lists of people to be arrested  prior to the uprising (Star)

--  A journo looks at Turkey’s slide to another Moslem autocratic state afflicted by civil war (Tele UK)

--  Out of the 500,000 Turkish army, 8600 are thought to have participated in the ill-fated coup attempt. Nearly half of the top generals and admirals have been gaoled or dismissed (N York T)

--  A writer says that the Turks believe that the US was behind the recent failed coup simply because the  Moslem Cleric Gulen lives in the USA (N York T)

--  The German Gov has accused Turkey of being a main hub of Sunni militant groups in the Middle East Newsweek)


  --A Syrian UAV recently managed to penetrate  Israeli airspace and evade all attempts to destroy it (Def. News)

--  It seems likely that a ‘Syrian officer’ injured in a missile attack by Israel on Quneitra, may have in fact been Iranian General Naghdi who was on a tour of the Golan (Debka)


  -- A report says that Russian and Iranian officials have been meeting to discuss ways to expand military co-operation between the two countries (Sputnk)


  --On Aug 1 Egyptian air strikes killed at least 46 terrorists  in the northern Sinai and destroyed a weapons and ammo plant (Debka)


  --Iran is again boasting that the USA cannot ‘do a damn thing’ to intervene in attempt by Iran to launch a new long ballistic missile ended when it exploded after lift off (D Alert)

--  A writer points out that Iran is the most dangerous anti-American force, where ‘death to America’ is a daily chant in the mosques  Iranian plans (T of I)

--  A recent (N York Post)

--  A report claims that 2 Iranian nuclear plants have been hit by a virus that plays modern songs ands shuts down equipment (T of I)


  --On July 28 Israel warned the EU against their proposed opening of a diplomatic office in Iran, as that country is the world’s worse sponsor of terror and it brutally represses its own people (J Post)


  --A young Hebron Arab was recently detained and was found to be carrying pipe bombs and knives prepared for a major terror attack in Jerusalem (J Post)

--  A report says that IS is recruiting Pals in Lebanon, with 200 recently responding (Ha'aretz)

--  A Hamas affiliated Pal who recently killed a Rabbi, was killed on July 26 (Ha'aretz)

--  An investigation reveals that over a billion Euros worth of arms and equipment has flowed from eastern Europe to the Middle East in the past 4 years,  with Saudi Arabia alone receiving 806 millions Euros worth (Guardian UK)

--  A report says that as IS has lost a lot of the Iraqi territory it seized in 2014, its oil revenues have dropped quite markedly and truckies are  becoming more disinclined to risk air strikes by carrying the oil (Reuters)

--  A video released by IS is calling for jihadist attacks in Russia (T of I)

--  On July 17 a ‘nice peaceful Islamic Pal’ was arrested  for carrying a knife smeared with rat poison and a pipe bomb packed with screws also dipped in the same poison. (Debka)

--  A writer points out that Nablus (ancient Shechem) is now under the rule of local gangs and violence is on the streets, which the PA is not controlling. (D Alert)

--  On Aug 4 a 17 year old  Pal boy was apprehended carrying a knife as he tried to enter a train to carry out terror attacks (J Post)

--  A writer points out that IS has tapped into  youth in Europe  who have fallen in love with violence and ‘glorious murder; (Reuters)

--  A report says that IS is offering instant hero status to any suicidal young men who kill a westerner or a Jew  (D Alert)


  --A report tells of an Israeli air attack on Hizbullah men traveling  north of Damascus on Aug.4 (Debka)


  --Hamas has launched its summer training camps for over 30,000 Gazan high school students, ‘preparing them for defending Pal soil and people.  Some of the camps are open for visits and great stores of weapons are on display (D Alert)

--  In a bizarre move the PA is seeking  the help of the Arab league in an attempt to sue Britain for issuing the 1917 Balfour Declaration which laid the groundwork for the State of Israel (T of I)

--  A report says that Mr Abbas is busy in Africa trying to frustrate Israel’s recent gains there (J Post)

--  A report on July 27 says that Hamas is digging  10 Klms (6 miles) of tunnels towards Israel every month (J Post)

--  At a rally in Gaza on July 28, Jihad militants proudly showed off their acquired  shoulder launched surface  to air missiles (Twitter)

--  Hamas is handing out  free plots of land to unpaid civil  servants owed millions of dollars of unpaid salaries over the past 2 years, mostly land which was once  in Israeli settlements (AP)

--  Qatar has agreed to pay over $31 (Mill) for the July salaries of Gaza’s public sector employees (J Post)

--  A writer says that the preferred method of the Pals is to fabricate history in an attempt to undermine the legality of international agreements that contradict their own objectives (D Alert)

--  Fatah’s latest outrageous brag is that they have killed 11,000 Israelis. (T of I)


  --Saudi Arabia has announced complete separation from all things Hamas as Saudi sees Hamas as an Iranian ‘front’(Imra)

--  A Saudi Arabian official’s  recent visit to Israel was this time accompanied by a number of academics and business people revealing an interesting progress in Israeli-Saudi relations (D Alert)


  --A writer points out that the presence of up 10 million Moslems in France, strongly affects national decision making (D Alert)

--  200 French Jews arrived in Israel on July 20.  Nearly 10 % of French Jewry has immigrated to Israel since 2000 (Ynet)

--  A report reveals that the head of World Vision, one of the largest Christian charities in the world, has funnelled about $7 (Mill) a year over the past 10 years, to Hamas terror activities (Wash Post)

--  The town of Amatrice, north of Rome, has been destroyed by an earthquake and the death count continues to rise as collapsed buildings are investigated (D Alert)

July 2016  NO 235


 --Talking to TASS on June 7 Mr Netanyahu said that Iran, using Hizbullah, which calls for the death of every Jew, will not be allowed to use Syrian territory ‘to attack us’ (T of I)

 --A Knesset official says that every year the USA and the EU give a total of $800 (Mill) to Gaza, most of which finishes up in the pockets of Hamas officials (Hayom)

 --Israel has developed the IRON VISION helmet which allows men in personnel carriers and tanks, to see their surroundings (J Post)

 --Following the Tel Aviv shootings on June 8, Israel seized machinery used to make guns in 2 West Bank towns (T of I)

 --The Israeli Amabass, to the UN told the Human Rights Council on June 14, your preposterous reports, discriminatory conduct and unfounded accusations regularly characterize your attitude to Israel, (J Post)

 --Israel defeats up to 2 million cyberattacks per day on water and electricity supplies and on the railways network and have been able to identify them (Ha'aretz)

 --, An Israeli Def, official says that the next war with Hamas will be the last, with Israel planning to permanently destroy the Hamas military wing (J Post)

 --There is talk of Israel building an underground barrier costing an est. $570 (Mill) to block Hamas attack tunnels (J Post)

 --On June 16 US and Israeli delegations met for the latest round of the annual US-Israel Strategic Dialogue to discuss a full range of security matters (US State Dept)

 --Israeli and US delegates met in Jerusalem on June 16, for the annual US-Israel Strategic Dialogue (US State Dept)

 --A report says that Israel is to build 2 new fences around the Gaza Strip, plus a deep underground barrier (Ha'aretz)

 --A former Google exec. Says that Israel has a super role in technological innovation, (AFP)

 --It was confirmed on June 20 that the leader of the opposition in the Knesset, Isaac Herzog, in talks with PA officials, promised that, if he became PM, he would cause Israel to retreat from 100 % of the West Bank and allow East Jerusalem to become the capital of a Pal State!!!! A writer points out that 99 % of Pals in the West Bank and Gaza have lived under Pal rule since 1996, and thus there is no ‘occupation;’ in reality (J Post)

 --Israel presently spends 74 % of its US defence assistance in US defence industries and 26 % on purchases from Israeli firms. Obama wants to stop this 26 % provision in the next 10 year aid package (J Post)

 --Israel will install its own cyber defences on the 33 new F-35 jets it will buy from USA. The first 2 arrive in 2016 (J Post)

 --A report tells of Israel’s unemployment rate dropping to 4.8 %, the lowest since 1983 (Ha'aretz)

 --The level of the Dead Sea is dropping at more than a metre per year and the coastline has retreated about 2 Kms (BBC)

 --Speaking of the new US F-35 fighter plane soon be delivered, Def. Min Lieberman says it will enhance his country’s ability to defend itself enormously (D Alert)

 --Israel has built a 40 mile railway from Haifa towards the Jordan border to facilitate an enormous contra trade in Jordan and European goods. (Wall St Jour)

 --IDF’s Chief of Staff Golan speaks of a possible rocket barrage against Israel by Hizbullah, but says nothing of Israel’s ‘obliteration’ plans for South Lebanon (Debka)

 --On June 26 Israel and Turkey finalized an agreement to resume full diplomatic relations N York T)

 --Jewish Agency Chief Sharansky admits there is no longer any place in France for the 500,000 Jews, many of whom are going to migrate to Israel (T of I)

 --A report says that Israel may lease another 5 Heron TP Unmanned UAVs to Germany at a cost of 580 Euros! (Globes)

 --Israel is equipping itself with a new 150 klm range rocket which they say will help them eliminate thousands of Hizbullah targets when needed (D Alert)

 --Whilst Israel will lose a few points with the BREXIT, a commentator thinks that trade withthe East European States will make for most losses (J Post)


 --There’s strange reports of an ongoing battle between Syrian regime forces and Hizbullah forces, in the rural area north of Aleppo (Meri)

 --Speaking of Syria, Israel’s Mil. Intell. Chief Halevy said there are 400,000 dead, millions of refugees, 75 % unemployment and 80 % living below the poverty line (Defence News)

 --The Pew Research Ctre says that Assad’s war on his own countrymen has killed over 250,000 of them and created millions of refugees (Wall S Jour)


 --As normalization with Israel looms possibly closer Israel still wants many Hamas activists expelled from Turkey. Until they go Israel sees Turkey as a State sponsor of terrorism (Weekly Standard)

 --Turkey and Israel are reportedly very near to formalizing a deal to normalize relations, which Turkey needs in view of failing relations with Russia (D Alert)

 --An agreement to normalize relations between the two counties was signed on June 28 (PMO)

 --During the 6 year break with Turkey, Israeli tourism to Turkey dropped from 560,00 to 79,000 but bilateral trade jumped to $5.4 (Bill) (D Alert)


 --Egyptian forces using night vision equipment recently located a large force of terrorist gunmen carrying grenade launchers and killed 35 of them in Sinai(PA)

 --Egypt is finalizing a $25 (Bill)

 --loan from Russia to build a civilian Nuclear power plant, when Egyptian power production already exceeds demand! (D Alert)

 --Egypt’s deposed Pres. Morsi, who already has been sentenced to death, has also been sentenced to life in prison !!!! (Meid)

 --Russia has delivered to Egypt one of its latest P-32 Missile boats (D Alert)


 --A top Democrat is trying to extend the expiry date of the sanctions on Iran but does not have enough support (Reuters)

 --USA has brought charges against 90 Americans for alleged links to IS and has about 1,000 open investigations into ‘homegrown violent extremists’ (N York T)

 --It seems that US and Russian airstrikes have succeeded in decapitating much of the IS leadership (D Alert)

 --A US office has rejected a proposed increase in funding for Israel’s missile defence systems even tho the value to the US defence and manufacturing would be very large (J Post)

 --Later news says that the US would be prepared to incorporate missile defence funds of billions of $ in military aid to Israel over 10 years (Reuters)

 --Further news on June 17 reveals the House of Reps passed a measure that includes $635.7 mill for Israel’s missile defence programs, plus $42.7 Mill for the US-Israel anti tunnel co-operation (T of I)

 --A high US official says that a US Cyber unit hopes to have 6,000 troops and a budget of $5.5 (Mill)

 --in the near future (Bill) (Debka )

 --Former US Def. Scty says that Obama once asked him ‘why the hell do we have to do this [protect Israel's qualitative military edge] in the first place ‘(J Post)

 --US Brett McGurk says that as IS faces increasing losses they are focusing in on Israel (D Alert)


 --Iraqi forces entered the centre of Falluja after it had been in the hands of IS since the latter part of 2013 (N York T)

 --On June 26 Iraq claimed it had retaken Falluja from IS (Wash Post)


 --In Syria, Iran is using mercenaries from Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Lebanon, most of whom cannot speak Arabic (D Alert)

 --Despite Iran’s claim they have received little in sanctions money, they have received $11.9 (Bill)

 --in the release of its restricted assets (D Alert)

 --Iran has increased its oil exports to 2 mill blls a day as disruptions in Nigeria, Canada and Venezuela reduce their slice of the market (D Alert)

 --Cracks are reported in the Iran/Syria/Russia/ Hizbullah relationship, with up to 20 Hizbullah men killed near Aleppo and 13 Iran Rev. Guard men also killed in the area, with Iran troubled about increasing Russian interest in the area (D Alert)

 --In a spat between Iran and Bahrain, Iran threatens to wipe out the Bahraini royal family (Ynet)

 --The Paris based Financial Action Task Force is expected to keep Iran on its blacklist thus continually making it hard for Iran to deal with financial institutions (Reuters)


 --Its now well known that Saudi Arabi has lost faith in the White House and they are just ‘waiting’ for the day the Obama admin. ends (Wash Instit.)


 --Israeli relations with Russia continue to improve and its reported that Israel sold 10 ‘search drones’ to Russia and the 2 countries now have visa free travel for their citizens (Wash Instit)


 --Two Pal terrorists opened fire in a Tel Aviv restaurant killing 4 Israelis and wounding 16 One terrorist was killed by a security guard and the other wounded whilst trying to escape ((T of I)

 --49 people were killed by Omar Mateen, who pledged allegiance to IS, in a Gay Club shooting in Orlando USA. (T of I)

 --A report claims IS is retreating from the only major IS held city in Libya but it is thought that 2,000 ‘fighters’, mostly foreigners,’ remain in the city (AP)

 --Disagreeing with pro Moslem US Pres., the Orlando shooter says he did it for IS (Wash Post)

 --A writer suggests that most terrorists are motivated by Islamist ideology and, carrying out an attack allows them to become heroes of their own stories (N York T)

 --4 Arabs were arrested on June 16 for throwing firebombs at a Jewish house (J Post)

 --As Israel analyses the death of a 15 year old Pal and wounding of 4 other Pal teens in a shooting incident, it points out that Israel would not have to use force to protect its citizens if it was not for Pal incitement and terror (J Post)

 --On June 26 the Security Serv. arrested 5 Pals led by a dentist, for committing a bomb attack. The Dentist had more bombs stored in his clinic (Ynet)

 --A suspected IS attack by 3 men at Turkey’s Ataturk Airport killed 41 people and wounded at least 147 (T of I)

 --A 19 year old Pal entered an Israeli home in the West Bank and repeated stabbed a 13 year old girl to death, The murderer was killed (Ynet)

 --The mourning tent for the ‘brave’Arab murderer of a 13 year old Israeli girl is being funded by the PA and Mr Abbas (D Alert)


 --Israeli ex-Home Front officer warns of 100,000 rockets a day against Israel in next Hizbullah war (T of I)


 --A leading US newspaper reveals that Hizbullah is shifting tons of cocaine from S America to Europe to finance its overall operations. Pals and Pakistanis have been smuggled into the USA, plus an Afghan thought to be involved in prospective terror attacks \in the US and Canada !! (Wash T)

 --A report claims that Hizbullah has sent another 1,200 men to fight in Syria bringing its total to approx 10,000 (D Alert)

 --10 years after the last war with Israel, Hizbullah now has an organized army with thousands of rockets and drones and a billion $ budget, 70 % of which comes from Iran (J Post)

 --Some estimates of Hizbullah’s losses in Syria put the figure at least at 3,000 men (D Alert)

 --Israel’s Dore Gold warns that the ‘world yawns’ as Hizbullah arms pour into 200 villages bordering Israel (D Alert)

 --A HIzbullah MP calls for the capture of Israel hostages and communities in any next war with Israel (Memri)

 --On June 17 Hzbullah leader Nasrallah boasted that everything Hizbullah has comes from Iran (Al Arabiya)


 --On June 10 Hamas fired 30 short range rockets west into the sea,, testing their weapons for another war with Israel;, which Israel promises will be devastating for Hamas and Gaza (T of I)

 --Pals in the West Bank and Jerusalem took to the streets celebrating the killing of 4 Israelis in Tel Aviv (J Post)

 --A report says that a senior Hamas military officer has defected to Israel with a laptop full of info about Hamas’ Gaza tunnels (Ha'aretz)

 --A Fatah activist says that the PA leadership gets millions of dollars from the International community and distributes them amongst themselves and their sons (Gatestone)

 --The PA has arrested people in Nablus and Tulkarm for eating, drinking or smoking in public during Ramadan. Fines can exceed $35 or a gaol term (D Alert)

 --Pal activists in East Jerusalem are again insisting that all of ‘Palestine’ is Moslem and not one inch of it may be sold to Jews or Christians. This is in the face of the fact that Arabs are willingly selling land for cash (Gatestone)

 --PA Abbas calmly states that if the Israeli ‘presence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem were removed, global terrorism would cease !!!! (T of I)

 --The PA is accusing a non existent rabbi and Council of trying to murder thousands of Arabs by poisoning their water, water often shared with Israelis (D Alert)

 --A top official in the PA tells the Arabs “Wherever you see an Israeli, slit his throat” (T of I)


 --On June 14, IS staged a suicide car bomb attack on a Jordanian Army post, killing and wounding several men (Meid)


 --A Canadian Court has awarded $13 (Mill)

 --of frozen Iranian assets to families of many Americans who died in several global terrorist attacks financed by Iran (D Alert)

 --Buyers from S East Asia buy weapons from Israel because of is expertise in missiles and anti- missile systems (D Alert)

June 2016  NO 234


  -Israel  has developed a 12 Kg armed robot to breach ‘safe houses’ or bunkers (D Alert)

  -A late report says there are 8,522,000 people in Israel with 6,377,000 being Jews (74.8 %) and 1,771,000 Arabs (20.8 %).  36,000 immigrants entered the Land in the last 12 months.  Its estimated that 43 % of all world wide Jews live in Israel (Ynet)

  -Whilst Israel’s population has increased by 45 % in the last 20 years, its economy has increased by 180 % in the same period (J Post)

  -A report says that in Syria Israeli jets struck a weapons convoy headed for Hizbllah (J Post)

  -Israel reported to be the only Pentagon ‘customer’ to be allowed to modify the new US stealth fighter with their own  technological ‘enhancements ‘ (J Post)

  -A writer points out that Israel is not facing standing armies from neighboring states today, but terrorist armies with missiles, tunnels and radical countries like Iran building longrange missiles  (D Alert)

  -The number of Indian tourists to Israel has increased from 20,300 in 2006 to perhaps 50,000 in this present year (T of India)

  -On May 16  Israel announced the finding of a sunken ship near Ceasarea, of 1600 years ago with ancient coins and bronze artifacts worth many millions $ (J Post)

  -Israel has refused to become involved in a French peace negotiations proposal, saying ‘It’s a big mistake (J Post)

  -Late April Israel arrested a  Hamas affiliated smuggler off the coast of Gaza and gained an enormous amount of intell from him (T of I)

  -With an increased threat of ‘frogmen’ attacks, Israel has put in place their Aquashield underwater Defence  Shield  (times. UK)

  -Israel continues to reject the French plan for Middle East peace, saying that it can only be attained by negotiations between the two parties (N York T)

  -Whilst Mr Netanyahu has endorsed  Mr Liberman’s idea of  the death penalty for Pal murderers, the plan has got nowhere for the time being  (J Post)

  -Israel’s tests of the ‘Iron Dome of the Sea’, designed to shoot down short range missiles and protect off shore gas rigs, has passed its tests OK (T of I)

  -Moshe Ya’alon Def, Min. resigned from the Knesset  after being replaced by Avigdor Liberman. He also refused the spot as  For. Min. (J Post)

  -Israel is creating a cyber-city of Beersheba, in the middle of the Negev with investment in cyber firms  running only second to US (Wash Post)

  -Immigration to Israel in  the 2014-15 area surged 16 %.  Most are young people and many come from the former Soviet Union (Meid)

  -The Israeli air force has confirmed that an advanced missile approach warning system has been incorporated as part of an upgrade program for its Sikorsky CH-53 transport helicopters. (Flight Global)

  -The largest solar energy park in Israel has been inaugurated and is expected to generate 50 MW of clean energy power (Globes)

  -Israel is forming civil defence units in northern Israel, which even include Israeli Arabs (J Post)

  -There are signs of a new alliance for Israel with Greece, Cyprus and Egypt with Egypt seeking help from Israel to develop an air intell system (Ha'aretz)

  -In late May Israel Sec. Forces intercepted a mailed shipment to Gaza of 10 motorised drones (J Post)

  -On May 26 Mr Netanyahu again emphasized that ‘Jerusalem was ours and will remain ours;’ (D Alert)

  -The Jerusalem Municipality has ordered a halt to Waqf illegal construction of  bathrooms on the Temple site (T of I)

  -The fertility rate for Jewish women in Jerusalem is now 4,3 compared with 3.3 for Arab women (D Alert)

  -IDF’s new NAMER  APC is now ready for service complete with the Trophy protection system (J Post)

  -Between 2013 and 2015 16,000 French Jews went to Israel  And its expected 200,000 more may follow (Ha'aretz)

  -Mr Netanyahu again pledged on June 5 not to divide Israel  (J Post)

  -An article in an Israeli paper states  Arabs have not been in the Land of Israel from time immemorial; no Palestinian people was ever robbed of its land; and most of the initial Arab refugees were created by the 1948 Arab invasion of Israel and their own collaboration with the invasion. (Hayom)


  -A writer claims that the Syrian Gov. army is almost nearly extinct and numbers less than 70,000 and is continually hit by defections and draft avoidance (D Alert)


  -In Nov 2015 Saudi Arabia created its own Islamic Coalition against Terrorism, seeking to push Arab states into cutting off contacts with Iran  (Reuters)


  -A series of look-out’ towers have suddenly popped up just inside the Lebanon border with Israel, The IDF is being urged by Israeli officials to remove them (T of I)


  -To support operations against ISIS and in Afghanistan, the U.S. is setting up new bases and refurbishing old ones across the Middle East, reflecting a reversal of White House plans to draw down U.S. forces in the region (D Alert)

  -A mid April report claims that the US 5 th  fleet and others had intercepted 4 Iranian ships carrying  enormous amounts of weapons to the Houthi rebels  in Yemen (D Alert)

  -USA claims they can jam radio and cell phone communications and can disrupt electronics used to set of improvised explosive devices (Stars and Stripes)

  -Dennis Ross said on May 22 that Obama is one of 5 Presidents who distanced themselves from the Israelis hoping to gain sway with the Arabs.  He said they all achieved nothing (J Post)

  -On May 23 Pres. Obama confirmed  that a recent US drone strike in Pakistan killed Taliban leader  Mullah  Akhtar Muhammad Mansour.  US spy agencies tracked him all the way into Pakistan (N York T)

  -A US Treasury official claims that US sanctions against HIzbullah and associates, have left Hizbullah in very difficult financial straits  (T of I)

  -New York’s Gov. is threatening to ‘boycott’ those who boycott Israel (N York T)

  -USA is to use the Israeli Iron Fist protection system to protect armoured personnel carriers (J Post)


  -Senior Hizbullah commander Mustafa Amine Badreddine, 55, died in an explosion near Damascus airport Tuesday May 10, a serious blow to Hizbullah (Ha'aretz)

  -Hizbullah has appointed another Mughniyeh as military commander (D Alert)

  -Apparently Hizbullah has been instructed by Iran to stop any projected operations again Israel and target Saudi Arabia instead (D Alert)

  -A Lebanese newspaper comments that Hizbullah, whilst fighting in Syria, still has time to dig tunnels into Israel’s territory (Debka)

  -Whilst many think Hizbullah is in financial distress, it is about to receive $100 (Mill) from Iran (Wash Times) HAMAS/PA:

  -A second Hamas tunnel digger has been arre – sted and provided Israel with a wealth of detail about Hamas tunnel digging (Ynet)

  -With Israel’s OK the PA is cracking down on terror groups in West Bank villages (T of I)

  -A report claims that 68 % of Pals do not regard USA as an honest peace negotiator, 48 % support an armed intifada and 54 % support Pal stabbings of Israelis (D Alert)

  -A report on May 18 says that IS terrorists are training in Gaza with the full consent of Hamas (T of I)

  -A writer points out that the Pals could have had a State several times over, but were prevented  by  their own refusal to recognize the legitimacy of an Israel State (D Alert)

  -A report claims that Hamas  seizes 95 % of cement being allowed into Gaza and uses is for tunnels and other military projects.  The same has often  applied to 4,824,000 tons of building materials allowed into Gaza. (J Post)

  -A Pal school in Gaza and another near Bethlehem  staged plays showing the fake bombing of an Israeli  tank, the shooting of an Israeli soldier and young Pal children executing an ‘Israeli soldier’  (Pal Media Watch)

  -Pal security forces are more active of late taking some pressure off the Israeli forces  (T of I)

  -IS is calling for the destruction of all satellite dishes in Raqqa  and Mosul before Ramadan (T of I)


  -The last power line from Egypt to Gaza was disconnected on Saturday May 14, after reported damage, leaving the areas of Rafah and Khan Yunis in a full electricity blackout. (Ma’an)

  -An Egyptian flight from Paris to Cairo, carrying 66 people, crashed 200 ks off the Egyptian coast on May 19.  Bodies and debris have been recovered (D Alert)


  -A report says that even tho USA has many more planes and troops in the M/East than Russia, M/E leaders prefer to speak to the Russians as they seem more prepared to act than US (Politico)

  -A report on May 24 tells of an IS attack on a Russian airbase at Tiyas in N Syria and the destruction of Russian warplanes, 4 attack helicopters and dozens of trucks  (Debka)


  -A senior Iran commander boasts again that if Khamenei gives the order to destroy Israel, it will happen in 8 minutes. (T of I) (Note:

  -this boastful man forgets that Israel can now destroy Iran’s missiles in flight, sometimes over Iran!!!!)

  -Iran has decided to give Islamic Jihad a $70 (Mill) annual grant and to support the restarting of the Al Quds Brigade (Debka)

  -Many sanctions continue to apply on Iran because of their missile tests, support for terrorism and human rights violations  (D Alert)

  -Whilst the US still bans transactions in dollars by Iran, many European Banks refuse to take on even legal business with Iran for fear of falling foul of US authorities )W St Journ)

  -The new Speaker for the Iranian Assembly of Experts, Ahmad  Jannati, 89, is hopefully predicting the fall of Israel and very soon !!(Wall St Journ)

  -Iran is secretly directing surveillance drones from an airbase in Baghdad and is training large numbers of Iraqi soldiers (Reuters)


  -Iran is building a large missile and Revolutionary Guard base in Iraq (Ausat UK)

  -Tens of thousands of Iraqi forces backed by Iran, are poised to try to retake Falluja from IS (N York T) EU/UN:

  -On May 31 over 1500 pro Israel supporters filled the UN Gen Assy. to discuss ways of combating the BDS movement on US campuses, which Israel’s Ambass. says is designed to destroy Israel (AP)


  -ISIS is expanding its threats against Israel by co-ordinating releases of videos from various ISIS groups telling Israel “ We are coming very soon” (Debka)

  -A report on May 8 says that Israel is worried about the possibility of  a large scale operation by IS from the Sinai (Hayom)

  -3 Israeli Arabs were charged on May 11 with plotting shooting and stabbing attacks against Israelis at various locations. (T of I)

  -A Pal stabbed and wounded an Israeli in Jerusalem on May 16 and was arrested  and 2 Pals were arrested for planting a bomb that seriously wounded an Israeli officer north of Jerusalem (D Alert)

  -IS has shot or beheaded 16 Ethiopian Christians in

Libya and buried alive 45 of their own who fled a battlefield and they buried alive an Iraqi family of 5 trying to escape IS territory (D Alert)

  -Islamic State Jihadists blew up the pumping stations at the Shaer gas field in eastern Syria on Monday, setting off a minor earthquake in nearby Palmyra  (Tele.UK)

  -IS claims to have killed 520 people in Baghdad in the past month (D Alert)

  -Abu Sufyan an IS member who mounted chemical attacks, has been killed by a US strike (D Alert)

  -A report tells of IS moving its chemical weapons operation to densely populated areas and is alleged to be testing chlorine and mustard gas on its prisoners  (Tele,UK)

  -Its estimated that 9 of the Israeli Moslems  who joined ISIS have been killed in Iraq and Syria and 35 remain.  Its reported that the majority of the Israeli Arabs and their leaders reject the ISIS interpretation of Islam (J Post)

  -A writer claims that the 2 most powerful terror parties in Syria are too busy fighting each other to open a front against Israel (T of I)

  -A report says that IS terrorists  are traveling from Libya to Europe in western  dress and with English papers (CNN)

  -As IS loses funding in some areas it is increasing fees for all manner of actions.  Shi’ites and non Moslems have to buy a Certificate of Repentance for up to $2500-00 and renew it 4 times each year !! (N York T)

  -A Hamas cell of 6 militants who killed 6 people in a suicide attack on a Bus on April 19 have been arrested together with 2 Pal minors who stabbed 2 elderly women early May (Ynet)

  -A 17 year old Hamas boy was captured after entering Israel and he admitted to be a part of the tunnel digging force (Ynet) 38 more IS men have been executed in May on suspicion of supplying Israel with the movements  of top IS leaders who have been killed in Israeli drone strikes (AP)

  -The BDS movement is now hampered by several States passing laws to penalize organisations  practicing BDS (Ha'aretz)

  -With terror groups planning their Ramadan terror plots, ‘they’ have killed 5 Jordanian Intell.  officers, near Amman on June 6.  The number of disenchanted IS followers is increasing and many are now contacting their ‘home Govs’ seeking ‘ways and means’  to return home safely (Wall St J) JORDAN:

  -A $100 (Mill) US funded program to protect Jordan from infiltrators is nearing completion, along a 160 miles stretch of the border with Syria and along a 115 miles line with Iran (Def, News) 


  - The City of Amsterdam will give the Jewish community $ 11(MILL) as compensation for taxes levied on Jews who were ‘away’ in camps during the last  war (JTA)

  -The French, eager to curry favour with their large Moslem population in advance of upcoming elections, are now denying any link between the Jews and the Temple Mount (Boston Herald)

  -The French initiative on negotiating a ‘deal’ between the Arabs and Israel, has failed like many before it (N York T)

  -Germany’s interior ministry says 55,259 asylum applications — mostly by Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis were filed in the country in May. The figure represents an increase of 113 percent compared with the same month in 2015 .

May 2016  NO 233


 --On April 10 Israel’s Security Agency told Cabinet of the significant drop in terror attacks by Pals on Israelis (J Post)

 --Israelis living in the Gaza border area now have an improved radar system that allows them 15 seconds of warning on incoming mortar shells (T of I)

 --Israel now has what it calls the “Drone Dome” a system that detects and neutralizes incoming enemy drones (J Post)

 --Israel’s top political leaders and IDF commanders were stunned to discover that the US and Russian presidents have agreed to support the return of the Golan Heights to Syria. (Debka)

 --On April 17 Mr Netanyahu convened a Cabinet meeting on the Golan Hts, obviously to show the importance of the area to Israel. He then met Pres Putin in what’s described as the opening of the battle for the Golan Hts. (Debka)

 --A report tells of Israel starting to build a 10 metre high wall along its northern border (Debka)

 --A top ranking Israeli military leader has warned Hizbullah that any future war with Israel will unleash ‘devastating damage’ on Lebanon and any such war will be much harsher than anything experienced in the past 20 years (Debka)

 --Israel’s security forces disclose they have recently quietly foiled a large number of attempted mass-casualty terror attacks in the West Bank (J Post)

 --On April 14 Mr Netanyahu warned of Pal lies about Israel and the Temple Mount, desigbned to cause riots (J Post)

 --A recent report shows that the Israel Aerial Maintenance unit is refurbishing older planes to make them sometimes better than new (T of I)

 --On April 15 the IDF simulated a terrorist attack in preparation for a prospective Hamas incursion into Israel (T of I)

 --On May 12 Mr Netanyahu told the world that Israel will ‘never come down from the Golan Hts’.(Hayom)

 --On April 18 Mr Netanyahu asked “How many times do I have to invite Mr Abbas for talks…He talks about willingness and then runs away” (J Post)

 --A writer points out that Israel is the only stable, reliable, predictable, capable, democratic, and unconditional ally of the USA and is a critical obstacle to Islamic imperialism and thus a strategic partner to America (D Alert)

 --Mr Netanyahu told Pres Putin that Israel will continue working to prevent weapons reaching Hizbullah and to prevent a terror front on the Golan and reiterated that Israel will not vacate the Golan (PMO)

 --Israel is to re-equip the F- 35’ fighter aircraft they will soon be receiving from the US, with their own computer software and systems, which they claim will add new functionality to the aircraft (Aviation Week)

 --Israeli Company Elbit Systems has won a $20 (Mill) contract with a western nation for the supply of tactical mobile radios (Defence World)

 --A report claims that Israel’s stock of foreign reserves has climbed to $90.6 (Bill)

 --Right wing politicians visiting Hebron on April 25 called on Mr Netanyahu to annex Judea and Samaria (J Post)

 --The IDF says it will attack any IS affiliated group near Israel’s borders if there is evidence of the use of chemical weapons (T of I)

 --Israel has ejected France’s idea of a peace initiative Conference and reminds the world that France does not accept Israel’s connection to the Temple Mount. (J Post)

 --A new oil find in the Dead Sea area is reported to be worth about $1.2 (Bill)

 --A report on May 4 reveals an Israeli Security find of 4 tons of chemicals headed for Gaza for use in long range rockets manufacture (J Post)

 --On May 5 Mr Netanyahu convened a meeting of the Israeli Security Cabinet to discuss the worsening position on the Gaza border (Debka)

 --On may 5 the IDF discovered another Hamas tunnel reaching into Israel (J Post)

 --A report says that the Israeli Security Agency has foiled at least 77 terror attacks within Israel in 2016. In 2015 they foiled 239 attacks (T of I)

 --Israel has continued its attacks on Hamas targets in response to rocket attacks (J Post)

 --Israel’s population grew by 2.2 % in the last year, with 195,000 babies being born within the State (T of I)


 --Despite claims of a Russian pull-out from Syria, it now appears they are as busy as ever, suggesting that the pullout was minor, at best (Wash Post)

 --The US claims to have destroyed 25,000 IS fighters in Syria and Iraq and incinerated millions of dollars plundered by the militants (N York T)


 --Syria’s Dep. FM states Syria will retake the Golan by any means, as its occupied Syrian territory (T of I)

 --A writer says that Syria now mostly belongs to Russia, Iran and Hizbullah and its most populous city, Aleppo, has almost been destroyed (N York T)


 --USA has sent its enormous B-52 bombers to a base in Qatar, to be used against IS (T of I)

 --The USA has conducted a successful test of the Israeli Tamir interceptor missile belonging to the Iron Dome system (Debka). Several influential US Lawmakers are calling for greater US support in Israel’s defensive missile programs as additional funds directly bolster US industry (D Alert)

 --The Pentagon has approved new rules allowing killing of civilians if it prevented ISIS from doing the greater harm !!! (USA Today)

 --In mid April the US conducted a successful trial of the Israeli Iron Dome Missile system, on US soil (J Post)

 --A report tells of the US planting ‘malware’ in IS communication systems (Debka)

 --USA will send another 250 military personnel to Syria bring the number there to 300 (Wall St J)

 --The US spy chief says that IS now has secret ‘cells’ in Britain, Germany and Italy, having taken advantage of the migrant crisis in Europe (The Hill)

 --83 US Senators have signed a letter urging Pres. Obama to increase aid to Israel beyond the present $3 (Bill) a year. Most of that money is spent within the USA (Reuters)

 --A report tells that 16,000 US, British and German troops will confront Russia on the borders of Poland and the Baltic States !!!!! (Debka)

 --US Special Operations Forces have quietly killed 40 of the IS operatives that have engaged in plotting deadly terror attacks in Europe and beyond (D Alert)

 --USA is to boost Israel’s Defence systems by $200 (Mill) (D Alert)


 --A report reveals that Britain and France recently deployed reinforcements from their air forces, navies, marines and special forces to the Persian Gulf (Debka)

 --It is thought that 5,000 French Jews have moved to England in the last 2 years whilst 7,800 have moved to Israel (N York T)


 --On April 9, 3 Pals were killed in a tunnel collapse between Rafah and Egypt (124)

 --Egypt has transferred BACK to Saudi Arabia 2 uninhabited Islands in the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba. Israel has not objected (N York T)

 --Whilst the Egyptians and Saudis are incapable of saying anything friendly about Israel, like a lot of Arabs they are more worried these days about Iran (World Affairs SYRIA:

 --A report on April 11 says that 4 of the original Iranian ;advisers’ sent to Syria have been killed (Reuters)


 --Dozens of Hizbullah members were killed in an ‘accidental’ chemical attack in Allepo, carried out by the Syrian military (D Alert)

 --A report claims that senior commanders in Hizbullah are smuggling their sons to Europe to prevent them from being recruited to fight in Syria, (D Alert)


 --On April 9, PA Security forces arrested 3 Pals carrying weapons to be used in a terror attack on an Israel target (J Post)

 --A recent report claims that the PA with the help of the EU has managed to place 120,000 Pals in a 9 sq.km area within the confines of Jerusalem, all in illegal buildings (D Alert)

 --Pals in Ramallah have launched a world wide campaign to have Marwan Barghouti, now serving 5 life terms for murder, nominated for the Nobel Peace prize!!! (J Post)

 --A recent report claims that a Pal senior commander of the Gaza tunnel division, has defected to Israel (D Alert)

 --A writer points out that Hamas no longer has a patron in Arab circles and that Egypt will not tolerate any violence on Hamas’ part in the near future (Ynet)

 --Mr Abbas has again reiterated opposition to recognising Israel as a Jewish State or any Jewish link to or history in the Land (Gatestone)

 --The PA is to submit yet another resolution to the UN condemning Israeli settlements, hoping this time that the USA will NOT veto it as in the past (D Alert)

 --A recent poll of young Pals showed they think the knife terror attacks on Israel’s serve the Pal cause and a majority said they would not work with Israelis towards peace (D Alert)

 --Hamas TV has aired a video showing Gazan kids in a play simulating attacks on Israelis (T of I)

 --On May 5 Israel located another tunnel reaching from Gaza to Israel (Debka)


 --During a recent news broadcast in Saudi Arabia, the news reader blamed Islam’s Moslems for giving birth to terrorism (Mirror –UK)


 --A recent poll shows that a majority of Arab teens and young adults now oppose Islamic State (Wash Post)

 --On April 14 an axe wielding Pal was shot whilst attacking an Israeli soldier and two 12 year old boys were arrested for carrying concealed knives. They both were carrying ‘goodbye’ messages to their parents (T of I)

 --A Pal woman said Muhammad appeared to her and she then wanted to kill Jews. She tried unsuccessfully and was indicted (J Post)

 --An Arab was badly injured by a firebomb thrown by a fellow terrorist on April 16, near Jerusalem (Ynet)

 --The IDF discovered and destroyed a sophisticated Hamas tunnel running 100 meters into Israel (AP)

 --A bomb on a Jerusalem bus on April 18, wounded over 30 people. Hamas claims a success (N York T)

 --Most Pal terror factions are gloating over the Hamas planned Jerusalem bus bomb blast with a Gaza cartoon saying ‘Blessed be the hands of the one who blew up the bus….’ (Memri)

 --The remaining 67 Jews in Yemen are under constant threats by Moslems and changing their minds about leaving (Ynet)

 --With 180 Pals killed trying to kill 28 Israelis, the Pals are starting to wonder if its worth it. Most of the attacks do not succeed, and most of the time the Palestinian is arrested, wounded or killed, and no Israeli is hurt." (Wash Post)

 --On Aril 18 Israeli Security arrested 2 West Bank Pals planning kidnapping of an Israeli and stealing weapons (J Post)

 --A US official claims that foreign ‘fighters’ joining IS has dropped from 2,000 a month to about 200 a month whilst increasing numbers flee the IS (Reuters)

 --2 female Pal terrorists were arrested on April 28 whilst trying to stab Israeli soldiers (Hayom)

 --A report tells of 4 teenagers being beheaded in Raqqa, by IS militants for allegedly spying for the west ( UK-Tele)

 --On May 4 Pal mortars and rockets were fired at the IDF Engineering Corps troops looking for tunnels in the Nahal Oz area, In return the IAF used planes and drones in several areas of Gaza (Debka)

 --Arrests of suspected terrorists by the PA has risen to 40% in the last 3 months !! (Ha'aretz)

 --Is mounted 891 attacks in the first 3 months of 2016, killing 2,150 people (Reuters)

 --Arrested Hamas tunnel expert, Atawnah. has provided Israel with enormous amounts of info (T of I)


 --A recent UNESCO resolution does not recognize any Jewish connection to the Western Wall and Temple area and calls Israel an ’occupying’ power (D Alert)

 --UN’s Sec Gen. Liu Jieyi claims that Resolution 497 of 1981, giving Israel control of the Golan is null and void (N York T)


 --Iran has rejected the ‘impudence’ of the US call for missile negotiations and says that Iran is a victim of American aggression (Iran TV)

 --Iran has retracted a previous claim that the Russian S-300 missile defence system was already in Iran (T of I)

 --Iran’s oil exports have surged 600,000 brls a day and have replaced Nigeria’s and Iraq’s large sales to India (Houston Chron)

 --A report claims heavy losses for Iran’s Special Forces Brigade since their arrival in Syria (J Post)

 --An Iranian helicopter pilot has fled Iran to Turkey and warns Iran to leave him and his family alone or he will ‘start fighting you’. (T of I)

 --A writer points out there are still important sanctions in place against Iran to punish the country for human rights abuse and terrorist financing (Forbes)

 --A report claims that Iran tried , and failed, to launch a satellite into orbit on the day before Pres Obama visited Saudi Arabia. This is an enormous humiliation for Iran (Debka)

 --On April 19 Iran conducted the launch of a ’space launch’ vehicle prob’ly powerful enough to carry a nuclear warhead (D Alert)

 --A report claims IS has lost up to 30 % of its revenue, having lost a lot of people to tax (TeleUK)

 --3 million Afghans live in Iran and thousands have been sent to fight in Syria but many have fled and joined the ‘refugee trail’ to Europe (BBC)

 --Iran’s leader Khamenei continues to identify USA as its main enemy with Israel running second. Iran is now encouraging teen age boys to embrace the goal to ‘reach Jerusalem’, (Mehr-Iran)_ A ‘Revolution commander’ has threatened to close the Straits of Hormuz to all traffic (N York T)

 --A report claims that 20 Iranians and 6 Hizbullah men were killed by militants near Aleppo (Reuters)

 --Iran claims a new missile with 2,000 ks range, can reach Israel (T of I)


 --France is to convene a meeting of 30 countries and international organisations to discuss the parameters for a International Peace Conference. Neither Israel or the Palestinians will be invited !! (N York T)

 --Kuwait Airway has dropped all its inter-European services rather than carry Jews (JNS)

April  2016  NO 232



-- Israel is well on the way to completing the barrier between south of the West Bank and the Jerusalem area. As well, work permits for family members of terrorists will be denied (Ha'aretz)

-- Israeli made NAMER personnel carriers are being equipped with the very effective TROPHY protection system which destroys anti tank missiles and rocket propelled grenades in mid air (J Post)

-- Israel admits developing a secret weapon to locate tunnels (D Alert)

-- Israel’s new anti-tunnel weapon, dubbed ‘Underground Iron Dome’, can detect a tunnel then send in a moving missile to blow it up (Debka)

-- USA, UK, the EU and Germany have condemned Israel’s appropriation of 580 acres (234 hectares) of land near Jericho in the West Bank (D Alert)

-- The Israel economy grew by 2.5 % in 2015 and a record surplus of $13.8 (Bill) was created in Israel’s balance of payments (Hayom)

-- 17 of the remaining few Jews in Yemen were brought to Israel in a secret mission on Mar 20. About 50 Jews remain in Yemen(J Post)

-- Former Min. Yair Lapid describes the U.N.’Human Rights’ Council as a Council for terrorist rights (D Alert)

-- In 2015 Foreign investment in Israel totalled $11.6 (Bill), a 90 % increase over 2014, And over 320 world class R and D centres were established (T of I)

-- An Israeli soldier who shot a terrorist lying on the ground claims he did the right thing at the right time (J Post)

-- An Israeli court has convicted Moslem cleric Omar Sara of incitement to violence after he said now is the time to kill Jews (Ha'aretz)

-- A report says that 3,500 police working full time have turned the terror tide in Israel by using improved intell. to identify possible terror suspects and arresting them before they can create violence (J Post)

-- Moodys Internat, Credit rating agency, has confirmed Israel’s A-1 rating (Globes)

-- Israel; has announced new sales of military equipment to India worth hundreds of millions of dollars (J Post)

-- A report says that Israel’s border with Gaza is the quietest in years and new residents are moving in (J Post)

-- Israel seeks tourists from China and India. In 2015 40,000 tourists came from India (Reuters)

-- Israel ‘looks on’ with trepidation as its neighbours buy billions of dollars worth of sophisticated weapons from the west !! (Reuters)

-- Israel has suspended cement deliveries to Gaza, which were meant to rebuild Pal houses, as Hamas was stealing them for use in tunnel works (J Post)

-- Israel recorded 2.5 % economic growth in 2015 and projects 2.8 for 2016 (AFP)

-- Israel expects its upcoming F-351 attack planes will maintain its qualitative edge against regional adversaries (Def, News)

-- Christians and other minorities flourish in Israel. There is a Christian Supreme Court Judge and there over 1,000 Moslem Arabs in the IDF (Gatestone)


-- A report claims that IS lost 14 % of its territory in 2015 (D Alert)

-- Syrian forces backed by Russian air strikes and Russian soldiers, recaptured the Syrian town of Palmyra from IS on March 27 (US Today)

-- Abd ar-Rahman Mustafa al-Qaduli, ISIS' second in command and minister of finance, was killed in a clandestine raid conducted on the ground in Syria by U.S. Special Operations Forces, the Pentagon said Friday March 25. (ABC)


-- US Delta Force Commandos recently captured an ISIS Chemical Weapons expert who supplied info enabling the air strike destruction of 2 chemical weapons facilities in Iraq (CBS)

-- According to former U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, President Obama has questioned why the U.S. should maintain Israel's so-called qualitative military edge, which grants it access to more sophisticated weapons systems than America's Arab allies receive. And he decided early on that he wanted to reach out to America’s most Middle East foe, Iran (D Alert)

-- On Mar 4 US forces on the Jordan border launched guided rocket artillery attacks into Syria for the first time (D Alert)

-- In a last ditch attempt to make his mark in the last days of his Pres., Obama has visited Cuba. (D Alert)

-- Congress is delaying the payment of $159 (Mill)

-- to the PA because of its support for terrorism (Ma’an News)

-- On Mar.20 Vice Pres Biden blamed both Israel and the Pals for lacking the will to find peace (Politico)

-- 30 Senators are calling for the US to fully fund Israel’s defensive Iron Dome, David’s Sling and Arriow 3 interceptor. In 2015 USA contributed $487 (Mill)

-- About 3 years ago Pres Obama told the world there is no difference between his daughters and the young Moslem men he met in Ramallah!!!! (Ha'aretz)

-- The Obama administration has imposed new sanctions against Iranian defense firms and units of the Revolutionary Guard for their role in supporting the country's recent ballistic-missile launches.(Wall St J)

-- US arms dealer Ratheon will make $9.5 million reciprocal procurements in Israel (Globes)

-- USA may use its veto in the UN S. Council to block the sale of Su -30 Russian fighter jets to Iran (Wash. Times)


-- A deadly and murderous bomb blast hit Ankara the capital of Turkey on Mar 14, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 75 (D Alert)

-- Turkey is trying to get Israel to allow a floating Gaza seaport in return for normalisation of relations between the two countries (D Alert)

-- Israelis have been told to avoid visiting Turkey as there are threats against Israel and Jewish targets (J Post)

-- Turkey claims there’s a credible plot to target Jewish children within Turkey (Skey)


-- Hizbullah’s ‘bunker-hiding’ leader, Nasrallah, has again threatened to destroy Israeli targets inc. nuclear facilities (Debka)

-- Satellite imagery shows that Hizbullah has built a significant base in Syria with tunnels leading back to Lebanon (Stratfor)


-- More than 200 militants have recently deserted ISIS in the Raqqa province and joined Syrian rebel groups (Ara News)

-- An American tourist was stabbed to death on Mar 8, by a Pal murderer from the West Bank, who was fatally shot (Ynet)

-- On April 8, a Palestinian was stabbed to death with his own knife when the ‘victim’ overpowered him (T of I)

-- An ISIS defector was caught carrying a ‘memory stick’ showing 22,000 names, addresses and phone numbers of ISIS supporters in many countries!!! Air strikes and economic downturns have allegedly reduced the IS income to a shadow of its former greatness (USA Today)

-- A male Pal terrorist and 2 females tried stabbing attacks on Mar 13 and 14 but were unsuccessful (J Post)

-- There have been 320 stabbings, shootings and car rammings since last September (Tele.UK)

-- 2 Pal men have been shot as they committed terror attacks and 2 Pal boys were arrested for carrying knives (J Post)

-- There is a slight drop in Pal support for terror stabbings as they start to realize they are ineffective anyway (Ynet)

-- Terror bombing in Brussels leave many dead. Two terrorists killed (Wash Post). IS claims to have trained 400-600 for external attacks on other people, with the aim being to claim more attacks rather than more dead people!! (AP)

-- A US source claims IS leaders are being killed at the rate of one every 3 days and many IS militants are refusing to fight (Wash Post)

-- A writer points out that there is a World War raging for there are now more countries entangled with Islamists than were involved in the last world war (D Alert)

-- A report claims that Al-Qaeda now has Russian made SA 7 shoulder fired surface to air missiles (D Alert)

-- 4 East Jerusalem residents have been indicted for trying to join the IS group in Syria and planning terror attacks in Jerusalem (Hayom)

-- As the bombing pressure on IS in Mosul increases, dozens of IS men are deserting and fleeing the doomed city (Debka)

-- The IDF claims that the Pal terror wave against Israel is decreasing (Ha'aretz)

-- Reports say that IS is stepping up activities in the Sinai and Golan even tho its losing some ground elsewhere. One paper suggests that IS attacks on Israel are only a matter of time (Hayom)

-- Reports over the past few months indicate that US , French and Australian warships have intercepted shipments to Yemin including 5,500 Kalishnikov rifles, 300 rocket propelled grenade launchers plus a wide variety of other armaments (Wash Post)

-- 2 ‘enormously brave’ Pal terrorists who attacked 2 woman, killing one, are receiving a monthly stipend of 750 pounds each with the help of UK aid money!!!! (D Alert)


-- Pres Putin shocked the world on Mar 14 when he ordered the start of pulling Russian forces out of Syria immediately (Debka)

 (NOTE:A commentator suggests he realizes that the cost to his bankrupt nation is just too great!!)

-- A Boeing 737 caught fire and crashed recently in southern Russia killing over 60 people on board (D Alert)

-- Pres Putin is boasting that Russia could rebuild its forces in Syria in hours if the need arises! He also boasts Russia saved Assad from defeat!! (Wash Post).

--A report says that Russia has taken some fighter bombers home and replaced them with attack helicopters (D Alert)

-- Some Russian media is suggesting that increased weapons sales are resulting following the ‘foray’ into Syria, amounting to 10 times the cost of the Syrian operation. A commentator suggests this may be disimformation to placate the Russian people!! (D Alert)

-- A report Mar 31 reveals that Russia, despite talk of removing people and equipment from Syria, has in fact shipped more materials in than out!! (Reuters)

-- A report reveals that Russian mercenary forces working with Syrian ground forces have suffered dozens of combat losses (D Alert)


-- 7 ‘diggers’ were killed when Egypt flooded a tunnel being dug between Gaza and Egyptian territory (Debka)


-- On Mar 9 Iran fired 2 ballistic missiles with “Israel must be wiped out” inscribed on them (T of I)

-- A report on Mar 10 reveals that Iran murdered 966 people by execution in 2015 (N York T)

-- A report records that Iranian traders are buying large pieces of Syrian real estate (Syrian Observer)

-- Iran’s ‘leader’ Khamenei states volubly that missiles are the key to Iran’s future, NOT negotiations (Reuters)

-- A report on April 4 reveals that Iranian commando units are now ‘advising’ Syrian gov, forces (Iran TV)

-- A report claims that over 220 Iranian soldiers have been killed in Syria since October and 2 senior Hizbullah ‘commanders’ have just been killed near Homs (T of I)


-- Fatah and the PA have honoured the Pal murderer of the American tourist Taylor Force, calling him an Islamic martyr. Israel has killed over 200 Pal terrorists in the past 5 months (J Post)

-- On Mar 9 Mr Abbas turned down a US peace offer inc an East Jerusalem capital of a future Pal State (JTA)

-- A writer confirms that Hamas has dug tunnels into Egypt that are over 3 klms long and large enough to allow trucks to use them. Also he reveals that Gaza is now a weapons exporter (Ynet)

-- Another Hamas man was killed in a tunnel collapse east of Gaza City on Mar 14, bringing the total to 12 or more (Ha'aretz)

-- A poll shows that 79 % of Pals support the current stabbing attacks against Israelis (Ha'aretz)

-- Hamas is short of money and is paying reduced salaries late (D Alert)

-- An electronics engineer from Gaza was arrested by Israel for his part in intercepting Israeli Drone transmissions (Debka)

-- A report says that Hamas is working hard to convince Egypt it has no hostile intentions toward them, but they fail to succeed (D Alert)

-- Yahya Sinwar has emerged as a new hard line leader in Gaza , usurping some of Khaled Mashaal’s powers!! (T of I)

-- PA Security Forces spokesman wrote on Facebook on Mar.23 ‘the West has brought a wave of Islamist terrorism on itself as a result of European colonialism’, (T of I)

-- A report claims Hamas is pulling forces out of Sinai in an effort to placate Egypt (J Post)

-- Thousands of Pal bombers and murderers are still being given ‘reward’ money taken from donated aid. One ‘bomber’ has been given up to $1000,000-00 (D Alert)

-- Saeb Erekat Pal Chief negotiator has rejected the idea of restarting the peace talks with Israel unconditionally. He sets a list of demands impossible for Israel to accept (D Alert)

-- A report says Hamas uses 1,0000 men to dig tunnels, paying them up to $400 a month out of ‘aid money’ (J Post)


-- The Human Rights Council is calling for a data base listing all the businesses operating in the West Bank, an obvious move against Israel (Reuters)

-- The UN Commission on the Status of Women condemns Israel for its treatment of Pal women but is reminded that Pal women are murdered and mutilated by their own and stoned to death in Iran for often unproven adultery (Fox)


-- Saudi Arabia has set up a $2 (Trillion)

-- Public Investment Fund designed to wean the country of oil and popularize other means of providing power (Debka)

-- The Saudis have initiated a major campaign to undermine Iran’s ally, Hizbullah(Brookings)


-- A Dubai official named Tamim, recently stated that another new Pal State would join the list of all the other failed Arab States. “We should not treat the Jews as our enemies”!! (J Post)

-- In 2015, 7,500 Jewish people left Ukraine for Israel, up from 6,000 in 2014 (Vice News)

-- The Gulf States say they view Iran as a greater danger than Israel (J Post)

MARCH  2016  NO 231


Israel’s Chief of Staff Eisenkot is assuring the public that the IDF is working in secret to locate and destroy the  Hamas tunnels (T of I)

--   An Israeli company has developed a device to allow drones to identify moving objects in fog from a distance of 20 klms (Ynet)

--   On Feb 9 Mr Netanyahu stated his intention to surround all Israel with a fence to keep out predators, (T of I)

--   Standard and Poors continues it’s A+/A-1 rating for Israel saying they expect the Israeli economy to weather potential volatility in all sectors (Globes)

--   Israel’s Defence Min. advises that none of the encrypted systems  of the Israeli Airforce or the IDF had been breached by US and British Gov hackers (D Alert)

--   An amazing statistic reveals that 3.1 million tourists visited Israel in 2015  (T of I)

--   In 2015 463 Brazilian Jews migrated to Israel (JTA)

--   An Israeli bio-tech company has developed a cell therapy which it claims can heal up to 100 % of of people exposed to unconventional radiological ‘incidents’ such as nuclear attacks (D Alert)

--   At the Singapore air show, Israel unveiled a missile which hovers in the air above the target, before destroying it  .It also displayed a highly maneuverable tiny drone which can enter a building thro open windows (Ynet)

--   On Feb 22 the IDF demolished the homes of 2 Pal terrorists who altogether murdered 5 Israelis (Debka)

--   Israeli major weapons are being tested along with US weapons in he Cobra series of tests (Defence News)

--   Jerusalem’s Mayor questions British PM’s  knowledge of facts on the ground in East Jerusalem as the PM says Israel’s settlement construction is ‘genuinely shocking’ (J Post)

--   The David’s Sling missile defence system, designed to protect Israel from medium range missiles, is starting to be employed (D Alert)

--   Last year at least 13,000 foreign trucks passed thro Israel on the way to Arab countries (J Post)

--   Israel has developed a system called “Obstacle’ to locate and destroy tunnels.  It is partly funded by the US (Wash Post)

--   Israel is using an unmanned weaponised boat called the  Protector to face possible swarm boat attacks by Hamas  (J Post)

--   Israel’s 3 layered missile defence system is now the best in the world, It will knock out short range missiles from Gaza, missiles from Lebanon and Iran. Its X-Band radar will detect incoming missiles even whilst 600 miles away! (Wash Post)

--   There have been 307 attacks on Israeli citizens with 33 Israelis killed, in the ongoing battle to destroy Israel  (J Post)

--   So far in 2016, Israel has demolished 29 illegally built Pal structures per week  (T of I)

--   Israel has carried out mock attacks on Baalbeck, Hizbullah’s command centres and arms depot, to assess air defences  (J Post)

--   Israel believes Hamas again has 12,000 rockets, tho of poor quality because of limited imports of explosives (T of I)

--   An amazing agreement between Israel and Jordan will see the installation of surveillance  cameras on the Temple Mount.(Hayom)

--   Israel will complete construction of the separation barrier in the Jerusalem area and the southern West Bank following Tuesday's terror attacks, the Prime Minister's Office announced.  Further, it was decided to deny work permits for family members of terrorists. (Ha'aretz)
A US official says that ‘broadly speaking’, the US primary sanctions on Iran are still in place, affecting banking and many individuals (AFP)

--   A report claims that US strikes have destroyed hundreds of millions of IS dollars, forcing them to cut salaries and make other adjustments (AP)

--   Talks on US defence aid to Israel are continuing and could result in an increase to counter balance the enormous weapons sales to Gulf countries (Hayom)

--   62 % OF Americans say their ‘sympathies’ lie with the Israelis (Gallup)

--   An American tourist, Taylor Force, was stabbed and died in Tel Aviv on March 8. (T of I)
Jordan has reported killing more IS supporting terrorists near the Syrian border.  Jordan has gaoled dozens of militants who have returned from Syria (AP)

--   A report says that Jordan troops recently killed 7 terrorists  wearing explosive belts (AP)
Russia’s successes in Syria may be the beginning of a new war as Turkey and Saudi Arabia cannot allow the ‘rebel cause’ to be wiped out by Russia and its Iranian ally (Wall St J)

--   Additional to the S-300 anti aircraft systems , Russia is to supply Iran with several Sukhoi SU-30 SM multi role fighter jets  (T of I)

--   A report claims Russia miscalculated as ISIS cuts off  gov. supply line between Aleppo and western Syria (D Alert)

--   A report claims that at least 10  Russian soldiers  were killed by a car bomb in Syria
(J Post)

--   A report has only now surfaced that Russia’s Military Intell. Chief, Igor Surgun, was killed in Beirut in January whilst on a secret mission  (T of I)

--   A report on March 5 claims Russia has suspended the delivery of the S-300 anti aircraft missile system to Iran, following revelations to Pres Putin by Israel,  that Iran had transferred the Russian SA-22 Surface to air missile to Hizbullah, in violation of an agreement with Russia (Ynet)
An SAS sniper, using an Israeli Dan .338 rifle, killed an IS ‘commander’ with one bullet fired from 750 meters away (D Express.UK)
A report says that Egypt now regards Israel as an ally in regional struggles, with Pres. Sisi telephoning Mr Netanyahu sometimes more than twice a month (D Alert)
A writer points out that the war/battle in Aleppo, Syria , is taking on international status involving Russia, USA, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kurdish forces, plus independent militia forces (Wash Post)

--   On Feb17, three Israeli missiles hit Syrian outposts south of Damascus, no doubt targeting weapons about to be transferred to Hizbullah (Reuters)

--   A report says that 140 people were killed by ISIS bombings near Damascus in mid Feb (BBC)

--   On Feb 22 USA and Russia  announced a ‘partial ‘ truce in Syria, but of course this does not apply to ISIS and al-Nusra (N. York T)

--   During the ‘pseudo truce’ there have been dozens of battles and more than 100 killed (Ynet)

--   Whilst Russia and Iran seemed prepared to lose $100(Bill) in taming and rebuilding Syria, USA, wisely, IS NOT!! (D Alert)
Hizbullah’s leader Nasrallah makes veiled threats against Israel’s ammonia plants in Haifa, suggesting 800,000 Israelis would die.(Debka) (NOTE: He neglects to realize that such an action would cause Israel to retaliate and over 3 million Lebanese could die)

--   Israeli media claims Hizbullah now has sophisticated radar, enabling it to track Israeli aircraft operating over Lebanon (D Alert)

--   An estimated 865 (+) Hizbullah ‘fighters’ have been killed in Syria  between Sept 2012 and Feb 2016 (D Alert)

--   A recent report shows Hizbullah activity in Yemen and Saudi Arabia (D Alert)

--   The six member Gulf Coast C0uncil has at last listed Hizbullah as a terrorist organization, which brings with it added sanctions (Reuters)

--   Hizbullah, tho armed to the teeth, has little interest in a war with Israel, whilst fighting in Syria  (J Post)
Saudi Arabia has cancelled nearly $4 (Bll) in aid to Lebanon whilst Iran is in charge there (D Alert)
The Director of the US Def, Intell. Agency claims that ISIS will attempt attacks on the US homeland in 2016.  Two 14 year old girls have been charged with carrying knives after they stabbed a security guard.  They said they wanted to become martyrs (T of I)

--   An IS video shows a 4 year old British boy allegedly blowing up a car with 3 prisoners inside (Tele..UK)

--   As Russian and Iranian pressure grows on the Syrian rebels, they are turning to guerilla tactics of hit and run, assassinations and  ambushes  (Wall St J)

--   A report says that IS recently captured several Syrian SA-6 mobile anit aircraft missiles (D Alert)

--   Reports indicate that IS is replacing ‘fighter’ losses with children as young as 13, and many terrorists are taking the drug Captagon which causes the user to be full of energy and oblivious to pain for up to 48 hours (Fox)

--   A report highlights the shift in Pal terror attacks to shootings and explosive charges (Debka)

--   On Feb 18, two 14 year old Pal boys  stabbed a soldier to death and wounded another Israeli (Ha'aretz)

--   On the weekend of Feb 21, 2 Pals were killed and 2 arrested for terrorist acts (Ynet)

--   On Feb 24 the IDF caught 2 Arab street vendors with pipe bombs and ammunition in their kiosk ((T of I)

--   A report says that a steady stream of Gazans are going to the Sinai to fight for IS (T of I)

--   Yemini ‘fighters’ have killed and captured hundreds of Saudi soldiers in southern Saudi Arabia (Wash Post)

--   A report says that a steady stream of Hamas ansd Salafi terror groups are flooding into the Sinai with Hamas approval (T of I)

--   A writer says that Pals have been brainwashed into believing Israel can be defeated with knives and car bombs (Gatestone)

--   2 Pal snipers who hid their super rifles in a Hebron mosque, were arrested for shooting attacks on 4 Israelis (Ynet)

--   A report claims there are several thousand Chinese Moslems fighting with Al-Nusra in Syria  (D Alert)

--   A recent reports tells of Pal terrorists now setting out in pairs, or more, to kill Israelis (T of I)

--   The collapse of a sixth tunnel dug by Hamas has caused fear among the tunnel workers, worried that Israel will collapse a tunnel they may be working on  (J Post)

--   2 Israeli policemen were badly hurt in a Jerusalem shooting on Mar 8, and an Israeli civilian was stabbed repeated in Petah Tikva (NBC)
A Hamas operative was killed in another tunnel collapse on Feb 9 near Khan Yunis, a week after another man was killed in a tunnel collapse north of Rafah. There have been 11 deaths in tunnel collapses in recent weeks (T of I)

--   A Fatah spokesman praised the heroic acts of the young Arab men killing people (Memri)

--   A writer speaks of the dedication of Hamas and the PA to the destruction of Israel based on the pretense that Israel is stolen Arab property (D Alert)

--   PA  official  called (FM) Malki adamantly states that the PA will never again return to peace negotiations with Israel. Since Oct last 170 Pals have died in terror attacks and 30 Israelis (T of I)

--   A survey reveals that 69 % of Pals want the current ‘intifada’  to continue (J Post)

--   Hamas claims to have discovered a ‘foreign’ vehicle  carrying cameras and sensors, in one of their tunnels  (AFP)

--   A report claims that Gazans are sure Israel will soon attack Gaza and destroy Hamas for all time. They complain too that Hamas leaders have built underground ‘cities’ whilst the people don’t have bomb shelters (Ynet)

--   A report claims that about 36,000 Pals work in Israeli towns and earn up to 3 times more than the  Pal average wage (Reuters)

--   Civil servants in Gaza have been on strike over not being  paid (Maan)

--   A Gazan who joined IS confirms that IS is smuggling weapons into Gaza, whilst Hamas is manufacturing weapons for IS Sinai (Memri)

--   A writer says Gaza under Hamas has 40 % unemployment, electricity ‘sometimes’ and polluted water that does not always flow . He says that everywhere Islam takes over, destruction and ruin follows (Ynet)

--   The PA  has paid $75.5 (Mill) in stipends to convicted terrorists and their families, money from the EU and other deluded people (D Alert)
The EU has backed down on product labeling of Israeli goods and each nation will now apply its own standards.  The EU also said it is ‘dedicated’ to Israel’s security!!!! (Hayom)

--   A recent report says that the EU has approved $274 (mill) in aid for the Pals. (T of I)
On Feb 11, tens of thousands of Iranians marched in Teheran  celebrating the 37 th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic revolution, screaming  ‘death to America and Israel’ (NBC)

--   The first  transfer of the S-300 ground to air missile systems was cancelled because Iran has not paid the agreed upon price !!!!(Debka)

--   Iran’s Def, Min was in Moscow in Feb with a cheque for $14 (Bill) and a request for Russia to ‘build us a modern army’(Debka)

--   Iran’s leader Khamenei now claims the global Zionism network dictates the policies of the USA and many EU members (Farsi News)

--   Iran is now giving $7000-00 to the family of a Pal martyr and $30,000-00 to families whose homes are demolished by Israel (Reuters)

--   Iran’s For, Min. Zarif tells the world Iran will continue developing its missile program without permission from anyone (TV.Iran)

--   Iran’s Revolutionary Guards fired several ballistic missiles from silos across Iran, on March 1 (Debka)

--   Iran’s Rev. Guards have managed to install hundreds of armed Pal terrorists on the Syrian-Israeli border, ‘face to face’ with the IDF’s Golan positions (Debka)
A report claims that India is close to closing a range of military deals with Israel, collectively worth about $3 (Bill).  The main deal refers to a surface to air missile system for the Indian Army (Eco T-India)

--   The Catholic church in Jerusalem blames Israel for the  present Pal intifada, saying “ Palestinians plunge to their death out of despair” (J Post)

--   116 people arrived in Israel from Ukraine on Feb 23 (J Post)

--   US, French and British forces are engaged in a secret war in Libya, striking IS forces (Reuters)

--   Dutch officials say they have identified 30 war crimes suspects among the thousands of refugees they have admitted (AFP)

--   The Australian Navy reports intercepting an Iran boat carrying  1,989 AK-47 rifles and 100 rocket propelled grenades headed for Yemen (CNN)

FEBRUARY  2016  NO 230

Israel has arrested 6 Hamas members who were planning  the kidnap and murder of Israeli citizens (J Post)
-  There is a sense of fear amongst European Jews causing them to take off their yarmulkes and hide their Star of David necklaces (Ynet)
-  Israel’s 5 th Dolphin class sub arrived in Israel on Jan 12 and Mr Netanyahu points out it will act as a deterrent to those who try to harm Israel (J Post)
-  On Jan 13 the IAF attacked a Pal cell planting explosives on the north Gaza border, killing one Pal (Ynet)
-  The Bank chief of Hapoalim points out  that the plunge in oil prices has prob’ly saved Israel about $5 (Bill) in 2015 compared to 2014 (Globes)
-  With most of the sanctions against Iran being lifted on Jan 15, Israel is showing alarm at the possible outcome (Ynet)
-  A report shows that Israel’s secret trade with Islamic Indonesia is running at hundreds of millions of $ per year (T of I)
-  A report shows that since 20018 Israel has lowered its debt rate by 1.8 %, more than any other country (Globes)
-  Israel’s new Rehav sub can travel underwater at 25 knots and is armored with Israel’s own cruise missiles ((D Alert)
-  Another gas find of approx 8.9 trillion cubic feet, off the Israeli coast, has been announced (T of I)
-  Mr Netanyahu says that if it wasn’t for Israel ‘leading’ the sanctions, Iran would have had nuclear weapons a long time ago (PMO)
-  On Jan 18 a massive sandstorm hit Israel (J Post)
-  Israel  has captured the 16 year old Arab  murderer of the Israeli mother of 6. Dafna Meir (T of I)
-  The IDF Chief of Staff states that Iran is waging a proxy war against Israel through Hizbullah and Hamas, both of which receives tens of millions of $’s from Iran (J Post)
-  Israel official Dore Gold pints out that Israel is NOT totally ‘isolated’ as many claim and they have ties with many Arab states.  Iran is NOT an Arab State and Iraq/Syria is the latter day Assyrian of Micah 4. (J Post  and GPL)
-  A new poll in France shows that up to 40 % of Jews in France wish to emigrate to Israel whilst in Hamburg Germany a Jewish leader says that Jews are  no longer safe there! (J Post)
-  Israel has thwarted a terror attack led by son of Hizbullah’s Nasrallah , who sent him $5,000 for the ‘job’ (Ynet)
-  Israel has officially taken over 380 acres of land in the Jordan Valley (J Post)
-  Israel has been planning trees along the Gaza border to block the view of terrorists wanting to attack various targets (J Post)
-  Israel reports that sales of Cyber related products tops all other countries other than USA (Def. News)
-  Israel’s opposition leader Herzog has asked the French Pres to stop promoting international moves against Israel (Ynet)
-  Israel is reportedly making preparations for a future in which it finds itself in direct confrontation with the Islamic State (IS) terror militia. (J Post)
-  On Jan 24 Israeli jets bombed Gaza targets in response to a rocket fired into Israel (J Post)
-  Israel’s Def. Min is accusing Turkey of selling ISIS oil (BBC)
-  Israel is reported to be equipping its armoured personal carriers with the ‘Trophy’ anti missile prevention system. Most Israeli tanks have the system (T of I)
-  On Jan 31, Mr Netanyahu threatened Hamas with more than extreme violence if  they attacked Israel via new tunnels (D Alert)
-  It is suspected that Israel knew of the US/UK spying on their Air Force video transmissions and chose to ignore it, not considering it to be a dangerous breach of Security (Star)
-  Israel is now making its own deep penetration bombs that can penetrate through over  1.5 meters of double reinforced concrete (T of I)
-  Israel’s Dore Gold has assured the world that Israel will never leave the Golan.(Hayom)
-  30,000 more Pals have received work permits bringing the total to 120,000 (Ha'aretz)
-  Chief of Staff Eisenkot said on Feb 9 the IDF is working in secret to locate and destroy tunnels coming from Gaza. (T of I)
-  Israel’s Elbit systems unveiled its new Seagull unmanned naval vessel capable of firing small torpedoes at submarines as well as detecting and destroying mines.  It can operate continuously for 96  hours (J Post)
-  About 700 Israeli women now serve with the Border Police and one, Hadar Cohen  was shot by a terrorist on Feb 3 (Hayom)

10 American servicemen were arrested by Iran on Jan 12 for straying into Iranian waters but were subsequently released after being interrogated (Al Arbya)
-  Influential American, Elliott Abrams speaks against Obama and speaks of ‘America’s new ally, IRAN’ (D Alert)
-  An American news report says the US has bombed and obliterated 9 depots where IS has deposited countless millions of dollars .  Some foreign ‘fighters’ are deserting after salaries were halved  IS has transferred a lot of its money to a hospital in Mosal. (N York T)
-  USA is to invest $120 (MILL) in Israel’s  tunnel detection system and hopes to use it on its Mexican border. The system detects tunnels tens of meters from the surface (Ynet)
-  A  US drone strike has killed a top al-Qaeda man thought to be an IS leader in Yemen (Reuters)

Turkish tanks and artillery killed 200 IS militants in retaliation for a suicide bombing in Istanbul (Reuters)
-  Israel’s Defence Min speaks of Turkey selling IS oil and making large profits (T of I)

The official spokesman of the Islamic State has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus (D Alert)
-  On Feb 3 Russia announced the death of one of their ‘advisers’ in Syria (Reuters)
-  A recent report says that there is a surge in Aliya from Russia as recession hits as a result of low oil prices (Star)

EU Ban ki –Moon calls Israel’s ‘settlement  activity’ an affront to the Pals and to the international community and he quite openly seems to support the Pals in their murder sprees (Hayom)
-  An EU Adviser’s car was stopped recently and found to contain gold bars, jewelry, smart phones and steroids (D Alert)

The Iraqi deaths of people who hate Israel: Nearly 19,000 civilians were killed in Islamic Iraq/Bablyon between January 2014 and October 2015 -- a toll the United Nations calls "staggering" in a new report.  About 3.2 million people were internally displaced, including a million school-aged children. (T of I)

Most Arab states, except Lebanon, have condemned Iran’s meddling in Arab affairs since the Iranian Shi’ite regime took power in 1979 (AP)
-  Iran has denied a report they have removed the core of Arak Heavy  Water reactor and sealed it with cement, and say that China may modify the plant which is capable of producing plutonium for a nuclear weapon (N York T)
-  After the lifting of some sanctions against Iran, USA imposed some new ones against companies and individuals complicit in procuring items for Iran’s missile program (Debka)
-  2 top leaders in Iran, boasting of their capture of 10 US servicemen,said “This is a sign of our might”(Fox News)
-  When oil sanctions were applied to Iran in 2012, oil was at $109-45 Bl….Now when sanctions are being lifted the price is about  $25-00 Bl, meaning a lot lower revenue for Iran!  A report states that the drop in oil prices will cost Iran about the same amount they will gain back from the sanctions relief!!!~  Further, Iran owes about the same amount to China  and others!!  (Wash Post)
-  Iran’s Def. Min trumpets that Iran will continue  to enhance its missile capabilities in defiance of US sanctions  (Iran TV)
-  Iran claims to have established terror groups in Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza, all promoting armed attacks on ‘the ‘racist Zionist body’ (D Alert)
-  A
writer explains that Iran is totally obsessed with destroying Israel and uses that obsession to make its people forget its failures (Wash Post)
-  Iran’s  Khamenei’s website shows that he thinks the Holocaust never happened (Memri)
-  Even as Iran deaths in Syria continue to rise, Iranian ‘military advisers’ are to serve with Syrian Gov. forces  (Times of Israel)
-  Iran’s leader Khomenei has awarded bravery medals to the head of the Navy and 4 commanders  for their ‘heroic bravery’ in the seizure of 2 US Navy boats (D Alert)
-  Iran is claiming that over $100 ( Bill) in previously frozen assets has been released to them! (Wash Post)
-  Iran’s army commander boasts that its missile program will become stronger and more precise and warns Israel!! (Iran Press)

The PA  leader MR Abbas, has made it clear that the ‘popular intifada’ will continue until the ‘end of the ‘occupation’ and there will be no return to negotiations until the ‘rights’ of the Pals are fully  recognized (Ha'aretz)
-  The PA’s violence campaign has backfired a bit as Israel returns  garrisons to the Bethlehem and Nablus regions and adding checkpoints around Pal towns from whence terrorists have come (Ha'aretz)
-  Israel believes that Hamas has completed all necessary preparation for another war with Israel. but Israel promises annihilation of Hamas in a ‘next war’!! (Ynet)
-  Tawfik Tirawi of the Fatah group assures the world that a Pal state with Jerusalem as its capital is only just a first phase!!( T of I )
-  Pal cleric al-Dari says Islam must conquer the world for the sake of allah!! (Memri)
-  A  report says that Hamas TV is devoting most of its time to encouraging attacks on Israel.  They accompany songs of praise to the ‘martyrs’ murderous attacks (Ynet)
-  Pals have been killed in tunnel collapses caused by heavy rains J Post)
-  Hamas’ Haniyeh said on Jan. 29 they are rebuilding tunnels in preparation for a future conflict with Israel (Ha'aretz)
-  The PA is denouncing Israel’s decision to create a mixed gender prayer section at the Western Wall.  They claim it a  Moslem Holy site (T of I)
-  In another Hamas tunnel collapse,  2 dead and 8 still missing (J Post)
-  An Israeli source claims Hamas is using aid provided for home building to rebuild tunnels  (J Post)
-  A report says that Hamas has built a line of  concrete military posts 500 meters apart , just inside the border fence (Ynet)
-  Mr Abbas is promising to rebuild terrorists homes destroyed by Israel (T I)

Both the PA and Hamas have declared Nashat Milhem a martyr after his killing of 3 people in Tel Aviv (Ynet)
-  Al-Qaeda  has released a video in which it threatens to attack Rome, Naples and  Madrid.  “  The attacks will be everywhere!’”(J Post)
-  The Arab murderer of Dafna Meir, mother  of 6, fled when he could not remove the knife from her body. The 15 year old perp has been captured (J Post)
-  Hamas leader Haniyeh says the present knife intifada is a holy war against the Zionist occupation (Hayon)
-  An 18 year old Pal was killed by the pipe bomb he intended to throw at Border Police when it exploded in his hands on Jan 23 (J Post) 2 Arab girls aged 18 have been arrested after making pipe bombs from instructions on the internet (Ha'aretz)
-  Residents on the southern border with Gaza are complaining of underground noise indicating tunnel boring by Hamas (J Post)
-  IS has declared the formation of a new IS Governorate in Russia’s north Caucusas  (D Alert)
-  2 suicide bombers killed 60 people in a Shi’ite Mosque in Damascus on Jan31  (T of I)
-  A Pal Police Officer was sot dead on Jan 31, after wounding 3 Israeli soldiers.  The Pal Police announced the operation and death with great pride ! (Ha'aretz)
-  At a PA funeral the leader shouted ‘its time to machine gun, kill 500 people (Jews)’ (T OF I)
-  An Israeli border police-woman Hadar Cohen,  was killed and another wounded by 3 Pal terrorists on Feb. The Pals were shot dead As well 2 teenage Arab girls were arrested after stabbing a security officer (J Post)
Father of terrorist who murdered Israeli Policewoman celebrates Son's martyrdom (D Alert)
-  After an Israeli soldier was stabbed in Ashkelon, another soldier chased the attacker for 2 Ks before shooting him dead (T of I)
-  A report says that IS is facilitating the delivery of weapons ordered by Hamas thro Bedouin, but taking up to 20 % of the weapons for  themselves (Imra)
-  A recent video shows Iranian backed Shia militia using an M1 US made Abrams tank, no doubt part of an Iraqi weapons array (D Alert)
-  On Feb 9 a Pal woman tried to stab  Police Officers in the Old City and a young Pal girl was apprehended carrying a knife in a West Bank settlement (J Post)

ISIS fighters who fled from their failed  defence of Ramadi to Mosul, were publicly burned alive in Mosul’s Town square.(Fox News)
-  A writer speaking of the young men fighting with ISIS says they want money, guns and respect as murderers and not ideology (N york T)
-  Research shows that up to 42,000 Moslems served with the German SS during the last war and had a great part in killing Jews and Christians in Bosnia, Serbia, Greece and Russia (T of I)
-  An ISIS captive says he was instructed to catch Jews and behead them shouting ‘allahu akba’ (Ynet)
-  A report shows that IS has cut ‘fighters’  pay package by half , as income drops (J Post)

Hizbullah is claiming that Russia is arming it with missiles, rockets and anti-tank weapons  The report is being dismissed by some as ‘disinformation’(Daily Beast)
-  An internat. operation has shut down a  Hizbullah drug sales operation funding Hiz. weapons for their Syria operation (CNN)

A recent report says that scores of Gov troops and IS militants have been killed in violent clashes in east Syria (J Post)

Libya is being seen as a safe haven for IS operatives and as a stepping stone to Europe (Wall St J)

JANUARY  2016  NO 229


-- Whilst Mr Netanyahu rejects Mr Trumps remarks about allowing Moslems into the US, he agrees to meet any Pres. hopeful (PMO)

-- Pres. hopeful Donald Trump still has 35 % support of the Republican voters following his anti Islam remarks, with 64 % saying they are NOT offended by his remarks (T of I)

-- Pres Obama claims IS has not been able to launch a major offensive since 2014 and the US and partners have killed several senior IS leaders (L A Times)

-- On Dec 16 the House of Reps. voted 425-0 to sanction Banks knowingly handling transactions with Hizbullah (The Hill)

-- It has been revealed that US troops are taking on a larger combat role in Afghanistan and are being deployed in Syria and in Cameroon (N York T)

-- The U.S. Treasury Department is preparing to impose financial sanctions on nearly a dozen companies and individuals in Iran, Hong Kong and the UAE for their role in developing Iran's ballistic missile program. (Wall St J)

-- 7 Democrats are calling on Pres. Obama to impose new sanctions on individuals and entities in Iran following its recent ballistic missile tests (D Alert)



-- There has been further confirmation of the success of the Arrow 3 anti missile system which is designed to destroy intercontinental missiles in their launch phase (T of I)

-- Israel has announced the successful and final testing of their David’s Sling missile defence system, designed to shoot down rockets with ranges of 100 to 200 km (63 to 125 miles), aircraft or low-flying cruise missiles. It will be operational in 2016 (Debka)

-- It is reported that Israeli rockets fired in eastern Damascus, have killed Samir Quntar, a nasty piece of work who killed a little Israel child by bashing its head in with a rifle butt (Debka)

-- Mr Netanyahu pointed out on Dec 15 that 75 % of the Pals reject the 2 State plan and 80 % support continual stabbings of Israelis (Ha'aretz)

-- Israeli forces shelled south Lebanon on Dec 20 after at least 3 rockets were fired into Israel. (T of I)

-- The head of the David’s Sling missile program says this is the first time such technology has been used…’its like something out of science fiction’ (J Post)

-- New figures show migration to Israel in 2015 as….France. 7900…..Russia 6000…..Ukraine, 6848….USA, 2940. The overall total of new arrivals reached 30,000(T of I)

-- More Christians are joining the IDF. There are about 165,000 Christian Arabs in Israel (J Post)

-- An Israeli company is to launch its first solar powered UAVs, with a thousand klms radius and which can stay aloft for 5 years. (D Alert)

-- Mr Netanyahu points out the difference between Israel and the Arabs. Israel rejects terrorism whilst the Arabs encourage it and incites towards it (J Post)

-- Disgraced former Israeli PM to go to gaol for 18 moths. (T of I)

-- Israel’s Education Member urges annexation the West Bank. We’ve done similar twice before (T of I)

-- The Barak 8 missile system developed by Israel/India, is designed to protect naval ships and offshore gas rigs from hostile aircraft, missiles and rockets, has successfully passed several tests (J Post)

-- Mr Netayahu whilst recently speaking of the ’brave’ murderous Islamic Arab that killed the humble gardener at the Cave of the Patriarchs on December 30, assured the Arabs that Israel is there to stay “You cannot defeat us” (D Alert)

-- Israeli officials say they recently discovered a truck carrying armor plates to Gaza and confiscated the load (T of I)

-- Between 1980 and 2014, life expectancy in Israel increased from 74.1 to 82.4 years and GNI per capita increased from $14,498 to $30,676 Jewish population in Israel reached 6.335 million at the end of 2015. Over the past year, 176,700 babies were born and 28,000 new immigrants came to the country. 25% of the new immigrants came from France, 24% from Ukraine, 23% from Russia and 9% from the U.S. (Globes)

-- The IDF searched a home in the Hebron area and found weaponry, munitions and a rocket launcher (J Post)

-- A report shows that Israel’s economy is expanding at 2.3 %, which is better than a lot of other countries (D Alert)



-- On Dec 7 Israel released news of a thwarted terror plot last summer for 60 Pal terrorists to exit a tunnel near Sderot and kill maim or take captive many Israelis. 4 Israeli soldiers were killed in the action (Hayom)

-- The IDF is accusing Hamas of allowing snipers to the Gaza/Israeli border, following multiple attacks (Imra)

-- On the night of Dec. 22, the IDF arrested 17 Pals in the West Bank and seized rifles and combat gear (T of I)

-- The Israel Security Service uncovered a large Hamas terror cell comprised mostly of Pal students from Al Quds Uni. suspected of preparing terror attacks in Israel (T of I)

-- There have been 20 Israelis killed in the current knife attacks and 80 Pals have been shot dead (Wash Post)

-- More Pal knife attackers were shot dead on Dec 27/28 and one arrested. (D Alert)

-- Thousands of young men like being terrorists because suddenly they are people to be feared and they are paid well. Terrorism will never cease until the source of funds to activate it are destroyed (GPL)

-- A German journo says that the only army IS fears is the Israeli army (J Post)

-- Late Dec a Hamas cell controlled from Gaza, was discovered in East Jerusalem. Information gleaned showed that Hamas is planning to resume suicide bombing attacks against Israelis (T of I)

-- An Israeli soldier was killed in a shooting attack in Hebron on Jan 3 and 2 Israelis were killed by an Arab-Israeli Neshat Melham in a shooting attack at a Tel Aviv pub on Jan 1. Melham also killed an Arab taxi driver during his escape from the scene . Melham was later located and killed(Ha'aretz)

-- A writer points out that Islam is surrounding Israel from the north, the east and the south, whilst Iran helps Hamas etc, in the west, to rebuild rocket stocks to enable new attacks on Israel (D Alert)

-- Hamas and Fatah’s new calls for more violence against Israel shows they now have nothing to offer the Pals but violence and death (Gatestone)

-- 4 Pals were shot dead on Dec 31 as they tried to attack Israeli soldiers (J Post)



-- It was announced on Dec 30 that Russia will deliver 46 ‘navalised’ attack helicopters to Egypt, A skeptic suggests that Egypt will never be able to pay for them (D Alert)

-- Egypt’s new Ambass Hazem Khairat was welcomed in Israel on January 3, after a 3 year absence of Ambass. (D Alert)



-- Turkey is showing renewed interest in warming relations with Israel now that their Russian relationship turns sour. Pres Erdogan now says that Turkey and Israel ‘need’ each other!!!(J Post)

-- Turkey claims to be building a modern aircraft carrier to be in service 20121 (Daily Beast)



-- Iran is racing ahead to fulfill demands which will allow it to regain Millions of $ of sanctions money, but also increasing its belligerent activities thro terrorism, and daring the west to respond (D Alert)

-- A report shows Iran in a 7 year drought with 70 % of its groundwater depleted over the last 50 years!!! (N. York T)

-- A writer reveals that Iran withdrew Rev. Guard troops from Syria and sent them to Iraq after disagreements with Russia (D Alert)

-- With ‘tongue in cheek’, Iran is demanding ‘damages’ from USA for various US actions dating back to 1953. (TV-Iran)

-- Oil prices at $37 bill are a headache to Iran’s budget as their oil income plunges. As well, dust storms and severe water shortages cause enormous problems (Wall S J)

-- On Jan 5 Iran TV showed a storage facility of weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads (Reuters)



-- A writer again points out that Russia’s grand plans in Syria are a failure. He points out too that Iran has withdrawn more than half its forces (D Alert)

-- Russian forces now total about 5000 in Syria but with underpaid Syrian forces tired of the war, ‘things’ are not going well’ (Defence News)

-- A report says that Russia has positioned 10 of its 89 satellites over Syria. USA has 400 satellites. (Daily Beast)

-- A Russian airstrike near Damascus, has killed Zahran Alloush, a top commander in the Army of Islam, a group which opposes Pres. Assad (N Y T)

-- The Iranian and Hizbullah leaderships are starting to know that Russia's priority is to save Assad's regime, not to protect Iran's interests. (D Alert)

-- (NOTE: Also Russia‘s military is testing new weapons and practising assault tactics in a cheap war where the opposition hardly counts anyway (GPL)



-- An Egyptian scholar points out that the Al Aqsa mosque did not exist in Mahommed’s day and Jerusalem had no mosques. He says that the present emphasis on the Al Aqsa mosque is a political game (Memri)

-- A report claims that IS has deliberately executed at least 5,000 Yazidi men and sold 7,000 Yazidi women as sex slaves (Gatestone)

-- The leader of IS, Abu Baghdadi, again threatens Israel by claiming ‘Palestine’ will be their graveyard. Such threats have been repeated over and over for nearly a century, but Israel thrives whilst Islamic Arabs wallow in misery. ( L A Times)

-- IS in Sinai is now receiving millions of dollars in aid from various sources and is calling for action against Israel!! (Ynet)

-- Defectors from IS reveal corruption, disgust over the slave trade, brutality and battlefield errors causing many unnecessary deaths (D Alert)

-- A Report shows that the IS affiliate, Sinai Province, with at least 1,000 men, now has all the weapons a militant group could wish for and is becoming a formidable threat to the south of Israel (D Alert)

-- A recent report suggests that, even if IS is defeated, it paves the way for a total take-over by the Shi’ites of the nations between Lebanon and Iran (D Alert)

-- A writer points out that most Islamic states and associations look on Christmas as unholy and in some states, attempting to celebrate Christmas may bring imprisonment (N York T)



-- A report claims that Hizbullah has lost up to 1500 dead in fighting to support Pres Assad’s power in Syria (T of I)

-- A report out of Lebanon suggests Hizbullah is in financial strife and failed to pay Nov. and Dec. salaries (T of I)

-- On Jan 4 Hizbullah, testing Israel, detonated a large explosive device on the Israeli border, which caused no serious damage (J Post)



-- A report tells of Jordanian refusal to allow Hamas leader, Khaled Mashaal to visit..”He is unwelcome here” (Meid)



-- Whilst there is a large support in Britain for the BDS activity against Israel, imports of Israeli goods almost doubled to $4 (Biil) in 2014



-- Saudi Arabia is forming a coalition of 35 governments to battle terrorism (Meid)

-- Saudi is reeling from low oil prices and has raised electricity, fuel and gas prices whilst continuing the leading of a coalition fighting the war in Yemen, bankrolling rebels in Syria and sending money to prop up the Sisi regime in Egypt. (UK Fin T)

-- Saudi has executed 47 people, amongst whom was the Shi’ite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, thus further enraging Iran. Some al-Qaeda linked Sunnis were also executed (BBC)

-- Saudi has broken diplomatic ties with Iran following the sacking of the Saudi Embassy building in Teheran, but there has been widespread M/East condemnation of Iran’s interference in the region (Al Arabiyia )

-- China, Saudi’s largest oil customer, is losing patience with Saudi support of Chinese militants. Also Turkey reports that the majority of jihadists crossing into Syria to join IS, are Chinese (Asia Times)



-- As Hamas goes broke and cannot pay its civil servants, they plan to ‘pay them’ by giving them parcels of former Israeli settlement land (Gatestone)

-- A recent poll shows that 49 % of Pals support attacks on Israelis whilst only 36 % oppose (D Alert)

-- A report says that Hamas has been sending thousands of dollars to the IS in Sinai,converting a rag tag group of militants into an aggressive well trained army (Ynet)

-- Hamas boasting of terror and rocket attacks on Israel shows the force of the hatred with which Israel has to deal with daily (Hayom)

-- Chairman Abbas has been accused of corruption by some officials in his own admin. (J Post)

-- As Hamas concentrates on preparing for its next war with Israel, the list of materials confiscated at crossings into Gaza reveals a startling array of products needed for Hamas to create rockets. (Ynet)

-- The PA tries to get IS to ATTACK Israel but forgets that if that happens, IS will undoubtedly attack them too!! (D Alert)

-- PA Security official al-Damirir tells children the way to succeed in ‘revolution with Israel is to ‘water it with (Jewish)

-- blood’ (D Alert)

-- A writer examining Pal leadership motives concludes that an overwhelming majority of Pals support an armed campaign against Israel and want to see it destroyed (Gatestone)

-- 3 men from a Hamas ‘cell’ have been indicted for planning to kill PM Netanyu Six Hamas members have been arrested for planning to kidnap Israelis (Ynet)



-- The French aircraft carrier Charles De Gaul, accompanied by Belgian and German support vessels, is report to be striking IS targets from the Persian Gulf (D Alert)

-- “Christians’ in Bethlehem are now a tiny minority and have had to cancel Christmas celebrations following threats from Moslems (D Alert)

-- A report claims Pakistan has vowed to wipe Iran off the map if it makes any move to harm Saudi Arabia (Debka)


DECEMBER  2015  NO 228


-- Yitzak Navon, 5 th Pres of Israel, born to a Jerusalem family who lived there for over 300 years, has died at 94 (Ha'aretz)

-- Israel accuses the EU of discrimination by their labeling laws and also says the move is forbidden under internat. law (J Post)

-- A report says that Mr Netanyahu recently US sought aid worth $50 (BILL) over 50 years from 2018 (Globes)

-- On Nov 12 an Israeli undercover team arrested a Pal terrorist in a hospital in Hebron. A relative objected violently and was shot dead (J Post)

-- An Israel/Chinese investment summit in Jan 2016, will likely result in a NIS 1 Billion $ deal between the 2 countries (Globes)

-- On Nov 18 Israeli police arrested several Arab citizens in a Galilee village for preparing to travel to Syria to join ISIS (J Post)

-- On Nov 19 Mr Netanyahu confirmed that the homes of terrorists will be demolished and their residency revoked. Over a thousand Pal residents of the Hebron area have had their entry into Israel permits revoked (J Post)

-- A report reveals there are over 400 cameras covering the streets of the Old City, helping the quick arrest of militants (Ynet )

Israel’s Budget passed with NIS 383.86 (Bill) for 2015 and NIS 424.81 (Bill) for 2016 (J Post)

-- A report says that Israeli jets attacked Hizbullah weapons depot on the Syrian/Lebanon border killing at least 13 Hizbullah militants. (J Post)

-- A report says that Israel now has a system to protect their aircraft from shoulder launched missiles (Ha'aretz)

-- Israeli gas from the Leviathan field will soon flow to an Egyptian company, after a contract to last 15 years was recently signed (J Post)

-- A recent report says that Israelis are amongst the highest educated in the developed world, with 49 % having attained higher education degrees, compared with the OECD average of 34 % (J Post)

-- A recent report praises the economy of Israel which continues to grow in spite of political tensions in and around the State (Detroit News)

-- Israel’s new Barak-8 missile defence system, designed to protect ships and off shore rigs, has passed its rigorous tests and will be operational within 2 years (J Post)

-- In retaliation for the EU attitude on labeling some Israeli products, Israel has suspended diplomatic contacts with EU institutions in matters relating to the peace process with the Pals.(Los. Angeles. T )

An Israeli kibbutz is producing caviar that sells for $4,000 for a 2 pound jar (NBC)

-- There was a ceremony in Jerusalem on Nov 30, to ‘remember’ the more than 800,000 Jews expelled from Middle East, Iran and North African countries in the 20 th century (Hayom)

-- Mr Netanayu admitted on December 1 that Israel operates in Syria as the necessity arises to prevent terror against Israel and the transfer of weapons from Syria to Lebanon. (D Alert)

-- A report says that tenders are being invited for the construction of the Red Sea to the Dead Sea canal to replenish the Dead Sea and thus increase desalination and provide thousands of jobs (J Post)

-- Israel’s trade with Vietnam has rocketed from $200 (Mill) in 2009 to almost $1.1 (BILL) in 2014 (J Post)

-- Israel reveals that during operation Protective Edge in 2014, terrorists tried to hit an offshore drilling platform but the weapon used was not precise enough (Ha'aretz)

-- On Dec 6 Mr Netabyahu adamantly proclaimed that Israel will not become a binational state, no matter what John Kerry thinks (PMO)

-- On Dec 6 the IDF discovered dozens of pipe bombs and weapons in an underground hideout in a West Bank Pal village near Hebron (T of I )


-- A report on Nov. 12 says that Russia has signed 2 very large scale contracts with the Iranian army. (Meid)

-- A writer says there are up to 20 million Moslems in Russia with nearly 2 million in Moscow alone (Wash Post)

-- The new Russian S-400 Air Def. System being installed at Latakia in Syria, is claimed to have a 250 miles range (D Mail-UK)

-- A recent report again claims Rusiian actions in Syria have failed to weaken the insurgency (wash Post)

-- A report tells of Russia using Cruise missiles and long range bombers against ISIS sites in Raqqa, Syria, possibly destroying 140 facilities Wall ST J)

-- Russia is to build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant under a loan scheme (Reuters)

-- Pres Putin met Iran’s Ali Khamenei in Iran on Nov 23. Khamenei told Putin there is a western ‘conspiracy’ that, he said, is dangerous to both Iran and Russia (Wash Post)

-- Russian presence in Syria has grown to 4 operating ground bases and 2 air bases (Fox News )


-- Turkey shot down a Russian warplane on Nov 24 claiming it warned the pilot several times. Mr Putin denies this claim!! (Meid)

-- A report claims Russia has started to supply the S-300/400 Air Def, system to Iran (Taas )


-- A report claims that 23,000 IS militants have been killed in fighting since the start of fighting (USA Today )


-- A report shows that the 5 th Fleet in the Gulf will grow to 40 ships, most equipped with a powerful laser weapons system which can deal with ballistic missiles, small attack craft etc. (Defence News)

-- A recent fund raiser for the IDF, in Beverly Hills , Cal, raised $31 (Mill) in one night (AP )

-- USA think they killed Abu Nabil, senior leader of Islamic State in Libya, in an air strike on Nov 13 (N York T)

-- The House has overwhelmingly approved a bill to suspend the program that allows Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the U.S. until key national security agencies certify they don't pose a security risk. The vote was 289-137, with nearly 50 Democrats joining Republicans in favor of the bill (CNN )

-- Jonathan Pollard released after 30 years in gaol for spying (N York T)

-- On Nov 20 US planes destroyed 116 IS fuel trucks after warning the drivers to leave the area (AP)

-- Jonathan Pollard was paroled out of a federal prison on Nov. 20 (N York T)

-- US Sct of State Kerry has told Israel the USA will not recognize Israeli constructions in the West Bank settlement blocks. (Ha'aretz)

-- USA is to send a 200 man special force to help Iraqi and Kurdish force to fight IS (AFP )

"We're at war," Ashton, Carter Def. Sec said. "Tens of thousands of U.S. personnel are operating in the broader Middle East region, and more are on the way." (Meid)

-- A report says that the US is about to readjust its assault tactics against IS, risking more civilian casualties (Stars and Stripes )

USA claims to be killing a high level IS State figure every 2 days (Wash Post)

-- A recent US report maintains that IS will continue to spread worldwide unless contained on the battlefield (Daily Beast )


-- A report says that Israeli aircraft struck warehouses near Damascus, probably targeting weapons about to be transferred to Hizbullah! (J Post)

-- A Report claims that Assad’s Syrian forces are bogged down without achieving much at all despite Russian air assistance (J Post)

-- Air strikes by Russia and the USA killed 33 IS militants in a few days and IS families are leaving Raqqa, which has been destroyed by Russian air attacks, and heading for Mosul in Iraq (BBC )


-- Pal youth is being bombarded with gov. sponsored hate music against Jews plus accusations that the terrorists killed were innocent people attacked by the Jews who planted knives on them after killing them (Fox)

-- A recent report claims 62 % of Pals oppose peace with Israel and 50 % favour an intifada against Israel (D Alert)

-- A Pal poll shows that the top priority of the majority of Pals in Gaza and the West Bank is making enough money to live comfortably (D Alert)

-- Fatah man Tawfiq Tirawi clams his 2 year son sings…” Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists!!” (Pal Media Watch)

-- A writer says that the Pals are generally very supportive of the current violence of the violence against Israelis (Hayom)

-- PA Security claim to have arrested 6 members of a Jihah cell carrying explosives meant to be used against Israel. They also claim to have thwarted at least 100 Pal terror attacks against Israelis, since Oct 1. (T of I )


-- Saudi Arabia is expected to buy $1.29 (Bill) worth of armaments from the US (Meid )


-- Russia is to build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant, on credit!! (Reuters)

-- Egyptian Border guards discovered a network of 17 tunnels with 40 cm. thick walls under the Egyptian/Gaza border (Ynet )


-- On Nov 11 London Mayor Boris Johnson, whilst visiting the Western Wall, confirmed he has Jews in his family line, on his mother’s side (J Post)

-- The UK’s first bombing target was an oil field in eastern Syria (CNN )


-- With an estimated 80,000 ‘fighters’ IS is thought to control 40 % of Iraq and 50 % of Syria (Debka )

An IS bomb killed 43 people in Beirut early Nov. and wounded hundreds more (T of I)

-- Prominent Pal preacher al- Mughrabi has been indicted for saying ‘the Children of Israel’ will be wiped out’ etc (T of I)

-- Just as countless thousands died after 9/11, so many thousands more Arabs will die as a result of the Paris bombings (GPL)

-- On November 14 the IDF destroyed the homes of terrorists who have been convicted of recently murdering Israelis (Ynet)

-- 2 Bethlehem Stone factories have been closed after Pal youths used the stones to throw at Israelis (J Post)

-- Organised Arab terrorism ignores the fact that retribution kills many more of their own (GPL)

-- A report reveals that the battle for Kobani cost IS up to 5,000 killed. Also, the IS recruits are dwindling down enormously (D Alert)

-- A report reveals that IS is financed by criminal activities and the sale of $40 million of oil a month!! (The Hill)

-- A suicide bombing in southern Syria on Nov. 15 killed six of the top leaders of the Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade, an ISIS militia that holds parts of the Syrian Golan Heights. (Fox News)

-- More Pal rioters have been shot dead and many arrested, and caches of weapons confiscated on Nov 26 in the West Bank (J Post)

-- 3 East Jerusalem Arabs were indicted on Nov 30, for conspiring to carry out shooting and kidnapping attacks against Jews on the Temple Mount and Israeli security forces in eastern Jerusalem. (J Post)

-- The homes of 2 Hamas terrorists who killed 4 Israelis, have been demolished (J Post)

-- 2 Pal terrorists were shot after attacking Israelis, on Dec 3-4 (J Post)

-- Stabbing and vehicular ramming attacks continued in Israel over the week end of Dec 6, with attackers shot or arrested (J Post)

-- Despite heavy air attacks and sanctions,, recruits to IS have more than doubled in the past year, lured by money and adventure (Wall St J)

-- A report claims that terrorists are competing for greater glory and entrance into paradise where they will enjoy things banned in this life (T of I)

-- A writer describes IS as an existential struggle between utterly dysfunctional states and an obscenely savage brand of theocratic fanaticism (D Alert )


-- The northern Branch of the Islamic movement in Israel, run by Raad Salah, has at last been declared illegal (PMO)

-- A report claims IS is working towards producing chemical weapons (AP)

-- An Arab writer says that ‘allah forbids us to murder and Mahommed forbids us to murder and the Qu’ran forbids us to murder’ !!!!(Gatestone )


-- Israel;’s assessment of the number of Hiz. rockets pointed at Israel, has risen to 150,000 (T of I )


-- Since late Oct, 53 Rev. Guards fighting in Syria have been killed (D Alert)

-- On Nov 21 units of Iran’s Rev’ Guards simulated an attack on the Temple Mount in Israel (J Post)

-- At least 67 Iranian militiamen have been killed in fighting in Syria since the beginning of October (Wash Post)

-- Iran has tested a new ballistic missile with a range of 2,000 km and capable of carrying a nuclear warhead (Fox )


-- On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution which adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine recommended by the majority of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (D Alert)

-- On November 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly voted in favor of a resolution which adopted the plan for the partition of Palestine recommended by the majority of the UN Special Committee on Palestine (D Alert )


-- A recent report claims IS now has 5,000 militants in Sirte on the Libyan coast (Wall St J )


-- In expected retribution, French fighter jets bombed a series of important sites in the ISIS held town of Raqqa, on Nov 15, just 2 days after IS terrorists killed 129 people in Paris.(CNN)

-- France has been the only Euro nation bombing Isis after Britain and Canada quit (Ynet)

-- BDS attempts against Israel suffer as Israel signs agreements with China and Germany and Hungary refuses to abide by the EU decision to label Israel goods (J Post)

-- After removing Golan wines from its shelves, the German chain KaDeWE has apologized and replaced them (JTA)

-- The Chief Rabbi of Brussels, Belgium, says there is ‘there is no future for Jews in Europe and ‘aliya’ to Israel is the important thing for all Jews ”(J Post)

-- Greek PM recently visiting Israel acknowledged Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (124)

-- On Nov 23 Australia’s FM expressed 100 % support for Israel (D Alert)

-- Germany is to send 1200 troops to the M/East in a logistics support role (UK Tele)

-- Greek PM tells Mr Netanyahu that Greece opposed the EU anti-Israel labeling law (T of I)

-- 200 Belgiums a year have been migrating to Israel but that figure is rising rapidly. Jews from Brazil are moving to Israel. The Chief Rabbi says Jews realize there is no future for Jews in Europe (Tele-UK )

Germany had expressed its opposition to the EU plan to label goods from the West Bank etc. but may change (J Post )

NOVEMBER 2015  NO 227


-- A retired Israel General makes the point that the Pals believe that everything they have ever suffered is some one else’s fault, never their own (D Alert)
-- Border Guards platoons numbering about 1300 reversists called up to help quell Arab violence (Debka)
-- Israel’s Iron Dome shoots down 2 rockes from Gaza (J Post)
-- Mr Netanyahu says that after 100 years, Israel’s enemies have NOT learned that terrorism will never defeat the Zionist enterprise (J Post)
-- In a recent address to the Knesset, Mr Netanyahu called PA’s Abbas a liar and called on him to stop inciting the Arabs to murder and and violence (J Post)
-- Speaking to the Knesset on Oct 13, Mr Netanyahu said that anyone who raises their hand against us will pay dearly!! (PMO)
-- An Israel paper accuses Moslem political and religious leaders of deceiving Moslems world wide into believing Israel threatens the Al-Aqsa mosque (Hayom)
-- Israel is to revoke residency permits of East Jerusalemites who perpetrate acts of violence against Israelis(Meid)
-- Mentioned recently in a list of Israeli inventions is the WaterGen which generates drinking water from the air (D Alert)
-- Israel and the US are resuming defence aid talks which will improve Israel’s ability to defend itself (Reuters)
-- Israel’s Rep to the UN accused Arabs of using the Al AQsa mosque as a storage place for all kinds of offensive weapons in their bid to harm and stop Israelis and others from entering the Temple Mount (D Alert)
-- Israeli law may be changed to allow minors 12 and over to be gaoled for terrorist activities (J Post)
-- Israel Aerospace Industries have developed a ‘DRONE GUARD” system which can cause an offending drone to return to base or crash land (I.D)
-- Israel has killed an ‘Iranian Field Commander’ in Gaza (Ynet)
-- In the 3 weeks to Oct 20, Israel has lost 10 people to Pal terror attacks (J Post)
-- Israel‘s Ambass to the UN says that the terror in Israel is NOT a cycle of violence but simply unprovoked attacks against Israelis for no reason other than the fact that they are Jews living in their historic homeland (J Post)
-- 12 of the graduating students at the Israeli combat officer training were from ‘foreign’ countries such as USA, Germany , Italy, the Netherlands, Brazil and Greece (T of I)
-- An Israeli ‘start up’ company claims to have found a way to cause cancer cells to allow themselves to be killed off (T of I)
-- Talks between Israel and the USA will result in a new defence package aimed at maintaining Israel’s ‘qualitative edge’ (J Post)
-- Israel and Jordan have agreed on the installation of surveillance cameras on the Temple Mount. (AP)
-- Speaking to the UN on Oct 27, Mr Ya’alon said Islam calls for the destruction of the Jewish State because Islamic ideology demands it (D Alert)
-- On Nov 1 Israeli jets hit Hizbullah targets in southern Syria as well as a base of militant supporters of Assad (J Post)
-- Azerbaijan welcomed a 4 MK Israel delegation to help supervise an election on October 30 (J Post)
-- Israel has been selected to join an International Task Force to combat financing of terrorism and money laundering (J Post)
-- Israel is seeking Osprey aircraft from US, They are capable of reaching Iran (T of I)
-- Mr Netanyahu flew to Washington on Nov 8 for talks re an increase in USA military aid (J Post)
-- Mr Netanyahu says that his talks with Pres Obama will include the need to maintain Israel’s power edge (T of I)


-- By October 8 Russia was talking about ‘volunteer’ Russian ground forces entering the war in Syria and a tent city for nearly 2000 is in place near Latakia (N York T)
-- The Pentagon claims that of the 26 Cruise missiles fired by Russia into Syria, 4 went astray and landed in Iran!! (Pentagon)
-- On Oct 13 ‘insurgents’ fired 2 shells at the Russian embassy in Damascus (AP)
-- Both Turkey and Saudi Arabia have warned Russia its intervention in Syria is a big mistake and WILL END BADLY (J Post)
-- A writer claims that ONE THIRD of Moscow in now Moslem!! (J Post)
-- Russia is showing great interest in investing in Iran and is proposing a ‘credit line of $5 Billion to help Iran finance various developments (Meid)
-- A report claims that Russia is flying Iranian arms into Syria twice a day in breach of 2 UN Sec. Council resolutions (Fox)
-- Another 700 Russians from Dagestan have recently left to join IS, bringing the total Russians doing so to about 2500 (AP)
-- A Russian passenger plane crashed in the Sinai killing all on board. IS claims responsibility, but it was later revealed that praps an internal explosion (bomb)
-- destroyed the plane(CNN)
-- Russia’s ‘fuel-air explosive used in Syria, burns all the oxygen in the area or obliterates those in the strike zone (Express)
-- An article points out that with 4000 personel, Russian intervention in Syria is having little effect (D Alert)
-- British investigators say intell leads them to believe a bomb was placed on the Russian plane that crashed recently (BBC)


-- Pres Obama’s ‘teacher’ of years ago now says Israel is an apartheid state and that Jesus was a Palestinian (T of I)
-- The US has warned governments and bankers that Iran sanctions are still in place (Reuters)
-- A US and Kurdish commando raid on Oct 22, has freed 70 IS prisoners already doomed to execution (N York T)
-- The US is to cut aid to The West Bank and Gaza by $80 million because of incitement against Israelis (Al Monitor)
-- On Oct 27 USA pledged to enhance the entire spectrum of strategic cooperation with Israel (Def News)
-- Pres. hopeful Trump says that Obama hates Israel and Israel will be safe if he is elected Pres (T of I)
-- Some US lawmakers are demanding the USA impose fresh sanctions against Iran following the arrest in Iran of US=Iranian oil executive. (Wall St J)
-- USA has placed sanctions on at least 4 companies associated with HIzbullah freezing their assets and forbidding companies from dealing with them (Wall St J)
-- A White House assessment shows that there is no chance of a ‘2 State solution in Israel during the Presidents’ remaining time in power (J Post)
-- Strong employment figures show US unemployment down to 5 % (Wash Post)
-- In Israel, former US Congresswoman Bachmann says return of Jesus imminent (T of I)


-- Egyptian clashes with terrorists in Sinai resulted in 20 terrorists killed and many others wounded (J Post)
-- A report shows that Egypt has destroyed many Hamas smuggling tunnels by flooding them (J Post)


-- IS bombing in Turkey kills 128 and wounds hundreds (T of I)
-- Fresh elections in Turkey resulted in Pres Erdogan retaining power even as he faces much unrest (Meid)


-- There have been 1809 reported cases of cholera in the last month (Meid)


-- On Oct 14 Iran broadcast pictures of an underground tunnel packed with missiles and launcher units, boasting there are many of them across the country (Voa)
-- A major assault on Aleppo (Syria)
-- is being led by Iran, using Iranian & Hizbullah troops plus Shi’ite militias from Iraq and elsewhere (Wash Post)
-- The commander of Iran’s ground forces says Iran has missiles poised to destroy Israel and in his wishful thinking he states that Israel is close to collapse (Meid)
-- A report says that 29 officers of the Rev Guard were killed in Syria in the last 2 weeks of Oct (Memri)
-- A recent article accuses America of legalizing Iran’s projection of power (Tablet)
-- Quite a few Iranian ‘commanders’ are refusing to serve in Syria (D Alert)
-- Figures show that165 Iranians have been killed in Syria since Jan 13 2014, with 34 killed in this Oct, (J Post)


-- On Oct 9 in spite of Russia’s appearance, IS captured several several villages in north west Syria (Wash Post)
-- An air strike killed about 40 IS men as their convoy left Raqqa, the de facto IS ‘capital’ (T of I)
-- On Oct 4 IS seized control of the highway to Aleppo thus severing the Syrian army’s supply line (Debka)
-- Despite heavy bombardments by the Russians, rebel troops are pushing towards the the Latakia area where Russia’s main base is (Daily Beast)
-- A writer points out that even with the influx of thousands of ‘fighters’ to support Assad, plus Russian air power, no decisive results have been achieved (Ha'aretz)


-- When 400 Pal rioters tried to breach border fence, 7 killed by Israeli fire (T of I)
-- 3 Israelis were killed in separate incidents on Oct 12 (Meid)
-- On Oct 13, about 30 Gazans breached the border fence before being rounded up and forced back to where they came from (J Post)
-- A Pal fire bomber set himself ablaze as he attempted to throw a firebomb at Israeli soldiers (J Post)
-- A Syrian rebel group has plans to locate Russian troops and blow them up with suicide bombers ((D Alert)
-- Al Qaeda is calling on Moslems in Russian areas to attack military and civilian targets and offer 3 million euros for anyone killing Syria’s Assad and 2 million for killing Hizbullah’s Nasrallah!!!! (Wash Post)
-- The home of a Hebron man who killed an Israeli woman has been demolished (J Post)
-- Since the renewed violence against Israel started, 10 Israelis have been killed (J Post)
-- A terrorist sniper cell in Gaza has been identified and eliminated (J Post)
-- Terrorism continued in Israel on Oct 21 with Israelis wounded and several Pal terrorists killed. (J Post)
-- ISIS world wide daily terror attacks jumped 42 % July to September 2015 despite increased attacks against it (NBC)
-- On Oct 27, 2 Pal terrorists were shot dead as they tried to kill Israelis (J Post)
-- An Islamic State video threatens Jews “We are coming for you from all over the world…no Jew will be left alive “ (D Alert)
-- New info reveals that12 Israelis and 70 Pals have been killed to date in the current violence (D Alert)
-- An article points our that the ‘knife intifada’ has failed in its object (J Post)


-- UNESCO is seeking to condemn Israel for daring to oppose terrorism and it declares the Western Wall is part of the Al-Aqsa mosque compound (Meid)
-- It has been revealed that 10 UN ‘staffers’ have been inciting Pals to stabbing and shooting attacks against Jews


-- An Islamic cleric, Mughrabi, is predicting that the “Children of Israel will be exterminated and the anti-Christ will be killed’ (Meid)
-- 7,000 troops from Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and Hizbullah have arrived in Syria readying for a combined ‘push’ against rebels opposing Pres Assad (J Post)


-- A Pal Law student who murdered 2 Israelis has received an honorary law degree from the Pal Bar assoc. (Hayom)
-- A paper points out that a convicted bomb making PA man, Barghouti, who killed 66 people and wounded 500, has accumulated a 6 figure sum/reward from the PA (J Post)
-- The PA says they will bring charges against Israeli leaders for’field executions’ of terrorists (J Post)
-- A Moslem cleric preaching (!!) in Gaza, holds a large knife and exhorts Pals to form stabbing squads (D Tel Aust)
-- Fatah is again claiming that the only way to a Pal state is through violence and resistance (T of I)
-- In spite of Arab lies about Israel changing the rules on the Temple Mount, this has not happened (Politico)
-- Whilst the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem asserts there has never been a Jewish temple atop the Temple Mount, and that the site has been home to a mosque “since the creation of the world.the Quran apparently disagrees with him in 17: 4- 8 ((J Post)
-- CD’s being sold in the West Bank include titles such as ‘Stab the Zionist and say God is great… Let the knives Stab your enemy….Run over Run over the Settler” (N York T)
-- Gaza University Dean of Koran Studies Approves Killing Jewish Women and Children (J Post)
-- A Palestinian writes “It is time we Palestinians stopped pretending that we can destroy Israel or drive the Jews into the sea. They are here to stay” (J Post)
-- Pal security officials claim that around Jerusalem there are thousands of weapons hidden in Arab homes and other hiding places (Ynet)
-- With ‘tongue in cheek’, Mr Abbas has called on the UN to establish a ‘regime of protection’ to protect them from attacks by Israel !! (T of I)
-- A new Iran backed terror group, Al -Sabireen, has surfaced in Gaza with about 400 adherents and Grad and Faja missiles (Gatestone)
-- On Oct 24, cleric Abu Ahmad, speaking in the Al-Aqsa mosque, called on allah to destroy the Jews (MEMRI) (See Ex 35:13)
-- The current unrest by Pals is threatening the livelihood of about 200,000 Pals working in Israel (D Alert)
-- New Arab teaching is that Abraham and Moses were Moslems and Jesus a Palestinian!!(Hayom)


-- After losing dozens of ‘commanders’ in Syria and 1263 ‘fighters,’ Hizbullah supporters are starting to question Hizbullah’s role in Syria (D Alert)


-- The head of MI 5 is warning of mass casualty terror attacks in England, directed by IS terrorists in Syria (Tele-UK)


-- A report says that the last remaining Jews in Yemen are being told to convert to Islam or leave! (Meid)
-- Some Gulf countries are in talks with Israel, interested in buying the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system as protection against Iran (N York T)
-- On Oct 15 US and Kurdish forces attacked an IS prison in north Iraq, freeing dozens of Kurdish hostages and taking several IS fighters captive (Debka)
-- A report claims that by December 2015, the Moslen invasion of Europe may total 1.5 million (Gatestone)
-- Canada and Israel reaffirmed their long standing friendship, by phone on October 22 (Globe)

OCTOBER 2015  NO 226


--Israeli forces fired back at Syrian positions after 2 shells landed on the Golan on Sept 27 (Ha'aretz)

--Israel says it has identified up to 50 Pal youth who are driving the riots on the Temple Mount (T of I)

--A total lunar eclipse combined with a supermoon, which briefly appeared shaded deep red and thus produced a so-called "Blood Moon" was visible in Jerusalem on Sept 28 ! (Meid)

--Mr Netanyahu has made it plain to Russia it is not interested in who controls Syria but will strike anyone who violates Israel’s sovereignty ‘I suggest no one tests us’ (J Post)

--As Mr Netanyahu left for the United NationsGen Assy meeting in New York, he blamed the Pals for taking war material, firebombs and fireworks on to the Temple Mount (Meid)

--On Sept 30 Israel launched air strikes on Hamas Gaza installations in retaliation for rocket fire from Gaza. The Iran Dome destroyed the rocket (Meid)

--A new Israel UAV, the Dominator XP can fly at 27,000 feet and can easily reach Iran (Walla News)

--Mr Netanyahu’s address to the UN on October 2, included a note of sadness and incredulity at the attitude of world governments and the UN towards his country. (Meid)

--On Oct1 Mr Netanyahu spoke forcibly about lies spread by Mr Abbas who claims Israel is dedicated to changing the status quo on the Temple Mount. Mr Abbas ignores the fact that his fellow Islamists are smuggling explosives into the so called sacred Al-Aqsa mosque PMO)

--In a speech to the UN, Mr Netanyahu listed over 7 major terrorists complaints against Iran, pointing out tat their terrorist support will get a lot worse when and if sanctions are lifted (D Alert)

--Many Jews and Christians recoil in disbelief that Israel’s Pres Peres will join the Pope in Rome to participate in an interfaith prayer event at the invitation of Pope Francis, particularly as the Pope recently said that Jesus death on the cross was a failure (T of I)

--On Oct 4 Israeli forces arrested several terrorists in Jenin and seized weapons and explosives (J Post)

--Israel has announced the installation of cameras along West Bank roads and in the air to quickly deal with Pal attacks (J Post)

--The Israel Defense Ministry announced on Oct 6 the completion of sensor-based electronic security fences surrounding 12 Israeli communities near the border with Gaza. (J Post)

--A Company drilling for oil on the Golan claims to have found a layer of oil producing shale 350 meters thick, which is ten times larger than the average find world wide (T of I)

--On Oct 7 Mr Netanyahu banned all 120 members of the Knesset from visiting the Temple Mount, in an attempt to avoid further ‘dangerous provocation’ (Meid)

--A retired Israel General makes the point that the Pals believe that everything they have ever suffered is some else’s fault, never their own (D Alert)



--For the first time since taking office in 2009, President Obama failed to mention the Israeli-Palestinian conflict during his annual address to the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday September 28 !! (J Post)

--A US General says, “Russia's presence in Syria had little to do with fighting the Islamic State and a lot to do with propping up Syrian President Assad and trying to keep ISIS out of Russia’s domain” (Wash Post)

--A bill that would bar the Obama administration from releasing billions of dollars in sanctions relief to Iran before Tehran pays $43.5 billion it owes to victims of terrorism passed the House of Reps. in a 251-173 vote September 1 (Wash Free Beacon)

--The FBI, with others, have thwarted at least 4 attempts in 5 years in eastern Europe to sell radio active material to mid eastern extremists (wash Post)

--A US source tells of ‘dozens of dozens’ of ‘militants’ are under surveilance and plots have been thwarted (Reuters)

--Denis Ross, former ME adviser to Pres Obama, blames Susan Rice’s (the Pres’ National Security Adviser), ‘combative mind-set’ for exacerbating tensions with Mr Netanyahu.(N York T)



--Members of a group called Mourabitoun are paid $4,000-00 a month by Islam to try to scare off Jews visiting the Temple Mount (Al Monitor)

--An Iranian boat carrying armor-piercing shells, anti-tank rockets and weapons guidance system headed for Yemen, was seized in the Arabian Seas on Sept 30 by Arabian coalition forces (D Alert)

--An Israeli couple were killed in a shooting in a West Bank northern village. Their 3 children in the car escaped unhurt. 4 infantry battalions are searching for the suspected Arab murderers (T of I)

--A report claims ISIS is gaining strength along the Israeli border as rebel groups face lack of munitions and money (T of I)

--Two Israelis, husband and wife, were murdered by 2 Pals in the West Bank on Oct 1 (T of I)

--5 Members of a terror cell have been arrested for the murders, (Meid)

--A report claims that 1,000 ‘fighters’ a month are still traveling to Iraq and Syria to join ISIS (Daily Beast)

--An Israel male and a female were murdered in the Old City on Oct 3. The murderer, a 19 a Pal Law Student, was killed by police (Ynet)

--A report says that Aksa Martyr gunmen have reappeared in Ramallah, firing into the air, after a 7 years absence (J Post)

--Attacks on Israelis came thick and fast in early October, with some attackers shot dead whilst others were arrested (D Alert)

--A 19 year old Arab from East Jerusalem stabbed 4 people in Tel Aviv before being killed by an IDF soldier (Ha'aretz)

--On October 9, at least 6 Pals out of 200 who approached the Security fence with Israel, were killed as they threw stones and rolled burning tires at IDF troops (T of I)

--A rocket was fired into Israel from Gaza on October 9 but caused no damage (D Alert)



--Egypt, which technically speaking is ‘broke”, will pay France $1.6 (Bill)

--for 2 Mistral class warships originally made for Russia. This follows the purchase of 24 Rafale Fighter jets for $5.6 last year (Bill)



--Iran’s leaders say their country has "no intention" of abiding by a UN Security Council resolution that encompasses the nuclear deal and other restrictions on Tehran's rogue activities. ( W Free Beacon)

--On Sept 23 Khamenei forcefully blamed all the tragedies and wars in the M/East on USA and the Zionist entity (Tasnim-Iran)

--Iran’s $21 (Bill) purchase of Satellite equipment and Sukhoi Super Jet 100 aircraft from Moscow, continues to reveal a strengthening relationship with Russia (Sputnik-Russia)

--Iran has reduced funds to Hamas and is empowering the Sabirin group in Gaza, with $10 (Mill) a month. Sabirin emulates Hizbullah (D Alert)

--Encouraged by the Russian presence, hundreds of Iranian troops have reached Syria in late September, with weapons to mount a major ground offensive (Reuters)

--A report claims the low price of oil is costing Iran much more than sanctions relief may bring (D Alert)

--A leading Iranian Rev. Guards General, Hamdani was killed by IS on Oct 7 (NOW-Leb)



--France has warned Russia against getting bogged down in Syria as in Afghanistan, where it lost heavily, but Russia is more concerned in blocking IS from heading north (D Alert)

--Satellite pictures show Russian expansion of two depots north of Latakia (Wall St J)

--Russia’s first air strikes in Syria did not target ISIS but rather rebel areas (AP)

--Their ‘strikes’, which they say will last 3-4 months, also reveal a tightening of association with Iran and with Hizbullah (Wall St. J)

--By October 8 Russia was talking about ‘volunteer’ Russian ground forces entering the war in Syria and a tent city for nearly 2000 is in place near Latakia (N York T)

--The Pentagon claims that of the 26 Cruise missiles fired by Russia into Syria, 4 went astray and landed in Iran!! (Pentagon)



--A report shows that ISIS is having a cash-flow problem as oil prices drop and air strikes targeting oil facilities increase (Business Insider)

--A report shows that life in the Islamic caliphate means fear and deprivation for those ruled over and good meals, education, medical care and free housing for the fighters! (Wash Post)



--A writer points out that Jew hatred is really at the root of Arab and Islamic thinking about Israel (W Standard)

--Syrian rebels fired Russian made Grads at the new Russian Latakia base on Set 28 (Now-Lebanon)

--Hundreds of Iranian troops with weapons and equipment have reached Syria in the last days of September, to mount a major ground offensive to support Assad (Reuters)



--On Oct 1 Mr Abbas told the UN that he is no longer bound by the Oslo Accords. He is seen as trying to strengthen his weak position among Arab nations as his drive for a Pal State fails (AP)

--The Pal flag flew for the first time at the UN on Oct 1 ((Reuters))

--Every Arab radio and or TV station is continuously broadcasting lies about alleged Israel’s attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque, in order to incite Arabs to terror (T of I)

--Newly revealed documents show that the PA pays tens of millions of dollars to their terrorist murderers who are in Israeli gaols (D Alert)

--On Oct 7 the Fatah Central Council saluted the Pals for ‘rising to defend their Al- Aksa mosque even tho it is not under attack by Israel (J Post)

--A recent report shows that Mr Abbas is doing his utmost to spark continuing violence against Israel (Gatestone)



--Tiring of involvement in Syria, Hizbullah told Syria it will soon take no part in assaults on rebels (D Star- Leb)

--A report says that Hizbullah is to receive 75 old Soviet era tanks from Syria , allegedly to help in its fight against Al- Qaeda militants (Ynet)



--A year after an enormous aid pledge was made by Arab nations to Gaza only praps 10% of the money has arrived in Gaza (Irin News)

--The death toll at the Mecca hajj crush tragedy has now risen to at least 1470 pilgrims (T of I)



--Because of serious illness in the GPL ranks in September, this Update is short on content. We hope to resume a full coverage in the November issue.


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